Apo11o ll

Garbled transmissions.

Collins: Oh, good.

Armstrong: Focus is on infinity.

Aldrin: Yes, [garble] got a few more. No, no, it's not; it's only...

Armstrong: ...towards gimbal lock. EMS Function, Off.

Collins: No, we haven't, as a matter of fact.

McCandless: Roger. We believe that is normal system operation. Over. Long pause. Stand by a second.

Collins: It's less than 0.1.

McCandless: And if you could give us P00 and Accept, we'll uplink a new state vector and target load to you. Another quote: "We don't think it has landed," said a spokesman for Sir Bernard Lovell, Director of the Observotary. [Long pause.]

Armstrong: That's right on your...(over) the middle (of the suit front).

McCandless: Roger.

Armstrong: Got [garble] up? (Pause) Go ahead.

McCandless: Stand by a minute.

Collins: That's in work, Houston. Understand roll zero, pitch 025, yaw zero.

Armstrong: CSI Apollo Pad follows.

Armstrong: Plus 66. You got to watch right through this window. Well, that's a good day not to throw in some failures. I'm right on in pitch. (Pause)

Aldrin: Okay; easy. Yes.

Collins: Roger that. It's off.

Armstrong: Okay.

McCandless: We'd like to know what your plans are as far as turning in this evening. Over.

McCandless: 11, this is Houston. If you're still in the vicinity of the PSE, could you get a photograph of the ball level? Our - in the Flight Plan, we show you commencing a rest period at about 182 hours, and what are you planning to do on that? Over.

Collins: Where did all those numbers come from? And 6 seconds later, it's 05 plus 53. You know that? That's correct.

Duke: 11, Houston. [Pause.]

Aldrin: Okay, Mike. That's just dust particles that are being illuminated by Sun shafting in the window.

Armstrong: You holding inertial, Mike? [Garble].

Aldrin: ...and I'll head on up the ladder? Let's get some music.

Collins: AC 1.

Armstrong: [Garble] concerned [garble]. Say again.

Aldrin: Roger, Charlie.

Evans: Say again. Have a good trip, and ma... Roger. We copy.

Aldrin: I'll get those. We're on Simplex A, but we're not due over Tananarive for another couple of seconds.

Collins: Okay. Enter.

Aldrin: Well, they look like they were made to go.

Collins: Houston, Apollo 11. I got a horrible squeal.

Duke: Apollo 11, Houston. [Pause.]

Collins: Buzz will want to do a Verb 82.

Duke: And Apollo 11, it's good night from a sleepy White Team. We'd like you to accept this one and every mark thereafter. We have you - your sub-spacecraft point is just off the western coast of South America directly south of about Mexico City. Your PGA is in the L-shaped bag with the other two PGAs, and your helmet and gloves are in the L-shaped bag instead of the sleep restraint.

Duke: You probably... Buzz, you already in? That's true.

Aldrin: Not at this point, no. Might take some...

Aldrin: ...barber pole, gray, the other two are on good. Coming open. You got an 18-millimeter on here, right?

Armstrong: We'll be right back with you. Over. [Long pause.] [Garble] razor?

Duke: Roger. Looks like they're hogging the windows.

Armstrong: And Houston, Eagle.

Collins/Aldrin: You got them.

Aldrin: Right here? Twelve of them closed. Nothing in it.

Evans: Apollo 11, Houston.

Collins: It is now. That's it, Charlie. 0.5-millimeter. 80 millimeter, 250, it's all good. How do you read?

Aldrin: (To Houston) Say again the angles, though.

Armstrong: Upside down, turn the camera upside down.

Duke: Roger.

Aldrin: ...(garbled under Mike) flags showing red right now. [Long pause.] If I spin this can, we know that according to the equations of motion that we would expect that once this is given a spin, and has a spin axis in this direction, if we give it a particular torque, and I'll do this by pushing my hands against it in this fashion once it's spinning. (Static)

Collins: Oh.

Aldrin: Roger. No wonder the Earth isn't moving.

Armstrong: Good idea.

Collins: Standby. It may have something to do with Mascons or it may just be the peculiarity of the DSKY display.

Aldrin: Huh?

McCandless: Houston. [Long pause.]

Collins: I lost my clip. It goes to potable tank first and then we...we get it.

McCandless: Say again, please. This last one being based on an interpretation of the geological features that were seen by the crew on their way down. Over. Over.

Armstrong: Okay.

McCandless: Roger. I copy. If you can give us Accept, we'll send you up a state vector and a target load for the maneuver.

Armstrong: We're coming upon Aristarchus right now... You want it back?

Aldrin: Okay. We read you loud and clear.

Collins: All right, Charlie.

Armstrong: Yes, I can do that.

Aldrin: [Garble.]

Duke: Rog. Thank you, Tranquility.

Duke: Apollo 11, Houston. On the exterior shots, we'd like to look... Over.

Armstrong: Cup of coffee around here later on, when you get a little time.

Aldrin: Okay, it [garble].

McCandless: Go ahead, Tranquility.

Collins: Okay, we got to visually acquire Moon, take pictures, and then you got a P52 to do.

Aldrin: Roger.

Armstrong: It's going straight out there through. That correspond to the location you're holding there presently? Yes.

Aldrin: Okay. We're ready to proceed with the RCS checks. (Pause)

Collins: Houston, Apollo 11.

Aldrin: Copy.

Evans: 11, Houston, I'll give you another Mark at 33 minutes. Over. It's coming up now, Columbia. Roger. About 3 minutes to LOS, and I have your consumables update. [Long pause.] Mark.

Armstrong: A hundred and what?

McCandless: Roger.

Collins: Main Bus Tie is Off. They didn't say anything about it, huh?

Duke: Roger.

Collins: Are you burning yet?

McCandless: Roger. [Pause.] Over. Roger.

Armstrong: All got data. The flicker I don't know about, the white dot is...

Armstrong: Roger. Beyond my ability to...compute here right now.

Collins: Zap.

Armstrong: Okay, want to get film.

McCandless: Roger. (Pause)

Aldrin: Roger. [Garble.] Yes.

Duke: 11, Houston.

Armstrong: Everything is Go here.

Duke: Roger. [Pause.] ' But she added: 'The best part of the mission will be the splashdown. And you - Would you select Attitude Hold? And for your information, looking at it right now, based on all the tracking we got, that maneuver would only be a tenth of a foot per second so we'll probably skip it. Ready for your readbacks, Over.

Armstrong: Spacecraft Control, CMC, Auto. Yes.

Collins: Yeah. Just like the simulator.

Aldrin: Roger.

Armstrong: Houston, Apollo 11...

Aldrin: Houston, Eagle.

Collins: TVC...

Aldrin: Roger. What?

Data from The Apollo 11 Flight Journal and The Apollo 11 Surface Journal, mashed up by Leonard Richardson. We came in peace for all mankind.

Updated every five minutes.

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