Roy's Postcards: 1986/09/07


Dear Frances,
This is the lovely postcard that I bought you during the Call Family Reunion 22-23 Aug in Brigham City.

Postcard back:

Main Street is business center of Brigham City, the county seat of BoxElder County. Center of a rich agricultural district. Its annual Peach Days Celebration, held every year in September, is nationally known. The peaches grown here are unexcelled in flavor.
Color by C. Stoddard

Leonard's comments:

A little odd that my father went to the Call reunion but my mother (related to the Calls by blood) didn't.

The sign on the front says "Welcome to Brigham. Gateway - World's Greatest Game Bird Refuge." There's still a sign there but it now says "Wild Bird Refuge." I guess people were shooting the birds.

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