Roy's Postcards: 1984/11/01


This has been an interesting experience - my first trip to Hawaii. It is [an] okay place. I am getting used to it some and Paul Okuno has shown me some of the sights.

Postcard front:

The Islands of Hawaii
Distance from Honolulu to:
Auckland - 3,820
Los Angeles - 2,228
Manila - 4,767
San Francisco - 2,091
Suva - 2,730
Sydney - 4,420
Victoria - 2,345
Yokohama - 3,394

The Aloha State

Postcard back:

Hawaii, the ALOHA STATE is the 50th star in the U.S. flag. There are eight major islands in the group, each has varied and distinctive attractions.

Leonard's comments:

Thanks to the front of the postcard for making me feel like I'm stationed in an Army base on Hawaii with one of those wooden signs pointing in various directions.

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