Roy's Postcards: 1990


not only did we see the white tiger but we also saw the stuff skin of a liger. No, I did not spell that wrong! A liger is half lion and half tiger. I had fun during my vacation to Utah. I love you. [heart] Susie

Postcard back:

Utah's Hogle Zoo

Two tigers - White Tiger (Panthera tigris tigris)

The ancestors of this specimen are from the Rewa forest in India where these mutants are rather common. The white tiger is light ivory, colored to white with typical black-brown stripes nad blue eyes. Tigers can withstand extreme heat and cold easily. I nthe Himalayas they are found as high as 4000 meters.

Leonard's comments:

Susanna, master of narrative suspense.

"These mutants are rather common." -- also a line from a 1990 X-Men comic.

See also: susanna

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