Roy's Postcards: 1987/03/28


Frances, Leonard, Susanna, Rachel and I went to the new County art Museum and saw some pretty "interesting" stuff, including this piece.

Postcard back:

Edward Ruscha (United States, born 1937)
Actual Size, 1962
Oil on canvas

Leonard's comments:

I definitely remember this--it was my first exposure to contemporary art--but I'm not sure exactly what happened on March 28th. LACMA moved into a new building in 1986, so in 1987 it could still have been the "new" museum, but I remember this being some special event (it happened in the evening, after normal business hours) and I always thought it was a grand opening.

My dad clearly didn't think much of this work. When I was in high school I would return to LACMA, and buy another copy of this postcard, for totally different reasons.

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