Roy's Postcards: Unknown date


Bishop, How's you and the family. I'm in Idaho now. I know it's not as nice as Hawaii but I thought I would send this anyway. You probably never seen a Jackalope before.
See you soon, Steve

Postcard back:

The Fabulous JACKALOPE of North America. Jackalopes are the rarest animals in North America. A cross between a now extinct small deer and a species of rabbit, they are extremely shy and wild. They posess the ability to mimic and their cries often sound human and tuneful; Probably from hearing cowboy songs on lonely nite watch. None have ever been captured alive and this is a rare photo taken at their feeding grounds in the high country.

Leonard's comments:

Steve is probably Steven Geisler, one of my dad's Scout troop. The postmark has faded but this was probably sent between 1986 and 1988, when my dad was the bishop of the Wilshire Ward.

The back of the postcard neglects to mention how many hit dice a jackalope has.

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