Roy's Postcards: 1985/09/11


Today was a very long day, even though I "lost" 3 hours. I arose at 5:30 am in the Prince Kuhio Hotel, Honolulu, packed & had breakfast and left at 7:00 am for the airport. I arrived at 7:30, and was on a 8:40 flight to San Francisco. We got into SF right on schedule at 4:17 pm and I caught the 4:30 Airporter bus to Downtown and arrive at the hotel room by 5:15 less than an hour after the plane touched down. I will be in an Advnaced VSAM class the next 2 days here and then fly home on Friday night.

Leonard's comments:

Is this Union Square in prehistoric times? It's not built up at all, there's palm trees in the background, and what appears to be a pterodactyl.

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