Roy's Postcards: 1984/05/03


Today ends the Software AG Users' Conference. It has been a busy week with Executive Committee meetings at 7:30 am every morning, giving a user presentation, chairing a SIG workshop on COM-PLETE performance & tuning, running an election and attending most of the COM-PLETE Sessions.

Postcard back:

It's a resort. It's an experience. It's the only hotel directly on the monorail to Disneyland. With 16 restaurants and lounges. A tropical beach. Three pools. Ten tennis courts. And "Seaports of the Pacific," a waterfront playground and entertainment center for the whole family.

Leonard's comments:

When I was a kid I always felt ripped off that our trips to Disneyland never involved staying at the Disneyland Hotel, since we never lived far enough away from Disneyland to justify staying there (also, my dad was incredibly tightfisted). As I grew older I decided: who cares, it's just a big blocky hotel, right? But now I see that behind that ugly facade was an enormous water park. Disneyland Hotel, you win... this round.

Com-plete, still a supported product of Software AG, is advertised as "a 100% alternative to CICS", a big-name transaction server from IBM. "Run tens or thousands of terminals or applications with this fully conversational transaction processing software."

I really hope this is just an architectural model of the Disneyland Hotel, because I don't remember the whole rest of the world being shrouded in a thick green fog.

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