Roy's Postcards: 1990/08/13


Dear Leonard, Susanna, & Rachel,
This is where we stayed in Yellowstone. We saw lots of geysers and bison there. We also saw elk, moose & deer. The weather was cool. The scenery was eautiful. We also had a super fun time whitewater rafting on the Snake River in the Teton Park area.
See you in September,
Mr. Clatterbuck

Postcard back:

OLD FAITHFUL INN, YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK. Old Faithful Inn was built in the winter of 1903-1904. The architect was the late Mr. R.C. Reamer, Seattle, Washington. The fireplace contains 500 tons of rock quarried from a hillside nearby. The giant clock was made from design by Mr. Reamer and hammered out on the grounds. The logs are all native.

Leonard's comments:

A missive from our piano teacher.

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