Apo11o ll

Garbled transmissions.

Collins: Eagle, Columbia. Let me get these - optics handles. Over. Before I was at Vent; and best I can recall, it was quite accurately lined up with Vent. I'd like to do a P52 option 3 and tweak the platform up prior to starting the PTC. I say again, I could not see him. I docked in CMC Auto, and as I said, I wasn't really sure of the moment of contact. [Long pause.]

Duke: Roger. EECOM says if you keep that up, you're going to have to change your CO2 canister. Over. It's a pretty good show here. We'd like you to press on to star 44. Stand by. I thought it was just a transmission problem, but everybody's telling me now that it's probably - it's on the downlink. When we go LOS, we'd like you to go Off on the Biomed. Over. Out

Duke: Eagle, Houston. How do you read me now? We're going to hand over to Goldstone for uplink in about 2 minutes. And I got a couple of other things, Mike. We see your Verb 47.

Aldrin: It won't pass with that number.

McCandless: Roger. Over

Collins: And that's a good deal because we don't have to have any meetings about whether we're going to do it or don't do it any more.

Aldrin: What's baseline altitude?

McCandless: Roger. We'd just like to confirm it with a different star, since that roll angle was a little larger than we expected. [Long pause.] We're not trying to get you all wrapped up in a procedure here. And in Italy, Pope Paul VI has arranged for a special color TV circuit at his summer residence in order to watch you, even though Italian television is still black and white.

McCandless: Go ahead, 11.

McCandless: Okay. I am ready with your TLI-plus-90-minute abort PAD. Over.

Aldrin: Give me a [garble] check.

Duke: Roger.

Aldrin: No, this is about...

Duke: Roger. We're working on it. We are through with the computer. Over. Over.

Collins: Buzz, you on the forward Omni? (Pause)

Armstrong: Yes?

Collins: Yes. It looks okay, I fire the bottle right away. And, for burn time, I still have 126:17:46. I'll tell you what you could do, if you're not doing anything else, is - supposed to take five marks, 30 seconds apart. Do something with it, anyway. Thank you. I'm holding my pitch and yaw pretty constant, and I'm staying a good 15 degrees late in the program. How do you read? 03, 090.8, 38.2. P37, TLI plus 5: 00744 6485, minus 165 02506. Can you see the water slopping around on the top of the spoon, kids? Secondary coolant loop pump, AC-1 or 2. I'm potting around with handholds right now, Neil... And disregard. We have the Moon steadily out Window 3 and, of course, we're locked up on the High Gain. Over. I seem to be prone to that.

Aldrin: You could - you...

Evans: Columbia and Eagle. Recommend aft Omni and are you Go for CSI, so we can let Columbia know. At your convenience, we'd like to go ahead and try your lithium hydroxides on the primary and let us take a look at it down here. And you're looking good to us, Columbia.

Evans: Roger.

Aldrin: That's a big out of plane, but I don't know which way it is.

Collins: Roger that. Houston, go ahead.

Evans: Columbia, Houston.

Armstrong: [Garble] concerned [garble].

Duke: Rog. [Pause.]

Armstrong: 15 - 20 - 25... You're not confused on which end to dock with, are you?

Aldrin: ... Over. Well, if we could get a towel, we could get us a couple of fair-to-middling pictures out of here.

Collins: How'd you sleep last night, Buzz, up on top? Okay, I got it now.

Armstrong: Do you want to talk to them? You got two more.

Armstrong: It really looks gray to me now. Columbia's been on Delta, but he hasn't had much luck with you.

Aldrin: Okay, let's do one more. It's halfway up.

Collins: I'm working on the attitude reference check right now. VHF.

McCandless: Roger. Go ahead, Columbia.

Collins: You got your... I guess it's behind us, huh? Rotational Control Power, Direct, two of them, to Main A/Main B.

Collins: Yes, there's a little pinging in there.

Duke: Roger. We're working on it. Over. [Long pause.]

Aldrin: Is that right? You could - you...

