Roy's Postcards: 1986/11/17


Frances, Leonard and I went to the Capitol and saw the Senate and the House of Representatives. It was really neat.

Postcard back:

A photographic tour of Washington on one postcard, portraying the grandeur and the beauty that is the Nation's Capital — every American's home town. Here are scenes of the Capitol, the symbol of our national Government, the White House and the Supreme Court Building, and the hallowed shrines honoring the memories of great national leaders and heroes. This photographic essay captures the character of Washington and some of the spirit that is America.

This uniquely brilliant card and its message are designed to help you appreciate and learn about your Nation's Capital. For information about membership in the Society and its programs to promote history, write the U.S. Capitol Historical Society, 200 Maryland Ave., N.E., Washington, D.C. 20002.

Leonard's comments:

Neat? I'd say it was "uniquely brilliant". The copy sounds like someone showing a space alien around D.C., or the alien's report home. "Resistance will be fierce, as this is where they keep the hallowed shrines honoring the memories of great national leaders and heroes."

See also: dc

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