Roy's Postcards: 1985/12/28


We went to the meuseum and we saw this postcard. We went in the gift shop too!

Postcard back:

(a) The Bear Sphinx (male)
Arctunotus lucidus Bdv.
Is on the wing during the winter months from Baja California, north to Oreogn. Often found when it is below freezing. Not common.

(b) Mountain Sheep-moth (male)
Pseudohazis eglanterina Bdv.
A day-flying moth found in the mountains of Southern California, north through the Sierra Nevada into Oregon during the summer.

(c) Electra Buck-moth (male)
Hemileuca electra Wgt.
Is a day-flying moth, not too common in semi-arid areas of Southern California in late September and October.


Leonard's comments:

Say, have you seen those dinosaurs at the museum? And the exhibits are interesting, too!

I wrote this using a pencil that changes color as you write with it. Who knows why I chose to get a postcard with moths on it.

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