Apo11o ll

Garbled transmissions.

Armstrong: Three craters - three horizontal craters that you now have in the field of view are immediately underneath the ground track.

Duke: Roger. Over. Over. ] Over.

Aldrin: Okay, Mike. Yes.

Evans: And 11, Houston. I assume you have comm with Eagle now? Negative Command Module pre-heat.

Collins: Well, so much for the food department. We done made a star check. Clockwise.

Duke: 11, Houston. Line 07, the new data is 02134. [Pause.]

Aldrin: Roger. Houston, I notice that...(Listens)

Aldrin: Okay.

McCandless: Now we can see you (actually Neil)... Over.

Aldrin: Houston, Eagle. ) The so-called kangaroo hop does work, but it seems as though your forward mobility is not quite as good as it is in the more conventional one foot after another. Over. Apollo 11. ...more than just gray.

Duke: Roger, 11. Over. Over.

Armstrong: Pretty well and complete.

Collins: Roger. You standing by to watch the logic?

Aldrin: No, no... How is it, Mike?

Duke: That's affirmative. GET 194:46:03; 267, plus 11.02, minus 172.03, 06.8. Mark. Over.

Duke: Rog. [Pause.]

Collins: They seem to be getting smaller, Charlie? [Long pause.]

Aldrin: [Garble] want to get another [garble] I can get a data update in the AGS [garble] barely touches [garble]. I'm reading you loud and clear. Over. Let's get into the Hasselblad... get the right settings on it.

McCandless: Roger. Over.

Armstrong: We need about a 5-degree right, and we need to stop our - -

Evans: Tranquility, Houston. Miss Diaz is 18, with black hair and eyes, and measures 34½, 23, 34½. Longitude over 2: plus 11.844. Tango 2 (that is, T2) is 122 plus 21 plus 11, and 6 miles north of track. [Long pause.]

Evans: Roger, Columbia. President Nixon's worship service at the White House is also dedicated to the mission, and our fellow astronaut, Frank Borman, is still in there pitching and will read the passage from Genesis which was read on Apollo 8 last Christmas. AOS will be 94 plus 21. Thank you. [Pause.] Roger, Columbia. (Pause)

Aldrin: Well, we might need to at least have a platform [garble]. I wonder if you've noticed any change in the Biomed returns you're getting. One, Zero.

Collins: ...in the penlight compartment, huh?

Duke: Roger, Eagle. Over. Houston. Roger.

Collins: Hello, Moon.

Duke: Stand by.

Collins: I'm not sure we should be shooting this - what we're shooting at or one point set.

Garriott: 11, Houston. Columbia, we would like for you to Re-acq(uire) with your high gain; attempt a manual lock-on. Over.

Aldrin: It's back yonder. Okay, we ready to go to P63?

Duke: 11, that's a pretty good roll, there. [Long pause.] Goldstoners say they see you running there, Mike.

Aldrin: [Garble].

PAO: This is Apollo Control, Houston.

PAO: Apollo 11's 'velocity is 3,404 feet per second [1,038 m/s].

PAO: Watching this pass with a great deal of interest in Mission Control Center is Pete Conrad, the commander for the Apollo 12 mission. Altitude 177 nautical miles.

PAO: We've now heard from all three Apollo 11 crewmembers during this television pass.

McCandless: Apollo 11, this is Houston. Plus 0.2.

Armstrong: Roger.

Aldrin: Yes. (Pause) Doesn't it say anything about Down Voice Backup - or any of that stuff?

Armstrong: Okay.

Collins: This thing is taking forever to get around here.

Collins: They seem to be getting smaller, Charlie?

McCandless: Roger, 11. And if you could give us P00 and Accept, we'll uplink a new state vector and target load to you.

Armstrong: Yes.

Aldrin: We're not going to see the Earth come up over the horizon. Now, here are a couple of bags - and I think it's self-explanatory what goes in them.

McCandless: Roger. At 10 minutes, you are Go.

Armstrong: Okay.

Collins: Okay.

Aldrin: Okay, we ready to go to P63?

Collins: Okay, let's see, that's the EDS Power, On. Far as I'm concerned, one's like another.

Armstrong/Collins: [Garble].

Collins: Got B mode...

McCandless: Roger. [Long pause.]

Aldrin: Well, I can't get behind to see the monitor.

McCandless: Tranquility Base, this is Houston. We copy. Over. I think we can make them out. Give us Accept, please.

Armstrong: Eagle.

Collins: Sure it'll work.

Duke: Thank you. We're standing by for Eagle.

Armstrong: 6 minutes.

Aldrin: [Garble]. Got it.

Collins: Sounds like there's a story behind that one, too.

Evans: Roger.

Aldrin: ...would you like it a little warmer, anybody?

McCandless: Okay. We had word on the voice loop that MILA reported that they had gotten a minute's worth of TV signal, and Goldstone reported that they had gotten about a minute's worth of modulation but that they weren't able to get anything off of it.

Collins: [Very weak.] This pitch here is no good. [Garble].

Aldrin: [Garble.] That's probably why we're not answering you right away. Verb 37, Enter. Very good.

McCandless: Roger. Oh, very good.

Aldrin: 4-B, okay. Over.

Evans: Tranquility, affirmative, and we're saving it. (Long Pause)

Aldrin: ... our attitude quantities...

Collins: Copy T1: 122:16:05. [Pause.]

Aldrin: Okay, the camera is set.

Collins: That ought to be enough. It says I remove my hatch, and then I notify you that you're clear to open your hatch.

Aldrin: Sure is squiggly, isn't it? We're going to tape that one over.

Armstrong: Roger. About another minute and a half.

Aldrin: [Garble] time looks good. Yes.

Collins: Mark.

Armstrong: Roger.

Aldrin: Not on A.

Collins: Glad to hear it. 2 to AC2.

Aldrin: You want to bring down one of your visors now or leave them up? And we've got an O2 high

Collins: Poor old LM is contaminated.

Armstrong: We're up to 6... Is it?

Duke: Rog, Buzz. Verb 34 would have been a better procedure. [Long pause.]

Duke: Touché. Over.

Collins: When is AOS? No, you need the power on over there, though.

Aldrin: Well, that's [garble]. Over.

Collins: Yes.

Collins: The roll?

Armstrong: You might get it coming sideways here.

Collins: You yawed right 13 degrees?

Aldrin: No, I'm not Auto. Go ahead.

Duke: Roger. Over. Over.

Duke: Roger. Correction, the drogue.

Duke: Roger, sir. Good readback, Buzz. [Long pause.]

Aldrin: Range rate at 40.

Armstrong: I see it...

Duke: Rog.

Duke: Roger. We're standing by for Eagle. Over. Guess that's Neil and Mike. [Pause.]

Data from The Apollo 11 Flight Journal and The Apollo 11 Surface Journal, mashed up by Leonard Richardson. We came in peace for all mankind.

Updated every five minutes.

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