Roy's Postcards: 1984/05/15


Leonard and I went to the Dodgers-Phillies game tonight and had a good time being togehter. The people in front of us (3 rows of them) were rather rambuncious - and the Dodgers were losing 11-1 when we left in the 8th inning, but it was a nice evening overall.

Postcard back:

Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, California. Dodger Stadium is surrounded by terraced parking for 16,000 cars and has 56,000 unobstructed-view seats with seven front rows, no posts and multi-colored levels which make it baseball's most beautiful park.

B11346-Color Photo: Mason Dooley

Leonard's comments:

Shockingly, the Dodgers would come from behind to win 13-11 in the thirteenth inning. No, just kidding. They gave up another run after we left and lost 12-1. On the plus side, Philadelphia's Mike Schmidt hit his 400th home run during this game.

You can probably tell how my dad pronounced "rambunctious".

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