Apo11o ll

Garbled transmissions.

Armstrong: Go right ahead, let's hear it.

Collins: Okay.

Armstrong: Okay.

Collins: Verb 66; want to have a vote on Verb 66? Lithium hydroxide change number 9 right now. When's hatch open time in GET estimated?

Aldrin: How's that going to affect...

Collins: Roger.

McCandless: Go ahead, Columbia. Over. We'll have some more trajectory data for you in about half an hour. Over.

Collins: No, I - the best burn I've ever seen in my life, I'll tell you.

Armstrong: I think it's just a switch.

Collins: ...IMU align.

Collins: Roger. You might let us know how that's coming.

Armstrong: What? Go ahead, Houston.

Garriott: Roger, Mike. (Long Pause) Over.

Aldrin: That's good. 50 and minus 70. I'm looking eyeball to eyeball. [Garble.]

Collins: 35, 30 minutes. You reading them?

Aldrin: 1202. BMAG Mode, three, to Rate 2.

Armstrong: Okay.

Aldrin: Okay, we're there, Neil.

Evans: Drogues. Over.

Collins: Rog; I'm copying.

Collins: My solo book out of R-1. [Pause.]

Aldrin: [Garble] your burn's a little late. And 15 minutes after TPI, I've got...

McCandless: Roger. Radio check. We copy, and you're in sync with us.

Collins: Don't want to miss that. Yes.

Aldrin: You want to try...?

Armstrong: And the landing site is well into the dark here.

Aldrin: Verify GPI returns to zero, zero. I think this right here is just as level.

Duke: Columbia, Houston. [Long pause.] [Long pause.] [Long pause.] Out.

Aldrin: Alright.

Armstrong: We're burning. [Long pause.]

Collins: Houston, the hatch passes its integrity check. Well...

Aldrin: Give me a [garble] check.

Armstrong: Glad to hear it.

Collins: Okay. Sitting around with your feet up on the console drinking coffee? Yes, that's best - better. I maneuvered the reticle considerably above the horizon to make sure that the star is not lost in the brightness below the horizon. This is Columbia saying the rendezvous radar transponder is operating.

Duke: Tranquility, Houston. [Pause.]

Duke: That's right, sir. Out. [Garble] screen now.

Collins: A few minutes.

McCandless: Roger. 11, Houston.

Armstrong: (To Houston) It's a 1202.

Duke: Roger. We copy it.

Aldrin: Turn around to your right, would be better.

Armstrong: Okay.

Collins: It looked gray.

Duke: Roger. [Long pause.]

Duke: Roger. Over. It appears that the...

Collins: FDAI scale, 50/15. DOI? (Pause) He's got them memorized. Did you get the word on the entry checklist?

Collins: Eagle, this is Columbia.

Armstrong: Wilco.

Collins: Duke Hill?

Armstrong: It obviously - is not really in polar orbit if it's going off - going off that way.

Duke: 11, Houston.

Collins: Burn complete?

Aldrin: No, I don't.

Evans: Roger. [Pause.] Looking great.

Collins: Eagle, Columbia. You got any reading off that Repress O2 to be greater than 8...

Duke: Stand by. [Long pause.] Over.

Armstrong: Now I need a Verb 76.

Collins: [Very weak.] You see all those roads - triangular roads leading right past him?

Collins: Yes.

Aldrin: No, it was not.

McCandless: Roger. Unless you have some other traffic with us, I guess we'll bid you a good night and let you get some sleep, Mike. The altitude is minus 1.44 nautical miles. We copy. Go ahead, 11.

Aldrin: Okay, Neil. [Pause.]

Armstrong: ...

Evans: Houston.

Collins: Boy, you're really waiting for that one, aren't you? You got Noun 49. Let's see, I want to pitch down 80 degrees to... [garble] 293, down 293, I believe that, I wonder what rate would be reasonable...

McCandless: Roger.

Collins: Okay.

McCandless: Roger. [Long pause.]

Armstrong: I just saw something.

PAO: Mission Director George Hage has just thanked the flight controllers assembled here in the Control Center on behalf of himself and General Phillips for the way in which they conducted this mission. The Apollo 11 plaque has been hung in the Mission Control Center - a replica of the crew patch.

Spacecraft: This is Photo 1. Everyone inside, our checklist is complete, awaiting swimmers.

Air Boss: Roger. Photo 1 says that it is still in stable 2. This is Air Boss, Recovery 1 and Photo 1, go to high frequency [garble].

Photo 1: The net is at the raft, in, the third astronaut is climbing in the net, the third astronaut is in the net and on his way up, clear of the Command Module. Seventy five feet upwind [garble] Raft number 2 is inflated [garble] and number 2 is being [garble].

Hornet: Hornet, Roger.

Unidentified Speaker: [Garble] at this time [garble].

Airboss: Roger, thank you. 235, 13 235 [garble].

Hornet: Recovery, Rog. The others [garble]. What's the condition? Hornet, copy.

Recovery 1: Recovery 1. The swimmers are taking their positions. Switching power frequency, power frequency.

Hornet: Hornet, copy. Hornet, Roger.

Photo 1: The hatch of the capsule is now to the up-wind to the first swimmer. The 3 (garbled) is (garbled) plus 20 feet and two flotation bags are visible at this time. Recovery 1 is in position, lowering the bag of BIGs at this time.

Hornet: 11, this is Hornet.

PAO: This is Apollo Control.

Armstrong: This is the Commander.

Aldrin: I've got a little bit of a steady tone. Is that lightning out your window?

Armstrong: Yes, I'll look. (Long Pause)

Aldrin: Well, we're not going to have much of a TV unless we get High Gain. Eventually, it does...

Armstrong: Okay.

Collins: That's not how I'd like to spend my lifetime, but - picture that.

Aldrin: Alright, let's see. (Pause) Shaft 335.

Armstrong: The view of the Moon that we've been having recently is really spectacular.

Collins: You were going to make me do that in another 45 minutes anyway.

Collins: You say you wanted the probe now?

Aldrin: Roger. And you got Verb 76 in?

Armstrong: ...

Aldrin: Okay.

Collins: Apollo 11 is back in PTC attitude.

Collins: Okay. Stand by for TIG.

Armstrong: Oh, [garble], Mike. Loud and clear. Track mode to Slew and high bit rate. Okay.

Aldrin: Very good. Start giving me Pitch 1, Yaw 1.

Data from The Apollo 11 Flight Journal and The Apollo 11 Surface Journal, mashed up by Leonard Richardson. We came in peace for all mankind.

Updated every five minutes.

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