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[Comments] (1) Sounds like one for the Department of Dream Studies: My dreams have voiceovers and cuts, like a movie--at least that's how I interpret the sudden scene changes and voices out of nowhere I experience in dreams. Did the dreams of pre-movie man have these? From what I've read of old recounts of dreams, I would say so: "Then I saw... I heard a voice..." So what were the ancient metaphors for dreams? Just weird stuff happening for no reason?

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Posted by Brendan at Sun Dec 28 2003 15:17

I like that idea--that jump-cuts and voiceover weren't something invented by the film industry (or the MTV generation), but rather an existing device from dreams that was eventually applied to media.

As for ancient dream metaphors, the two things I immediately think of are prophecy and as possession--seven fat cows, let's set Bridget Bishop on fire, etc. The common thread seems to be that the dreamer is a helpless passenger being moved by a more powerful force, which used to be a pretty terrifying thing. I guess films and thrill rides have made it less instinctively so for us.

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