Apo11o ll

Garbled transmissions.

Collins: You want to do something to the polarizing filter, Neil? Anybody wants any of that claptrap out of R-l, now is the time to say it.

Collins: Roger.

Armstrong: Tank pressures are looking good.

Duke: Eagle, Houston. Over.

Armstrong: (via Buzz's microphones) Auto, Auto. Well, why don't I start to roll...

Collins: I've got [garble].

Aldrin: As an alternative to that, why, we could wait 'til LOI day and do it then when we transfer over to LM power.

Aldrin: I'll do that in 35 seconds.

McCandless: 11, Houston. How do you read? Over. Over.

Collins: P00 and Accept.

McCandless: Roger. Out.

Haise: 11, Houston. In golf world, Tommy Jacobs, an infrequent competitor in recent years, took the lead in the Philadelphia Golf Classic yesterday. His second round score was 139. His second round score was 139.

Haise: Even the kids at camp got in the news when Mike Junior was quoted as replying 'yeah' when somebody asked him if his daddy was going to be in history.

Collins: Ready to copy.

Armstrong: Roger.

Aldrin: Houston, I'll set my watch at 56.

Collins: Okay, I'm going to [garble] camera out of its way. Those Astros have really been catching those flies since they put a roof on the stadium. [Pause.]

Evans: Roger. ] As a matter of fact, the company had to go back to the old-fashioned kind. Roger.

Aldrin: Figured nobody could see where we were. TEI-4: 38658, minus 0.54, plus 0.65, 084:29:50.59, plus 3137.3, plus 0376.0, minus 0096.8; roll NA, pitch 034; two jets, 19 seconds; undocked; assumes no LOI-2. Not yet - flicking an awful lot.

Aldrin: I was going to mark on 37, and that's Nunki; 30 and 37?

onboard): I can't see it (meaning Schmidt). The Eagle has landed. What else is left to do here?

Duke: Roger. It's coming out of McDonald Observatory near El Paso, which is - should be right on the terminator - or right inside the terminator. That's a great shot now that we're getting of the helmet, the EVA visor, and also the - the EVA gloves in the background.

Aldrin: Direct?

Aldrin: - - 70, 1/250th,... (Reviewing the present situation) Okay, Mode Control is set. ] [Long pause.

Duke: Rog. Copy. We've been - I've just been vectored to another monitor and sure enough, the browns are coming in a lot more distinctly on the Eidephor that we have up on our screen in the Control Center. Go ahead any time you wish. (Long Pause) Hello, Tranquility Base; Houston. Out.

Aldrin: ...Enable - Enable - Throttle in Minimum.

Collins: Okay.

Duke: Roger.

Collins: Okay.

McCandless: Roger, Neil. Go ahead, 11.

Collins: Now, why don't you - why don't you put ORDEAL on 200/Lunar? Some of the early markings: I might not have had precisely the substellar point. We've got coffee up here in the upper left and various breakfast items, bacon in little small bites, beverages like fruit drink, and over in the center part we have, oh, all kinds of things. Standing by for Engine, Off.

Duke: Rog. [Long pause.]

Armstrong: Understand, Go for staging.

Duke: Apollo 11, Houston. [Long pause.] Over. Over. Rog.

Duke: Hello, Apollo 11. Right after LOS.

Collins: You Purple people keep funny hours.

McCandless: And for our information, we've been watching a pCO2 again.

Armstrong: That's correct. You got a lot of film left in there?

Collins: Yes.

Aldrin: Roger. (Pause as he turns at the TV camera and heads back to the LM) As far as saying what a sustained pace might be, I think that one that I'm using now (as he turns at the MESA and runs toward the TV again) would get rather tiring after several hundred (garbled, but probably 'feet'). (Pause) Prop Pushbutton Reset. I hope it doesn't come in... - - And did - did you just give us a state vector that changed one of the two vehicles? Pock-marked, and it looks like somebody's painted white paint vertically down the edges and then it's been eaten away. According to this lousy thing, I'm powering up VHF B - T/R. Ready to copy.

Duke: Hello, Apollo 11. [Pause.] It's really - really great.

Armstrong: Waste water dump, we'll wait until 84 hours.

Aldrin: Go ahead, Houston. Over. Got a lot of weight; now, watch it. In other words, I'd keep driving it in and it would dig some sort of a hole but it just wouldn't penetrate in a way that would support it and keep it from falling over, if that makes any sense at all. Is that "Auto RCS Select, 12 Main A, Main B" to be the...

