Apo11o ll

Garbled transmissions.

Collins: Do we want to write on this what...what we're taking pictures of? It's not like the maria at all.

Collins: Houston, Apollo - or Houston, Columbia. It's fantastic! "

McCandless: Apollo 11, this is Houston.

Aldrin: Okay.

Collins: What happened to that card that was here?

McCandless: Roger. All systems Go. Over. Roll zero. Over.

McCandless: Say again, Neil.

Collins: I think the quickest thing is to go through page by page, the first part of the entry checklist where it has a map. Okay.

Armstrong: The Eagle has wings.

Collins: Doesn't seem to me, for the PAD we got, we...we want to load in any... Would you please monitor my roll, your yaw? I'll tell you what we ought to do, [garble].

Evans: Roger. Oxygen total, plus 9 pounds. [Long pause.] [No answer.] And also, Eagle, while we've got the Command Module direct O2 on there, there's a possibility that your cabin relief might relieve if we get on up around cabin pressure of about 5.4 or 5.5. Out. Now I have your CSI Pad. Aft Omni, low-bit rate, and we'll see you at 127 plus 51. Over. [Pause.]

Evans: Roger.

Armstrong: Yes. Yes, over, just a little up toward the...

Collins: Okay, Charlie.

Armstrong: (Laughter) That's your story, huh?

Aldrin: No, no, it's not; it's only...

Collins: Okey dokey.

Armstrong: You have a map so we can look at [garble].

Collins: No. You are, aren't you?

Armstrong: That - That looks like what we observe from here.

McCandless: Roger. Could you go through what you did after you noticed the talkback's barber pole again, please?

Aldrin: Are we going to keep the... lens on?

Collins: [Garble] up a little bit. Alright, having done that, Verb 37, Enter; ... Houston, Apollo 11.

McCandless: This is with the new REFSMMAT, Buzz. We now recommend the following attitude: roll 307.0, pitch 354.0, yaw 019.5. There's no problem fuel-wise. Over. TLI 10-minute abort pitch, 223. And have you hit Proceed on this display to enter the zero?

McCandless: That's certainly very sufficient.

Aldrin: We're going to tape that one over. Say again which one should be closed?

Duke: Roger.

Aldrin: [Garble] that one [garble] into the LM.

Armstrong: Yes.

Aldrin: Fantastic.

Duke: Rog. If no decrease in secondary accumulator quantity - Are you with me?

Aldrin: Roger.

Duke: Roger, Buzz. [Pause.] [Pause.]

Collins: Yes, just a second.

Collins: [Very weak.]

Duke: Rog. We're copying that. On this monitor, the landmasses appear to be just a darker grayish color rather than a brown.

Duke: Roger. Looks like there's a good view out there then. Thanks a lot. [Long pause.]

Collins: Roger.

Duke: Roger, Buzz.

Collins: Shoot, you're going to have plenty of passes. How about going... pressing ahead with the sequence pyro arm? Jesus!

Aldrin: I'll open up the windows and see what the lighting condition's going to be like.

Armstrong: Mark it.

Collins: Roll zero, pitch 320, yaw zero?

McCandless: Roger. (Long Pause)

McCandless: Right. No ullage. Out.

Lewis: Apollo 11, Houston.

Collins: Yeah.

Duke: Okay.

Collins: I'm slowly closing at 32 feet per second [10 m/s] and a mile-and-a-half [2.8 km].

Armstrong: All got data. That's - that's what I think, too.

Collins: Could you... Everything else is done. Ready to copy.

Collins: Ready to copy. (Laughter)

Armstrong: The switch time to LM power is 95:54:00.

Collins: Found it, huh?

Armstrong: Verified.

Collins: What I'm saying is, on the 30 degree, I have both panes of glass...

Collins: Did you hear our comment about the Astros? Verify Spacecraft Control, CMC.

Duke: Roger, 11.

Aldrin: It's going to be a long time before that battery gets back up to 39½ volts.

PAO: And there's the cue, we have Acquisition Of Signal. The back-up Lunar Module Pilot Fred Haise is at the CapCom console with Bruce McCandless.

Armstrong: Roger.

Nixon: There he is, over there. Anybody have a last re... How about promotions, do you think we could arrange something? Come on over Frank, so they can see you. Chaplain, thank you.

Armstrong: Yes, let's hold this attitude a little bit.

Aldrin: We got 5337.3 (feet per second horizontal velocity), 32.8 feet per second (vertical velocity), 60,666 (feet altitude).

McCandless: Apollo 11, this is Houston. We're seeing Boot Hill now. We all think it was pretty magnificent, and you all are doing a great job up there.

Collins: Eagle, Columbia.

Aldrin: Roger. Maybe we ought to - next time split that in half, and put half of it on one side and half on the other or something like that. You maneuvering to sleep attitude? (Long Pause)

McCandless: Apollo 11, this is Houston. It's about 394 miles north of track. Out.

McCandless: Stand by a minute, please.

McCandless: Cliff is not on right now. Over. Get some rest there and have at it tomorrow.

Aldrin: Anything more before I head on up, Bruce?

Armstrong: In 2 more minutes.

Collins: Register 3: minus three balls 24.

Collins: Okay, coming up on 2 minutes. [Pause.]

Armstrong: We've just lost lock, Ron.

Collins: Okay. [Long pause.]

Duke: Roger. Over.

Collins: Translational Control Power is On. I figured that.

Duke: And, Buzz, we'll be terminating the battery charge in about a half hour. Over. Over.

Armstrong: Yes. Reading you loud and clear. Put it on 2 minutes and be ready to turn it off.

Duke: Roger. [No answer.] We're switching antennas... Over.

Collins: Roger.

McCandless: ...the bottom of the picture. 11, this is Houston. We'll have a look at it.

Armstrong: I need this out. That's out. Now, we're going to want to...

Collins: You want me to swap one? Set GPI trim.

Duke: Roger. Could you verify the reading on your O2 flow indicator? Over.

Collins: Columbia. Thank you.

Aldrin: I can't tell. Now right behind my window, of course, we have the Sun, because the Sun is illuminating the star charts that we see. (Pause) Over.

Evans: Roger. Over.

Aldrin: All those listening to the tape, please report that - we need a change in the checklist.

Collins: ECS Radiator Flow Control, Primary.

Evans: Columbia, Houston. ]

Collins: Will be shortly, Neil.

Aldrin: Okay. I remember [garble].

PAO: The elapsed time for end of blackout; 195 hours, 7 minutes even.

Photo 1: This is Photo 1, raft number 2 is now closing the Command Module.

PAO: 3 minutes to entry.

Duke: Apollo 11, Houston. It also appears that just to the left of the terminator, up in the northern hemisphere, there's a cloud band trending - a gap in the cloud, trending northwest/southeast. We're switching antennas...

Aldrin: You got a 204?

Data from The Apollo 11 Flight Journal and The Apollo 11 Surface Journal, mashed up by Leonard Richardson. We came in peace for all mankind.

Updated every five minutes.

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