Apo11o ll

Garbled transmissions.

Comm: Stand by. I read you loud and clear.

Comm: Roger.

Comm: Roger.

McCandless: Yeah.

Collins: Well, there's no doubt that this is a little smaller than the Earth... [Long pause.] Yes.

Armstrong: Roger.

Aldrin: 90, huh?

Armstrong: Roger, Houston.

Aldrin: Okay, now, is that normal for the discharge pressure to zap down low and to do that?

Collins: Proceed?

Duke: Columbia, Houston. Step 2 is secondary glycol to radiator valve, Normal for 30 seconds, then Bypass. Looks like we picked a super attitude here for PTC stabilization. Over. Over. Over.

Collins: Columbia. I'm in a good attitude here to do - I have in the sextant this last P52 star [off-mike to crewmate] What number's [garble]? Well, what they recommend for you is f:8 at 1/250th and put it not on infinity, but on 7 feet, which covers all the way from infinity down to a very short distance to keep it in focus, and 6 frames per second, I guess.

Armstrong: Now, you may have the sun in your eyes coming around the corner.

Armstrong: Is this all ready to go?

Duke: Hello, Apollo 11. Rog.

Collins: ... that's about where it is.

Armstrong: We'd better take - a - piece of tape. Go ahead, Houston.

Armstrong: Sounds good.

Duke: Okay. Just leave it on Reacq. We'll keep you posted.

Aldrin: Mike, we're within 3 feet per second on the card H-dot. No, the switches are all thrown.

McCandless: Roger. Out. Roll 243, 183, 012; no ullage. Over.

Aldrin: Roger.

Duke: Apollo 11, Houston. We'll have an answer. [Pause.]

Collins: What?

Aldrin: Well, I hope - I hope they have the data that shows just what we did have at contact when they can get photographs [garble] all the film we got. Stand by one. You want magazine Uniform instead of magazine Tango? You've got plenty of room to your left. I could give you high bit rate on the Omnis if that will help any.

Aldrin: Yes. (Pause) It's like being outside, except more comfortable.

Armstrong: 10 seconds. Let's try this midcourse out.

Aldrin: Those little - fluorescent things on there must be from the heat and transfer. ... It didn't really to me. What have you got?

Aldrin: Well, there's a COAS - dust cover that I think fits in the same category, don't you?

Collins: Yeah, Roger.

Armstrong: ...we're going to stop here pretty soon, right? [Long pause.]

Aldrin: I've got kind of an idea that I'm going to be getting a picture of that - [garble]. Mark.

Armstrong: Roger.

Armstrong: I didn't either. Actually, several of them, and you can observe those, plus the rim craters at the bottom of your screen.

Evans: Eagle, Houston. Over.

Aldrin: Roger. ] [Long pause.

Collins: [Very weak.] Star number 34... Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

Duke: 11, Houston. Over.

Collins: Yeah.

McCandless: Roger. Over.

Aldrin: Okay. Proceed and you're pitching?

Collins: Glad to have all you big-room-full-of-people looking over our shoulders.

Duke: Rog. Everybody reports very good color. Over.

Collins: Great.

Aldrin: Okay. My window's clear. Yes, I [garble].

Collins: Yes, 76 is in [garble] locked up. I found a spot that really... my window.

Aldrin: , Egress).

Armstrong: You'll get them before we will.

Collins: Okay.

Armstrong: No, wait.

Collins: Okay. Burn complete?

Duke: 11, Houston. We had a - - Over. Over.

Aldrin: Maybe I could slide out of here [garble].

Aldrin: I guess that is down though, isn't it?

Duke: Roger, Buzz. Just like the refrigerator. We're standing by. Over.

Duke: And Apollo 11, it's good night from a sleepy White Team.

Aldrin: Alright.

Collins: Columbia.

Duke: Stand by. We'll get with the Goldstone TV guy. The lighting up in there looks very good to us at this time. Over.

Duke: Roger. Stand by. Over.

Armstrong: We're up to 6... It sure doesn't look, sure doesn't feel like - Actually, it may be a little - it may be a little warm.

Slayton: Rog.

Slayton: That's a real great day, guys. [Long pause.] See you later.

Armstrong: You have good S-band signal strength now, Houston?

Aldrin: 10 feet per second off on H-dot.

Collins: Okay.

Duke: (Momentarily tongue-tied) Roger, Twan...(correcting himself) Tranquility. [Long pause.] We'd like you to keep the O2 fan on. Okay. Out.

Aldrin: Well, the [garble] us over, huh? How me? And it looks like we're just about to get the Sun coming into the lens, so we'll have to move the camera away. You got ORDEAL set in some way? Here we are, 16 millimeter, HC-EX, f:4, 500, infinity, 6 frames per second. Okay, you got it. Over.

Evans: Tranquility Base, Houston. Proceed. Thirty seconds. You can press on with the SECS logic.

onboard): RCS is good. (garbled) altitude rate (garbled).

Duke: And, Eagle, Houston. Many state and city governments and businesses throughout the country are also giving their employees the day off, so it looks like you're going to have a pretty large audience for the EVA.

Collins: No.

McCandless: Roger. Over. Over.

PAO: This ingress to the Lunar Module came about 40 minutes ahead of the Flight Plan, and we would presume that the unscheduled TV is perhaps merging with the schedule a little bit early.

Collins: Okay, stand by for 35 seconds.

Garriott: Roger. I'll not read up the others unless you want them. That's 13 degrees left of the shadow.

Aldrin: Roger. I think the total depth might have been about 8 or 9 inches. The restraints in here do a pretty good job of pulling my pants down.

Collins: Sounds good.

Aldrin: [Garble] correction on that last [garble].

Aldrin: Just keep the Pacific Ocean nice and clear and calm on splash day. Back to Block, and DOI: 101:36:14.07. What?

Aldrin (continued): ...B tank was a lower pressure. Over. [Long pause.]

Flight: Yeah, I think that's right.

McCandless: Roger, tower. I've got the 1 and 4 PADs here, right now. [Long pause.] [Long pause.]

Aldrin: Houston, Apollo 11. Over. Apollo 11 is ready to copy.

Armstrong: AELD is in.

Collins: Buzz, did you ever get that camera?

Duke: Rog. Copy, Eagle. You can stay low bit rate. [Pause.] Over.

Collins: AC.

Aldrin: Yes.

Collins: Okay.

Armstrong: Houston, Tranquility Base.

Collins: How's that? We're measuring just a shadow over zero g on the g-meter.

Armstrong: They're at the over [garble].

Aldrin: Look warm down there, Neil?

Duke: Roger. We noticed the DAP configuration. It looks like it's going to be real nice for recovery.

Armstrong: We're burning.

Collins: Plaster of paris gray to me. We're all three back inside. I take it all back.

Collins: Houston, Columbia.

Aldrin: Roger.

Data from The Apollo 11 Flight Journal and The Apollo 11 Surface Journal, mashed up by Leonard Richardson. We came in peace for all mankind.

Updated every five minutes.

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