Collins: It's [garble].

Aldrin: If you want to, I'll put it back to high 'til just before LOS.

Duke: Rog, Mike. Good read-back. We'll have an answer for you momentarily.

Armstrong: Mark.

McCandless: Say again, please, Buzz; you're cutting out. Over. Copy star angle difference of 4 balls 1; Noun 93, plus 00057... Over. You might go ahead and open up the f-stop. Thank you.

Aldrin: Yes - [garble].

Collins: Charlie, how far out can you pick up TV off the Omni? I can't see - well, my tapes are... Attitude is holding very well.

Aldrin: Okay; how do you read now?

Armstrong: What?

Duke: That's affirmative. We'd like you to pull the circuit breaker on panel 11 for the mission timer. It's called the sternal EKG, which are the three center ones, and it's got - they lead into a - into the blue-stringed lead ones. Over. Stand by.

Duke: ...We read you five-by, Columbia. Noun 33, 098:05:24.22; plus 4144.8, plus 0371.9, minus 0242.2. Over.

Collins: Got it right here.

Armstrong: Pretty good.

Armstrong: Off. The weight of the RCU was 12 ounces. Would that help you?

Collins: [Garble] good burn [garble].

McCandless: 11, this is Houston.

Aldrin: Okay. (Long Pause)

Duke: Roger. The f:22 is good; we have no real white spots. [Long pause.]

Aldrin: Okay.

McCandless: Go ahead, 11. Out.

Armstrong: Yes, here we go - [garble] doesn't look bad.

Aldrin: Roger. We got 86 percent in Alpha, 87 in Bravo, 88 in Charlie, and 90 in Delta. As we approach the Moon, the Moon will gradually grow larger and larger in size and eventually it will be in eclipse. I'll do that right now.

Armstrong: You got these?

Collins: Go ahead, Houston. And zero.

Duke: Rog, 11. Over.

Duke: Hello, Apollo 11, Houston. It's clearing up now. Over.

Armstrong: I think that we'll be ready to start EVA Prep in about a half hour or so. (Laughter) We're going backwards. How do you read? That one?

Armstrong: Houston, Tranquility Base. Okay.

Aldrin: I need that film now. Right.

Collins: Golly damn!

Duke: Welcome. Over.

Duke: Eagle, Houston. I bet, you'd almost be talking to yourself up there after 10 revs or so. [Long pause.]

Aldrin: About 2 degrees off in the pitch...

Aldrin: Look at all that RCS we got.

Armstrong: Okay. Wasn't like this yesterday - must be because the Sun was on it.

Duke: Roger.

Aldrin: No, that's fine.

Duke: Apollo 11, Houston.

Armstrong: Whew!

Evans: Roger. President Nixon surprised your wives with a phone call from San Francisco just before he boarded a plane to fly out to meet you. Roger. Over.

Collins: Ask them if they can read the numbers. We're ready to do that now. Okay.

Armstrong: Check the increase that time?

Duke: Stand by. We've - Could you attempt a little bit better focus there, 11? Over. Did you copy that about A1 on that chlorine? And we'd like to pick up TV - correction - PTC at about 58 hours. Over.

Collins: Oh, good. Coming up...it's occupying my couch. Yes.

Aldrin: It's good.

Armstrong: You do it all? There's this one - where's...?

Aldrin: Got a warning tone?

Armstrong: High Bit, 8 minutes.

Collins: Okay.

Aldrin: TVC Gimbal Drive, Pitch and Yaw, Auto. How do you read? Okay, we got them. And we're thinking that we might want to run some of this at 12 frames a second. I think I have that. If it's [garble], it's definite.

Armstrong: That's nautical miles? Okay? Well, it felt good from here.

McCandless: And if you could give us P00 and Accept, we'll uplink a new state vector and target load to you. Thank you. Stand by.

Collins: The temperature done that?

Collins: Sounds good to me. How does that look?

McCandless: Roger. (Pause) We copy the width of the Persian Gulf, and I guess that all I can give you first hand is a single isolated data point, and that is that it was clear here in Houston this morning. [Pause.]

McCandless: Roger. We seem to be reading you now. Make that TEI-4 PAD assumes no LOI-2. Over.

Data from The Apollo 11 Flight Journal and The Apollo 11 Surface Journal, mashed up by Leonard Richardson. We came in peace for all mankind.

Updated every five minutes.

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