Roy's Postcards: 1987/02/20


Hello from Idaho--

I'm at an HP 3-day meeting of the Steering Committee of the Documentation Council at HP's Spokane, Wash. site -- but staying just over the border in Idaho at a new beautiful resort shown lower left. Except, it was showering when I arrived -- more expected -- and cold -- but still beautiful.

Leonard's comments:

A rare postcard in my collection from my awesome great-aunt LeJeune, apart from the epic and puzzling Postcard Challenge she sent to my father, which I might put up separately. Many years later I would work at a company which had HP as a client. I have no trouble believing that they would have a Documentation Council which would have its own Steering Committee.

It was because of LeJeune that I had access to a personal computer (with Colossal Cave!) from a very young age.

See also: best-of lejeune

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