Roy's Postcards: 1987/05/29


we saw these dinosaurs. I took pictures of them

Postcard back:

Ankylosaurus, which means "curved lizard", was one of the plant-eating armored dinosaurs of the Cretaceous period, 70 million ears ago. Armor plates covered him from head to tail, which ended in a huge club-like mass of bone; and he had little to fear from the meat-eaters of his time. His replica is on display at the Prehistoric Gardens on the Oregon Coast Highway 101.

Leonard's comments:

I may still have those pictures somewhere. This postcard is "Another André Original"--another glimpse into the asymmetry by which your postcard business is an incredibly important part of your life but a very very minor part of anyone else's life--even someone like me who makes a big project out of transcribing postcards.

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