Roy's Postcards: 1985/04/21


I took leave of Los Angeles, city that I love 3 1/2 hours ago and hopefully did not take leave of my senses, also. I am airborne over the blue Pacific headed to Honolulu and a week of work at Royal State Corporation/HGEA. This is a wonderful postcard of my hometown.

Postcard front:

Los Angeles

Postcard back:

The Kingdom of Dancing Stallions
7662 Beach Blvd.
Buena Park, California 90620

The spectacular Los Angeles Skyline. Showing the famous Harbor Freeway and the Los Angeles Hilton Hotel in foreground as viewed from the 7th Street overpass.

Leonard's comments:

The Kingdom of Dancing Stallions? Yes. "Musical performances featuring 32 spectacular White Spanish Dancing Stallions with elaborately costumed riders will be presented at the complex four times daily year round in a 1400-seat indoor show arena." A terrible idea even by 1980s theme park standards. Opened in 1982, closed in 1984, became a Medieval Times in 1986 (still open). Which means that either Dad had been keeping this postcard in reserve for quite some time, or they just sold off the Kingdom of Dancing Stallions postcards to other postcard vendors and he picked it up never having been to said Kingdom.

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