Apo11o ll

Garbled transmissions.

Aldrin: Yes, you have the exact time to AOS - because I don't have my watch - set up for that.

Armstrong: We're up to 6...

McCandless: Roger. That was 31 on the end.

Armstrong: That's kind of a foggy window. 80:11:36.

Aldrin: You're not worried now on that thing?

Collins: Okay, I wouldn't be surprised.

Aldrin: Okay, this one is 1 second slow, down in the LEB.

Armstrong: Check.

Aldrin: Roger, Houston. Go ahead with what you have. Move that up there.

Aldrin: Houston, Tranquility.

Lovell: Sounds good.

Aldrin: Rog.

Collins: Houston, Apollo 11.

Armstrong: Okay. Thank you.

Aldrin: I've got bright.

Collins: You got it. [Garble].

Duke: Roger. Stand by.

Armstrong: Did you look in the telescope?

Collins: (Garbled) on schedule. But what do you want us to do?

Evans: (Chuckles) Okay. Air Canada says it has accepted 2,300 reservations for flights to the Moon in the past five days. Everything's looking good.

Armstrong: Oh, you're going to sleep downstairs tonight, aren't you?

Aldrin: Rog. I'm not sure which side it's on. Go ahead.

Aldrin: Roger.

Collins: I'll bet you a cup of coffee on it.

Evans: Apollo 11, Houston. Over. Looks like we're together on that, and I guess we're standing by for you to whip into the entry attitude.

Aldrin: Roger.

Collins: Okay. 0.6.

McCandless: Okay. Over. We copy. Over.

Aldrin: Do you think that pressure dropped?

Collins: No.

Collins: Beautiful! Yes.

McCandless: Okay.

Aldrin: Hello, Houston, this is Eagle.

Duke: Oops!

Duke: Either one. Over.

Collins: Bring the [garble] back.

Duke: Apollo 11, Houston. Over. [Long pause.] [Long pause.]

Aldrin: Give me a call at about 7 minutes to go.

Collins: Where it says - where it says "And note", the CMP PGA is located in the L-shaped bag with the other two PGAs. Okay, got 0.7; I'm going to stop there and - -

Aldrin: Alright, now. Go ahead with your short count. [Garble].

Collins: Houston, Apollo 11. Got them on the same page. I don't know where they measure it, but the cold point is... Says 10013.

Armstrong: Thank you. (Pause) I think that was it.

Armstrong: Go ahead. [Simulated crying]

Aldrin: Okay. And it bounces and then (garbled) Yes, things occasionally come scooting out.

Collins: To the right over here. [Long pause.] The temperature done that?

Armstrong: I'll have a little one. That's pull...pull...

Duke: Eagle, this is Houston.

Collins: Yaw 1...

Duke: 11, Houston. Over. The ullage is two quads - correction, two jets for 16 seconds; use Bravo and Delta. [Pause.] [Long pause.] [Pause.]

Armstrong: [Garble.]

Aldrin: I'll give it back to you - [garble].

Armstrong: Checked in.

Aldrin: Roger.

Armstrong: How you doing, Mike? Closet?

Armstrong: Roger.

Aldrin: Okay. Until then, why, we couldn't see a thing down below us. Over.

Evans: Apollo 11, Houston. Also, I have an updated when you are ready to copy. Over.

Collins: Sounds good.

Armstrong/Collins: Yes, they're Off.

Collins: I haven't heard any woo-woo's. What we got, about one g, Neil? I, I'll show what it looks like inside of the cabin. Over. Plus 098:05:24.22, plus 4144.8, plus 0371.9, minus 0242.2. The Sun is down in the LEB, so it's not shining through the windows and heating the place up. We're about to torque them.

McCandless: Columbia, this is Houston. The central peak we can see on the Orbiter photos doesn't seem to stand out very well here.

Collins: Go ahead.

McCandless: 11, this is Houston. Mark.

Armstrong: Isn't it in its place?

Aldrin: Alright, now call the Verb 89 in and see which way that... Hasn't it? When you get right up there to it, when you see it, why that isn't the color at all.

Collins: Rog.

Duke: Roger.

Aldrin: Roger.

McCandless: And on the exposures we're looking for an eighth of a second, a half a second. At 10 minutes, you are Go.

Aldrin: And locked. Yes, yes, but this way I think I'll know how to... know which way to move it.

Armstrong: Like this? Yes.

Armstrong: [Garble.]

Duke: Roger. Stand by, Buzz, Let me see how they describe it. We've got the low bit rate, Buzz. Over.

Collins: Ready to copy.

Aldrin: Roger. We copy.

Duke: Apollo 11, Houston. [Long pause.] Thank you much. We got the load in. We have - the rest of the PAD is NA.

Duke: Stand by. We'll have that to you in a moment.

Aldrin: You do put these in with this dark slide in, don't you?

Aldrin: Go ahead, Houston. Apollo 11.

Duke: Roger. [Pause.]

Collins: That photoelectric cell is a good device.

Duke: Eagle, Houston. That was a beautiful job, you guys. We've looked over your systems on the high bit rate. When you get there to PTC attitude, it'll be pitch 90, yaw 0 on the high gain. We missed that. You can stop at the line in front of the column 5 minutes to low gate. We've - Could you attempt a little bit better focus there, 11? Over. It fits our criteria anyway that if you repeat the mark and you get an equivalent size error, to go ahead and accept it. Over.

PAO: ARIA 3 would - is the up-range ARIA aircraft.

Duke: That's affirmative. Over. We'll have them look into it, and see if they can suggest anything. Just stand by now. [Long pause.] Over. Over. Good readback. In the comments: your set stars are Deneb and Vega, 007, 144, 068. Ready for your readback. Out. [Long pause.] Go ahead. We'll have an answer. Better be, anyway. We looked at the E-Memory. (Pause) Thank you. Over.

Duke: Rog. K-factor coming at you: 90 00 00 15. Over.

Aldrin: TTCA (Thrust/Translation Controller Assembly) jets. [Garble] love them [garble].

Duke: Roger. We're thinking about that. We got a - If you'll give us P00 and Data, we've got the loads for you. And, Mike, it's similar to the Sep burn prior to the - right after undocking here. Over. I got a good...

Aldrin: If you want to, I'll put it back to high 'til just before LOS. And the S in the surface camera.

PAO: We're about 11 minutes away from landing.

Collins: Mark, Logic 1.

Armstrong: I don't know; 30 maybe, 40?

onboard): (inaudible under Evans)

Aldrin: All four. Fifteen minutes, maybe?

Duke: Roger. That's affirmative. [Long pause.]

Armstrong: When you, when you come up on this SECS Logic, and MSFN Go for pyro arm, don't forget to get an Okay from them before you send the... out.

Aldrin: Houston, Apollo 11. Go ahead, Houston.

Collins: ...and if you line those up then, then is your eye in the right position for all the others? Four Gimbal Motors, Off.

Armstrong: Starting my yaw. You do it all?

McCandless: We show you about south of the - southwest of the crater Jansky right now.

Data from The Apollo 11 Flight Journal and The Apollo 11 Surface Journal, mashed up by Leonard Richardson. We came in peace for all mankind.

Updated every five minutes.

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