Apo11o ll

Garbled transmissions.

McCandless: Apollo 11, this is Houston. Roger. I guess the smallest object that you could pick out looking through it would give us a pretty good hack. [Pause.]

PAO: The black and white view that you're seeing now is the unconverted color pictures that comes down from the spacecraft.

PAO: Three minutes, 45 seconds and counting.

Spacecraft: This is Photo 1. Apollo 11. Everyone inside, our checklist is complete, awaiting swimmers.

McCandless: 11, this is Houston. Over. Roger.

McCandless: Roger. Out. UN observers there are trying to halt the action. Over. And we see the shadow of the LM.

Aldrin: Might whip out that piece of bread in there.

Duke: Well, our guidance guy was telling me that you can actually load those ACDUs, the actual CDUs, but we'll - we're checking on that. Out You sure you don't have anybody else in there with you?

Collins: That's correct.

Aldrin: Check.

Evans: Apollo 11, Houston.

Collins: Won't get them on S-band. He's - he's fine.

PAO: This is Apollo Control.

McCandless: Roger. Over.

Aldrin: I'm going to have to get on the other side of this rock here. Tank pressures are good.

Armstrong: Pressures look good. Up - down - zero. Did you...

Duke: Columbia, Houston. Over.

Armstrong: Okay, that's right now.

McCandless: Roger. Today's performance on the utilities is a drop of 1.63; and railroads, a drop of 1.58. We had to switch over to Ascension temporarily. I'd say we were focusing down to probably, oh, about eight inches to a foot behind the position of his hand when he was pulling out the cable.

Armstrong: Well, I've got one here. Well, you might save that for some Earth shots.

Aldrin: We all got something [garble].

Collins: Houston, go ahead.

McCandless: Houston. And the spacecraft is looking good to us on telemetry. It was in and confirmed in, and the readings after jettison stayed about 0.1 to 0.2.

McCandless: Roger. And Jim is smiling.

Network: Okay.

Comm: That's affirmative.

Comm: CapCom, Goldstone.

Comm: CapCom, Goldstone. I read Verb, Noun, and Program.

MSFN: Roger.

Comm: The TV people do not have access to Net 1 in that area.

Network: Roger. [Long pause.]

Duke: Rog. If youÂ’ll stand by. Over.

Collins: I'm standing 6 feet from it, Charlie, and you can read it better than I can. Did, it look like it was all right, then just all of a sudden start diverging?

Aldrin: 65.7, 53.7?

Collins: That's - that's not - that's mine. Try that again.

Armstrong: Houston, Apollo 11.

Collins: Somehow we'll figure a way to [garble]. I'd rather take pictures. Okay.

Aldrin: Here's one. Houston, these are your angles, not ours.

Evans: Apollo 11, Houston. Sounds good.

Armstrong: M-1. [Long pause.]

Collins: Okay.

Duke: Roger, Mike. [Long pause.]

Aldrin: Hey, Mike, you transmitting on B?

Collins: Okay, it looks real quiet now. Thank you kindly. Chamber pressure... How do you read on Bravo? We've got a little over 6:50 until TIG. The LM wants to wander up and down. Roger and out.

Aldrin: Go ahead, Houston.

Armstrong: I should mention, Bruce, that when I went to water secondary - water separator to secondary there, I didn't notice any change.

Aldrin: Okay.

Armstrong: This one here?

Collins: Okay. Now...

Armstrong: [Garble].

PAO: And we have data right on schedule.

Duke: Rog. We see the cross-feed barber pole, and we have the Velcro patches back up to the RCS systems now. [Pause.]

Collins: [Garble] enough of a shot down there, but you can't find a single spot on the surface that doesn't look [garble] 1-degree sun angle, that's - that's just a lousy sun angle.

Aldrin: Mark. I'm afraid this isn't going to help out the PTC very much.

Collins: Okay.

Duke: That's affirmative.

PAO: That was Neil Armstrong in the radio check. And we could almost make out a face in that one, and somebody's hand down at the instrument panel.

Evans: Columbia, Houston. Over.

Aldrin: That's affirmative. Over. Maybe we ought to - next time split that in half, and put half of it on one side and half on the other or something like that. Okay, I want to get the lights out then.

Armstrong: We'll keep you entertained.

Collins: 16 seconds, 2 jets, confirmed. I think as time goes by they've been coming more accurate but old Enif here is just flat invisible. I'll just put you back right-side up where you belong.

Armstrong: Okay. (Pause) (Pause) Cabin Repress (valve) closed. Okay, when was the...

Collins: Roger, Bruce. How'd the AGS Cal work out?

Armstrong: In the second box.

Swim 2: This is Swim 2. It's extremely stable. 2 are fully inflated, 1 is partially inflated.

Air Boss: [Garble] stability above the vertical axis is approximately 30 degrees. Still stable 2. He says stand by for a call from the recovery station.

Air Boss: Yes, affirmative.

Recovery: Loud and clear. Okay, commencing.

Swimmer 1: This is Swimmer 1, reported earlier there was no dye marker [garble] five minutes [garble].

PAO: Guidance reports Apollo 11 right down the middle of the corridor. A team of technicians were sent out to the launch pad at about the time the astronauts were traveling to the pad. And the collar is inflated.

McCandless: Roger, Columbia. Read back.

McCandless: Roger, 11. Seems to have gone down a bit since you've gone into the shadow. Over. (No answer) Loud and clear.

Aldrin: BMAG Mode, three of them, to Rate 2.

Armstrong: Okay. Go right ahead, let's hear it.

Aldrin: I don't have any reason not to believe it. I'm all ready to switch to High Bit Rate, if that's okay with you. While I'm here, let me...

Aldrin: You've got the wrong one.

Armstrong: (Laughter) That's your story, huh? To Columbia?

Duke: Columbia, Houston. Houston. Over. [Long pause.]

Duke: Roger. Over.

Armstrong: Do you have any idea where the S-IVB is with respect to us? Okay.

Aldrin: Alright, now call the Verb 89 in and see which way that... No, no, no.

Evans: Roger. The RCS check looked mighty fine to us. Looks like we're together on that, and I guess we're standing by for you to whip into the entry attitude.

onboard): Master Arm is On.

onboard): We got a lock-on?

onboard): I'll get the pressure check. Looks good!

onboard): Okay, we went by the three-minute point early.

onboard): Okay. (Pause)

Evans: Tranquility, Houston. Eagle. And while you're starting on that, I'll just read these notes on P22. Stand by. [Pause.] Over.

Aldrin: Yeah, you caught the cable again.

Collins: Okay. GET 130 hours, 30 minutes; Delta-VX 2.0, roll zero, pitch 230, yaw zero, Delta-VT 2.0. ] Cos I sure haven't.

Armstrong: Hey, Charlie boy, looking good here.

Armstrong: Okay. Right-oh.

Collins: Yeah.

Armstrong: Right, that's what we've got. [Garble.]

Aldrin: Enter. Thanks.

Armstrong: She's holding - she's holding - [garble] looks good. Go ahead, why don't you just set up that...

Collins: Okay.

Duke: Looks like they're hogging the windows.

Duke: Yes, sir. We've got a laser that we're going to - It's a blue-green laser that we're going to flash on and off at a frequency of on for a second, off for a second. Omni Alpha, place in Bravo; Omni to Omni, High Gain track to Manual, High Gain yaw 270, pitch... [Long pause.]

Data from The Apollo 11 Flight Journal and The Apollo 11 Surface Journal, mashed up by Leonard Richardson. We came in peace for all mankind.

Updated every five minutes.

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