Roy's Postcards: 1991/11/25


Excellence in Education

Postcard front:

Dear Roy and Frances,
I'm happy to inform you that I have nominated your son Leonard to be my Student of the Month for November in the subject of Pre-Algebra.

Leonard is an excellent student with a positive attitude... a hard worker! He is eager to learn.

It's a pleasure to have him as a student! He'll be working cooperatively in a group with problem-solving strategies this week.

—Linda Paul

Postcard back:

from Lifetouch

Leonard's comments:

This brings back memories. This postcard makes it seem like Linda Paul and I were all buddy-buddy, but I was an obnoxious tween and I didn't like her. I remember her having all kinds of faults, but I don't trust the person I was back then to know what the reality was. The orange happy face stickers were Mrs. Paul's trademark, and the sight of this one makes me feel like she's still here, judging me.

One solid thing to be resentful about: Mrs. Paul was the one who administered the infamous self-referential aptitude test, which I referenced in my 2012 talk "How to Follow Instructions".

Lifetouch seems to still be around, still using the exact same "Partners in Education" logo.

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