McCandless: Go ahead, 11. Over.

McCandless: Okay. Over. [Long pause.]

Collins: Well, we haven't even done it yet.

Duke: Okay. We need Auto.

Armstrong: Yes.

Aldrin: No.

McCandless: Okay, 11. Over.

Aldrin: Okay.

Armstrong: Hmm. We also noticed there was a little overcast down over - in the Antarctic ice cap, too.

Collins: Okay.

Duke: Roger, 11. That's good, and we'd like a readout on the TEP [?] We'll come up with another star. Over.

Duke: Hello, Apollo 11.

Aldrin: Check the circuit breakers.

Collins: Don't look out window 1. Chamber pressure...

Aldrin: Okay.

Armstrong: [Garble].

Armstrong: Glad to hear it.

McCandless: Say again, please, Buzz; you're cutting out. Out.

Armstrong: Okay.

Collins: You're going to watch the - go gray... You are.

Aldrin: Off, Off. That's right, Yeah.

Armstrong: Houston, Apollo 11. Buzz, are you ready to...

Armstrong: Yes, I see him. We've just been picking up your Comm now.

Aldrin: You want the Flight Plan?

Armstrong: Okay. (Long Pause) It - it torques them late enough to ensure that - [garble] the drift check.

Aldrin: That's a big out of plane, but I don't know which way it is.

McCandless: Yes indeed. Here we go. (Pause) Neil, this is Houston. Three miles south. We wanted to know... We concur on the identification of that crater. Out. Out.

Aldrin: EMS Function to Delta-V Test. ...nobody in their right mind would pick that one.

SC: (Sound of train)

Garriott: Apollo 11, Houston. Go ahead.

Collins: Then go to Normal. It's unreal. Right.

Duke: Okay. Mark. Over. [Pause.]

Duke: Rog. That's affirmative, Buzz. No, sir.

Collins: 0.01, God damn it!

Duke: Roger. Over. I'm looking at the right side of the screen this time. The biggest we have is about one-sigma on both gyros and accelerometers.

Collins: Okay, I'm reading him loud and clear. Everything's going just swimmingly. [Garble] moving in at [garble].

Armstrong: I'll do that.

McCandless: Roger.

Aldrin: Yeah.

Armstrong: We should be able to [garble].

Collins: That PTC sure worked well last night. Okay, EMS says minus 6.8.

Aldrin: Plus 6 seconds, plus 6. It's halfway up.

Armstrong: The floodlight isn't - hasn't even made the bottom of the package warm yet, fellows.

McCandless: [Laughter] Ruby Graham, an astrologer here in Houston. Over. Then you've got a pen-and-ink change that says, "Auto RCS Select, 12 Main A and B". Press on.

McCandless: Yes indeed.

Collins: Okay.

Armstrong: Roger.

Aldrin: Okay.

McCandless: We're getting a beautiful picture in down there now, 11. Over. That is the reason why the crew was spending nights aboard the escort vessel, Shenandoah, which rendezvoused with the Ra on Tuesday.

Armstrong: Is that the [garble] - sitting there? It was not in Primary. [Garble.]

Collins: You don't? ].

Armstrong: Okay.

Collins: Go ahead.

Duke: We have you - Stand by, Buzz. We don't have him. Go ahead, Mike.

Collins: Roger.

Evans: Columbia and Eagle. [No answer.]

Armstrong: Doesn't it look like some of these crater walls had scallops inside like a design in a fan - like feathers.

Aldrin: Roger.

Duke: Now we're coming in. Over.

Duke: Stand by. Thanks again for a great show, you guys.

Duke: Roger, Buzz. We'd like you to mark right where it is now, Mike, and we'd like two sets of marks on this. We see the Earth in the center of the screen. It's holding cabin pressure and it picked up about 2 feet per second from that jettison.

Aldrin: Thank you very much, Bruce.

Data from The Apollo 11 Flight Journal and The Apollo 11 Surface Journal, mashed up by Leonard Richardson. We came in peace for all mankind.

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