Jabba the Hutt offers bounty on XSL implementation

by Leonard Richardson

Published on segfault.org 04/12/1999

Noted vile gangster and free software supporter Jabba the Hutt has offered a bounty of 30,000 credits for a working implementation of Extendable Stylesheet Language (XSL) in Netscape's open source Mozilla browser.

"Go to do wa XSL," Hutt was quoted as saying. "'Open standards' shipna baru. Ho ho ho ho ho." Salacious Crumb, Hutt's CFO, chittered excitedly.

Response has been quick. Already a beta XSL implementation has been put out by Qukqak Fan Tzil, a development manager hailing from the Crystal Plains of Marnla. Speaking through a protocol droid, a pleased Hutt said, "This programmer is my kind of scum. Fearless and inventive."

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