Roy's Postcards: 1990


I saw where the tabernacle chior sits on my visit to Utah.

Postcard back:

Mormon Tabernacle Choir
Tabernacle Organ
Temple Square -- Salt Lake City, Utah

The nationally acclaimed Mormon Tabernacle Choir is home in Salt Lake City. Its weekly broadcasts from the Tabernacle on Temple Square is the oldest coast-to-coast program on the radio. The 350-member choir, formed 125 years ago, regularly tours the country. Public organ recitals are conducted on the great organ in the Tabernacle. The Choir sings each Sunday morning in a performance that lasts 30 minutes beginning at 9:30. The public is also invited to the Choir rehearsals Thursday evenings.

Leonard's comments:

I like that Susanna thinks of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir as an entity associated with "sitting". Not on this postcard, though!

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