Roy's Postcards: 1985/08/05


I'm looking forward with pleasure to your Mary Kay Beauty show next Sat 8-10 at 2 PM

You'll find that a Beauty Show is an entertaining, informative way to explore the exciting world of Mary Kay Cosmetics. Each of your guests will be professionally instructed in basic skin care, receive a complimentary favial and learn the latest in makeup techniques.

With the help of the unique Mary Kay Beauty Profile, I'll be able to recommend a personalized beauty program for each of you. You and your guests will actually have the opportunity of sampling the entire Mary Kay cosmetic line — trying before you buy.

So i can assure personal service, the number of guests is limited to five, plus yourself. It would be a good idea to have a few stand-bys on your guest list in case someone can't come at the last minute.

Remember, you can earn Hostess Credit toward your Mary Kay purchases. This credit is really my "thank you" to you for your hospitality.

P.S. I'll be arriving about 1:30

Leonard's comments:

The early days of my mother's involvement in Mary Kay.

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