Apo11o ll

Garbled transmissions.

McCandless: Roger, 11, this is Houston.

McCandless: Roger. Loud and clear. Say again, 11?

Collins: ATT Deadband, Max.

McCandless: Roger. I copy a transmission calling Houston. [Pause.]

Collins: You're loud and clear.

Aldrin: Master Arm, Off. I'll be there in just a minute. I've got the table out (and) got a bag deployed.

Armstrong: [Garble] still ahead.

Aldrin: Yes, I had the switch on 'Outside' while I was going through the overhead window. Rog.

Collins: Okay. What we got, about one g, Neil? ...okay, here comes the other two...

Duke: Roger, Columbia. Over. 11, Houston.

Duke: Okay.

Collins: Go ahead, Houston. [Garble] and Thrust B.

McCandless: Roger. Can you give us some idea of how you're progressing on the PLSS doffing and preparation for Depress?

Aldrin: Charlie, I'll give you a view out of the overhead window, back looking at the Command Module right-hand rendezvous window. The altitude's very good. (Long Pause) (Garbled) (Pause)

Collins: [Garble.] What?

Duke: Houston copies. We'd like you to go back to star number 2 with an attitude as follows: roll, 195.2; pitch, 123.9; yaw, 340.0. Over.

Collins: That's the highlight of my day.

Aldrin: Okay. Over.

Collins: Rog.

McCandless: Columbia, this is Houston. We recommend that for the first star, if we gave you a new state vector, we'd like to try the CMC-computed angles for the Auto maneuver.

Collins: Yes.

Aldrin: We got 4 minutes to get down. [Long pause.]

McCandless: Stand by, Tranquility. Out. Out.

Aldrin: Use what? Landing Gear Deploy, Fire.

Armstrong: And, Charlie, you want the fans cycled, I think that's right?

McCandless: Roger. Over.

Aldrin: (Garbled) This one's in.

Armstrong: Roger.

Aldrin: Okay. Got a lot of weight; now, watch it.

Armstrong: (PLSS) diverter valve's up.

McCandless: Apollo 11, Apollo 11, this is Houston. Mark.

Collins: I'm doing it, Charlie.

Collins: Hey, we're closing in a leisurely fashion. Up, down, zero. Yes, okay. I've completed my marks. Over.

Armstrong: What's that little bump in the... somebody? This is very close to ignition point for powered descent. Okay.

McCandless: And we show you at an altitude now of about 110 miles.

Armstrong: Your window cleared yet?

Collins: Okay.

Aldrin: Minus 50 and 270. Over.

Collins: No, that's...

Duke: Roger. We have some surface block data if you're ready to copy. (Long Pause) We got you five-by on the High Gain, and we copy the PTC stoppage. [Long pause.] Rog, Mike...

Collins: Thank you.

Armstrong: SEP is complete.

Collins: How's the old Green Team this morning? You got it.

Aldrin: Take a look at this.

Duke: Mike, that's a good - good enough. We're Go for undocking. Over. Over.

Collins: How about that?

Collins: Oh.

Aldrin: Two more. We copy that, Charlie. Over. [Pause.]

Duke: Eagle, Houston. [Pause.]

Collins: Yaw l, Off... No noise.

Armstrong: [Garble].

Evans: And for your information, we're also going to have Tranquility Base do a P52 (means P22, tracking the CSM with the LM's rendezvous radar) when you come around the other (means 'next') time. Over.

Armstrong: Yes.

PAO: After having breakfast and getting all squared away after the night's rest period, the crew will have a rather busy day today including the first manned landing on the Moon. We've had Loss Of Signal as the Apollo 11 spacecraft begins its pass around the far side of the Moon at 85 hours, 42 minutes. There was no, in fact, no equipment problem involved. This is Apollo Control, Houston.

Unidentified: Go ahead, sir. [Garble].

Aldrin: That might be a little hard to explain. It's in work.

McCandless: Roger. " Laredo, Texas, AP: Immigration officials in Nuevo Laredo announced Wednesday that hippies will be refused tourist cards to enter Mexico unless they take a bath and get haircuts. We could do that. Neil. ]

Honeysuckle: Honeysuckle. Read you loud and clear.

Comm: Roger.

Network: Roger. Do y'all see that on the picture?

McCandless: Roger. Over.

Aldrin: Where do we have to go to get a tissue?

Collins: The roll? Houston, Apollo 11.

Collins: I'm hiding under the left-hand couch trying to stay out of his way. 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3...

Armstrong: Okay. Thank you. Got it. Just a second.

Aldrin: Roger.

Collins: I'm having a hell of a time maintaining my body position down here.

Armstrong: Focus is on infinity.

Duke: 11, Houston. Over.

Armstrong: Okay, we've gone by that, however, quite a ways.

McCandless: Stand by for S-IVB to COI capability. They're continuing with the non-propulsive vent from the liquid oxygen tank. Over. Okay.

Collins: Rog.

Aldrin: Got it on? COAS Power, Off.

Aldrin: You got it. I've got a 233. [Long pause.]

Armstrong: I have it right here.

Aldrin: Eight percent.

Armstrong: Okay, Charlie.

Aldrin: Okay. (Long Pause)

Collins: I'm having a hell of a time maintaining my body position down here.

Aldrin: Okay. Understand Alpha and Bravo.

Aldrin: He's coming your way. I'm showing them the DSKY, and I'd like to know whether they can read what's showing on the DSKY, and also whether they can see P-R-O-G, V-E-R-B, and N-O-U-N. Over.

McCandless: ...plus 00166, minus 00022... Standby. Over. And, after that, we'd like you to re-align your platform to the new REFSMMAT that we sent up a rev or two ago. [Long pause.]

Collins: Okay.

Duke: Hello, Columbia. [Long pause.] You are correct. [Long pause.]

Aldrin: Houston, Apollo 11. Really beautiful.

Armstrong: Yes, but I hate to [garble]; will you get [garble]? It's about point...

Duke: Five-by, 11.

Collins: I hope you get your turn, and soon. Now then, you got those numbers written down, Buzz? Okay. Columbia's reading you.

Armstrong: [Garble.]

PAO: T minus 2 minutes, 45 seconds and counting.

PAO: We're at 3 minutes, 20 seconds since entry.

Collins: And - no - no, I'm sure about that minus.

Duke: Apollo 11, Houston. It's bluish-green.

Collins: Roger.

Duke: Apollo 11, Houston. Stand by. [Long pause.]

Duke: Roger. Stand by, Buzz. You're beautiful in this mode, Buzz. We'll be happy to have you back.

Collins: Roger. I don't think it'll affect that. Cecil B. DeAldrin is standing by for instructions.

McCandless: Tranquility Base. We're watching it down here, though, and we'll let you know if we think any corrective action's required. Over.

McCandless: 11, this is Houston. Let us grind around a little while on it, and we'll report back to you, probably in a rev or two.

Data from The Apollo 11 Flight Journal and The Apollo 11 Surface Journal, mashed up by Leonard Richardson. We came in peace for all mankind.

Updated every five minutes.

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