Apo11o ll

Garbled transmissions.

Armstrong: Okay, let me align the GDC. Apollo 11's Go.

Collins: Well, don't miss that first one.

Aldrin: Lean forward. Do you think, Mike?

Aldrin: Anybody know when AOS is? No.

McCandless: 11, this is Houston. Everything went beautifully. Long pause.

Collins: Yeah, we sure are. TIGs follow: phasing 103:40. Is that right?

Aldrin: Roger. Over.

McCandless: Roger. [Long pause.]

Collins: Oh, what time is it? Over. Could you enable the S-band relay at least one-way from Eagle to Columbia so I can hear what's going on?

Armstrong: Houston, Apollo 11... I tried to get as many representative types as I could. (Pause) I don't - think - it'll be helpful, but I'll stick it here and pull it out if I need it. Well, let's see, if it's upside down, you're going backwards. Apollo 11 signing off.

Aldrin: Right on (meaning that their vertical velocity is exactly as expected).. Coming up to...This is H-dot Max now.

Armstrong: You think it's on your - your spot meter reading for the Earth? Okay.

McCandless: Roger. Over.

Armstrong: SEP is complete. [Pause.]

Duke: Apollo 11, Houston. We're ready to spin it up. Noun 11, 103:31:07.00. Go ahead, Mike.

Duke: 11, Houston. Sorry about that. Goldstoners say they see you running there, Mike.

Duke: Roger.

Collins: How about the number 5 window?

McCandless: Apollo 11, Houston. Over.

Armstrong: Alright.

Aldrin: Well, let's let them look at the main bus ties coming on, alright? (Pause) That's in work.

Duke: Apollo 11, say again.

Armstrong: Yes.

Duke: Copy.

Duke: The angles, Buzz, were yaw 270, pitch minus 50.

Armstrong: Okay.

Armstrong: ... that time. Two's On. Over.

Aldrin: No, 4-A.

Armstrong: Build up that cabin pressure just a little bit, and I'll start the Direct O2 valve, Open.

McCandless: Say again, 11? Out. Out.

Armstrong: Proceed. That sounds a little on the high side. Mike - you ready for your underwear? It's a long trip to the film container. Very good.

Aldrin: Before 83 hours? [Garble] Master Arm...

Armstrong: Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead, go ahead.

Evans: Tranquility, LGC is a Go. (Pause) And (Columbia), Houston. [Long pause.]

Collins: Roger. How many?

Collins: I didn't know [garble] radio. Going to Accept.

Duke: Say again. Over.

Duke: That's affirmative. [Long pause.]

Aldrin: Go ahead, Houston. There's no doubt about it!

McCandless: Roger. (Long Pause) Out. [Long pause.] We wanted to know...

Armstrong: 250th at f:8, I think we can do it, and infinity.

McCandless: Roger. We saw about 2½ degrees per second. Over. Loud and clear. [Long pause.] )

Armstrong: How does he look, Mike?

Collins: Okay.

Collins: Eagle, did you copy Columbia? [Long pause.]

Evans: Roger. Read back. Apollo 11, Houston, you're Go for Pyro Arm.

Evans: Eagle, Houston. [Long pause.]

Collins: Houston, Columbia.

McCandless: They look a little large right now.

Collins: Yes, look at those bright ones down here. They're different - good, great. It doesn't make a dip whether [garble] and all that, I mean you know, they mapped the area and all that... How do you read? I'll give you a mark. Deadband, Max... God, I'll tell you, the visibility through that telescope is a big disappointment.

Evans: Roger, Apollo 11. And, of course, we don't expect that at all. You're Go at 3 minutes. We don't care what - All we are trying to do is get a drift rate and see how long it takes them to drift apart on the thing after you jettison. Looks like you're really sawing them away.

PAO: And that appears as if it might be all the free TV, as Mike Collins put it.

PAO: And velocity exceeds 29,000 feet per second, building up toward 30,000 feet per second. This midcourse maneuver should reduce the pericynthion of Apollo 11's trajectory from the present 175 nautical miles to 60 nautical miles.

Duke: Hello, Apollo 11. We'll have a word for you in just a moment. We've got enough tape, and you can start PTC at your convenience. It's a typo error. How about a peanut butter and jelly?

Collins: If I can get them to keep their hands off my DSKY, it'd be a fair swap.

Aldrin: Yep.

Duke: Stand by. Out. [Long pause.] Tranquility. Out.

Collins: [Garble] were you very stable?

Duke: Columbia, Houston. Over. Say again about the vertical lines, Buzz.

Aldrin: Yes.

Armstrong: Good, it passes.

Aldrin: ...

Collins: God damn, I guess. Are you ready to go on with this PTC?

McCandless: Roger.

Armstrong: You got two more. The ground mass throughout the area is a very fine sand to a silt. I'm not sure you'll be able to see all that on your screens down there.

Aldrin: [Garble.]

Armstrong: Beautiful. His spaceship, Columbia, took off from Florida and landed in the Pacific Ocean after completing a trip to the Moon. Okay?

Aldrin: Docking Probe, Extend/Release, to Off? [Long pause.] "

Collins: Houston, Apollo 11. I'm holding my pitch and yaw pretty constant, and I'm staying a good 15 degrees late in the program.

McCandless: Roger. Roger. We show the logic arm, and you're Go for Pyro arm.

Aldrin: Roger.

Aldrin: Okay.

Armstrong: He's about 15 feet out now. Pyros are...four breakers are in, and switches are up.

Collins: Yes. 50:05. Okay, that one. Ready to copy TLI PAD. Rate, Low.

Aldrin: Here or here?

Aldrin: We don't need the sequence pyro arm yet, huh?

Collins: What?

McCandless: Roger. They're all smiles down here, even the trench.

PAO: This is Apollo Control. Based on the present trajectory, Apollo 11 will enter the lunar sphere of influence at an elapsed time of 61 hours, 39 minutes, 58 seconds.

Collins: Negative. Sounds good, Houston.

Aldrin: Alright, I've seen enough of Verb 83, Mike...

Collins: Mark.

Aldrin: Minus 67 and zero.

Armstrong: Roger.

Collins: And could you give me a hack on the MDC mission timer?

Duke: We copy. Over. Say again. Roger, sir.

Aldrin: Yaw 2, Off.

McCandless: Tranquility Base, this is Houston. Reading you loud and clear.

McCandless: 11, Houston. Over.

PAO: We should be acquiring. Hawaii Rescue 2 reports an S-band contact with the spacecraft.

Aldrin: All those listening to the tape, please report that - we need a change in the checklist. We're on the top of page . (Garbled)

Collins: Could you - maybe reach back and - hand me that wrench right quick?

Evans: 11, Houston. Apollo 11, Houston. Request recycle.

Evans: Roger. Mighty fine. Columbia, Columbia; good morning from Houston.

Aldrin: Sure is.

Collins: Let them see what they're getting for their money.

Aldrin: Can't get too much further away.

Armstrong: They're not - they're not parallel?

Aldrin: Like seashells - very pretty, very symmetrical.

Data from The Apollo 11 Flight Journal and The Apollo 11 Surface Journal, mashed up by Leonard Richardson. We came in peace for all mankind.

Updated every five minutes.

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