Apo11o ll

Garbled transmissions.

Collins: That's affirmative. Houston, Apollo 11.

Air Boss: Understand still stable 2.

Hornet: Roger. Roger. Hornet, Roger.

Swim: Roger. [Garble] spacecraft.

Swim: [Garble] bearing 200.

Hornet: Hornet, the sea anchor has been attached and is deployed.

Air Boss: Roger. Are you copying the commentary?

Recovery: Air Boss comment. Out.

Photo 1: The raft is inflated. The BIG swimmer is [garble] helmet at this time.

Hornet: Hornet, copy.

Photo 1: [Garble].

Hornet: Hornet, roger.

PAO: Cut-off.

McCandless: Roger. Roger. (Long Pause) I'll give them to you in just a second here.

Armstrong: I just saw something.

Aldrin: Got it on? Over.

Collins: Mark it.

Aldrin: Hey, I hope somebody's getting the picture of the Earth coming up. (Pause)

Aldrin: Okay. Over.

Evans: And, Tranquility, Houston. We're standing by.

Lovell: How does it feel to be airborne again, Buzz?

Collins: Houston, this is Columbia.

Garriott: Roger. I...

Garriott: 11, Houston. Roger. Over.

Aldrin: Dionysius (Crater) is off to the right.

Aldrin: [Garble.] Roger. (Pause)

Armstrong: Okay, stand by for shutdown...

Aldrin: Houston.

Armstrong: Roger.

Aldrin: Rotational Control Power, Direct, two of them, Off. What do you want to roll for? You verify the EMS set up to 81, is it, huh?

Armstrong: Good idea. Yes, here we go - [garble] doesn't look bad.

Aldrin: I'm going to have to get on the other side of this rock here. I'll zoom the camera in and try and give you a closer look at this. Looks like about 820...(Listens)

Armstrong: Here comes Pitch 1, ready?

Armstrong: Which way?

Collins: Yes, yes.

Armstrong: [Garble]. (Pause) It's in Egress. Hmmm - here comes the Moon.

Aldrin: You got all your things logged now?

Armstrong: Say again.

Duke: Roger. [Pause.] [Long pause.]

Armstrong: ...we're going to stop here pretty soon, right?

Collins: Okay.

Collins: SECS Pyro Arm, two, Safe.

Armstrong: It's a floodlight. Mark.

McCandless: Columbia, this is Houston. Over. We'll have them for you in a second.

Armstrong: Yes. You want us to switch over to Omni? TLI?

McCandless: Yes, it did. How do you read? We'll - We will look at the recordings down here, though, and get back with you again. Over.

Collins: What time is it, Neil, 88 hours, something like that? [Long pause.] [Garble.] Would you rather have comparisons of O2 flow readings or would you rather have valve position comparisons? Okay.

McCandless: Roger. Reading you loud with background noise. Out. [Long pause.]

PAO: Scrub down on the second astronaut completed. All the second stage tanks now pressurized. At the time of the Trans-Earth Injection burn we expect that the Command Module will be about 1 mile below the LM and about 20 miles in front of it. This is Apollo Control, Houston. We'll stand by for a call to the crew.

Swimmer: [Garble] locked [garble] are in.

PAO: Apollo 11 still Go on all sources. Owen Garriott getting ready to place a call. We'll stand by for a call to the crew.

Duke: Rog. ] of about the time you - that Eagle selected the secondary loop. Over.

Duke: Rog. The exact range is 125,200 miles, and you're traveling 4,486 feet per second. And on the final Enter of that 35400 Enter, right after that, that did put you back into the 16, Noun 20. Over.

Collins: Yes, [garble]. [Long pause.]

Armstrong: Yes.

Duke: Roger. We think that the large-scale landing site oblique is stowed in the back of the LM lunar surface map book. It's looking good. Roger.

Collins: ...A, here comes B - B, I mean, Thrust A... Just turn it down to off.

