Roy's Postcards: 1985/11/24


Dear the,
I am having fun here in hawaii. We are going to Paridise Park today. Are you having fun? We saw some fish yesterday. We saw this whale on the front. I drew a circle around it. Love Leonard.

Postcard back:

Sea Life Park, Hawaii. Pilot Whale Plays "Dolphin Jumprope" at Whaler's Cove.
Photographer—Nicki Clancey
Photographer—John Wa???

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Leonard's comments:

I'm pretty sure 'the' was my nickname for Rachel. I'd forgotten about that for twenty-five years. Wow.

But the real reason I'm putting this in the best-of category is that for the first time I'm parodying my dad's postcard style. I can't count how many postcards I've transcribed where he says he's drawn a circle around his hotel room. In that spirit, I drew a circle around a pilot whale. Made me laugh.

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