Roy's Postcards: 1987/03/13


Los Angeles Travel Show

Postcard back:

Whiskey Pete's
A Castle in the Desert

Whiskey Pete would like to invite you to his Castle in the Desert.

Can you imagine it . . . a Castle in the middle of the desert? Not since Death Valley Scotty has anyone undertaken anything so ambitious, and so outlandish! In this case, though, Whiskey Pete has created acres of fun and excitement for travelers along Interstate 15, at Stateline, Nevada.

There is no other place like Whiskey Pete's, a true destination. Just think — a first class hotel, three great restuarants, a beautiful swimming pool area that includes a jacuzzi and children's pool. Plus, wait until you see our new and much larger casino. Wow, just think, you can enjoy your favorite game of chance, and we top it off with live entertainment.


4,000 Square Feet of Banquet and Meeting Space

Leonard's comments:

This is some incredible copy that seems to think you've never heard of Las Vegas before. A hotel, a casino, and live entertainment? Unbelievable!

My main question is, why the heck did Dad pick up this postcard at the Los Angeles Travel Show? He's not gonna take the family to a place called Whiskey Pete's (we were a Circus Circus family all the way). Was he just picking up postcards that look cool?

According to Wikipedia, Whiskey Pete was a real person who owned the property that became Whiskey Pete's, but he had nothing to do with the casino and his legacy, such as it is, has been treated pretty shabbily.

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