Duke: Yes, sir. We'll be right there. SEP PAD, RCS/G&N: Noun 47 and Noun 48 are NA; Noun 33, 100:39:50.00; Noun 81 is NA. We'd like you to do two more on star 45. We got a view of the PLSS there, off the right of our screen.

Duke: Oh, excuse me. Over. That's a good view of the eight-ball. Over,

Duke: Say again, Buzz. And at about this time, at AOS, it looks like we're about to lose the platform.

Duke: Roger. We can - for your druthers, we can do it either way. It's a real good half hour. It's apparently raining pretty hard up...

Duke: Stand by on that. And that about covers the news this day. Reading you about one-by. We see the Master Arm, you can go ahead and press. It's a magnificent picture.

Aldrin: COAS Power, Off. Over. (Long Pause) Yes.

Collins: Have we got pyros armed?

McCandless: Standby, please. The feature that I was describing to you - the small bright crater on the rim of the large, fairly old crater - would be about . We did a minor reconfiguration down here. Can you give us a status report, please? Roger...

Aldrin: All right. Engine Stop. How do all our systems look?

Armstrong: Okay.

Aldrin: [Garble]. How come you don't [garble] LM power?

Duke: Apollo 11, Houston. Say again what you're checking out? (Long Pause) Over.

Armstrong: Get into attitude - see what we think.

Collins: Roger that.

Armstrong: And, Houston, looked like we saw about 87 or 88 psi on chamber pressure that time.

McCandless: And in Italy, Pope Paul VI has arranged for a special color TV circuit at his summer residence in order to watch you, even though Italian television is still black and white. That is the reason why the crew was spending nights aboard the escort vessel, Shenandoah, which rendezvoused with the Ra on Tuesday. [Long pause.]

Collins: Go ahead.

Armstrong: [Garble.] (Long Pause) Did you get that solar wind rolled up there, Buzz?

Aldrin: Thank you, Jim.

Collins: (Faint, joking) How about sending me a fourth gimbal for Christmas.

Aldrin: No, that's the wrong circuit - that's [garble]. [Long pause.]

Duke: Roger, Eagle. Over. [Long pause.]

Armstrong: 15 - 20 - 25... He may not be back from the Cape yet.

Collins: Well, whatever I tell them, they didn't give me.

McCandless: Roger. GDC align, Vega and Deneb, roll 071, 291, 341. (Long Pause)

McCandless: Roger. And we show you coming up on landmark Alpha 1 here shortly.

Aldrin: Inside the helmet visors are the EVA gloves with the blue tips. Okay, [garble] 5, huh?

Collins: Go ahead, Houston. Okay.

PAO: Apollo 11 reported still in stable 2, but gradually righting itself.

Collins: Roger that.

Duke: Copy. (Long Pause) [Pause.] Over.

Aldrin: Yes, those look like good ones right now.

Armstrong: Yeah, that's right.

Duke: Roger. Houston. Over. It's your preference right now if you want to. Stand by. Over, They started out, I understand, and then it was rained out and they called it off.

Collins: Go ahead.

PAO: And we have Loss Of Signal now.

Collins: I have a feeling somehow I got to do these [garble]. I don't know where they measure it, but the cold point is... Thank you.

Armstrong: That's the one we made the changes in, right? VGX minus 0.1, VGY minus 0.1, VGZ plus 0.1, Delta-VC minus [garble], fuel [garble] plus 390 [garble]. LOS, 23:36. Well, that's a good day not to throw in some failures. [Long pause.]

Collins: Okay.

Armstrong: Alright. Verified. Our 50-degree roll attitude will probably give us that, Charlie.

PAO: 3 swimmers in the water from Swim 2, Swim 2 Helo.

Aldrin: Roger.

Data from The Apollo 11 Flight Journal and The Apollo 11 Surface Journal, mashed up by Leonard Richardson. We came in peace for all mankind.

Updated every five minutes.

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