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[Comments] (2) May Film Roundup: Missed a chance to see Claude Shannon doc The Bit Player (2018) at the museum, just making a note of it here so I remember to see it later if and when it becomes available online. Here are the movies I did see in May, often to my detriment:

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Posted by Jeanne at Tue Jun 11 2019 14:33

! Were you at the same Fathom Event for the DS9 doc as me? The one where the sound messed up and some brave soul had to go out and contact the theater management?? I didn't see you there but am elated to know someone else who saw this perfect thing!

Posted by Sumana Harihareswara at Wed Jun 12 2019 08:07

Jeanne: Yes! We were there! The Union Square theater! Cool to know you were there at the same time!


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