Roy's Postcards: 1987/05/26


We are in Brementon, waiting with the Madsens. We ferried to Seattle today and went to the Pacific Science Center at the site of the 1964 World's Fair and saw a fabulous dinosaur exhibit.

Postcard front:


Postcard back:

Hold this post card with warm hands to reveal hidden images. The color changing phenomenon of liquid crystals scatters different wavelengths of light as the temperature is raised or lowered through a preselected range.

Designed by Bill Hanlon

Leonard's comments:

I think I'll call my punk band "STEGOSAURUS" so I can use the front of this postcard on the T-shirts.

Note to myself to find this postcard and see what the hidden pictures are. Probably a flesh-and-blood stegosaurus appears on top of the bones.

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