Roy's Postcards: 1985/10/06


After our visit to Washington DC yesterday, Robert and I went to the General Priesthood Meeting broadcast at the Fairfax Stake Center in Manassass. On our way back to the hotel, we stopped at Giant Supermarket and I picked up 3 new cans of root beer for my collection. I am now airporne to Denver for a brief stopover, then home.

Postcard back:

Capitol Building, Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial at night

Leonard's comments:

My dad had a project to collect one bottle or can of every brand of root beer. His collection stood on glass bar shelves in his study. A year or so after he died, it got moved into plastic tubs and stored in the garage. In 1996 I cleaned out the garage and poured cans and cans of ancient root beer out into the driveway.

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