Roy's Postcards: 1984/10/27


Never before in the annals of American history have four presidents been pictured side-by-side in the White House. The unprecedented convocation was the tragic assassination of Egyptian Anwar Sadat in Cairo, Egypt. Due to the hazards and risks, White House aides advised against both President Reagan and Vice President Bush attending the services. Representing the United States at the funeral, three former presidents were in attendance: RICHARD M. NIXON (1969-74); GERALD R. FORD (1974-77 and JIMMY CARTER (1977-81). October 8, 1981.

SC17876-Colorphoto: Bill Fitz-Patrick

Postcard back:

I found this picture of this historic event while in Washington, DC for the Software AG Executive Committee meeting.

Leonard's comments:

This card is solid gold for my dad and me: useless historical trivia involving a larger number of something than there ought to be. I also enjoy that misplaced parenthesis, more than I should.

Are those big mutton-chop sideburns on Nixon? "I'm mod, you son of a bitch."

See also: dc map

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