Roy's Postcards: 1986/08/09


On our way to Expo in Canada we stopped in Solvang. We are Mario Canton, Katiah Gary, Steve Geisler, Mike Norzagangy (?), Ralph, Paul & Brent Bosell, Dennis Keith, Kyung Ho Choe, Ronald Russell and I.

Postcard front:

Danish Solvang, Calif.

Postcard back:

Solvang, California
A community of Danes with traditions, foods, architectural design and living with the European background. A land of the stork which nests on straw roofs in Denmark are a carryover here in facsimile only as can be seen above the many local shops around town.
Woody Gillette Photo

Leonard's comments:

There's fake storks on top of the buildings, okay?

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