Roy's Postcards: 1991/03/04


I took my science classes to US Borax and Borax Museum - 2 classes each day. It was quite an interesting time. I learned a lot.

Postcard back:

TWENTY MULE TEAM. The first mules used on the wagons built by J. S. W. Perry were owned by Charles Bennett. Ash and Hickory used was aged in the desert or the wagons would soon have fallen apart. Rear wheels were seven feet high, front wheels five feed, with steel tires eight inches wide and one inch thick. The complete wagon weighed three tons and carried ten tons. They cost around $900 each to build . . . M.P.

Photo-Color by Merle Porter

Leonard's comments:

I'm kind of speechless. My dad will be dead in about a year, he's about to start seriously wasting away, and he's taking his junior-high science classes out on overnight trips to US Borax? The mind boggles.

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