Apo11o ll

Garbled transmissions.

Collins: Roger. If the Earth is right there, that's where it's coming up, huh? You got to do what, Neil?

Armstrong: It doesn't matter what the other numbers are.

Aldrin: Roger. I'm non-partisan, sir.

Armstrong: Okay.

Collins: [Very weak.] Got it solid on Auto.

Armstrong: You want one? Are you ready for us to start the RCS check-out now? No.

Aldrin: How does the checklist look to you, Neil? Now, a few pictures of that and one of earthrise and - and then we'll stow it.

Collins: How's that nitrogen pressure?

Armstrong: I got plenty of cable?

McCandless: Yes. We have a... Understand you have opened the drain valve at this time.

McCandless: Roger.

Aldrin: Okay. Will do. Over.

McCandless: Roger. If you have a minute or so free, I wonder if we could get Mike to give us a little bit of clarification on what happened around about the time of docking. (Pause) Mark. [Pause.] What we'd like you to do is, do a CDU zero which is Verb 40, Noun 20, Enter, and then start the PTC procedure again at Step 2 with loading Verb 6, Noun 22, desired attitude in the Auto maneuver, and all that. [Long pause.]

Collins: Houston, Columbia. Did that have anything to do with it?

Armstrong: I just saw something.

Aldrin: I heard a little something, but I...

Collins: On. ] Houston, Columbia in Omni D Delta. Maintain g-dot equals zero until subcircular, then roll 45 degrees and hold until drogue time. Our Noun 49 is reading: register 1, plus 08793; register 2, all balls.

Aldrin: Yes. Okay, I'm going to get Descent Quantity, On, [garble] On.

Armstrong: That's what we did.

McCandless: Roger. Is he pretty good at that?

McCandless: Roger, out. The loads are in and verified. Roger.

Aldrin: Thank you. 5.6 at 250th, huh? Maybe we ought to - do these the other way around.

Garriott: Columbia, Houston. Over. Over. Over.

Armstrong: It'll be the first time we've ever done it. Verb 83.

Collins: Oh, yes, stand by for sunrise.

Armstrong: Nothing yet...

Aldrin: Rog. Already done that pretty well.

Armstrong: Yes. (Long Pause)

Garriott: Rog. Over. Copy, 11.

Collins: Copy.

Armstrong: Okay.

Aldrin: Houston, Eagle. Hey, Charlie, what's the preliminary outlook for the weather in our recovery area?

Aldrin: Limit Cycle, On. Probably, I don't know; wait until we get into attitude.

McCandless: Roger. ] Over.

PAO: This is Apollo Control, Houston, at 82 hours, 48 minutes now into the flight, Apollo 11. Our current velocity reading; 5,334 feet per second [1,626 m/s]. Altitude 102.8 nautical miles. We've had Loss Of Signal as the Apollo 11 spacecraft begins its pass around the far side of the Moon at 85 hours, 42 minutes. We're showing 34,000 feet per second now, but the altitude building; 512 nautical miles.

Duke: It's apparently raining fairly hard up in Washington where the All Star game was to be played tonight. [Long pause.] Okay.

Collins: It is most important that we be going forward (laughter).

Collins: Okay. Well, don't miss that first one.

Aldrin: Oh, it danced around a little bit, but seemed to go right back to the original numbers.

Collins: [Garble] getting earlier in time.

McCandless: Roger. We're copying you about five-by-two, very weak. Over.

Armstrong: 1.7 millimeters.

Aldrin: Okay, it's, it's working somewhat. We're in track mode slew. I'm ready to copy.

Collins: Well, it's [garble].

Armstrong: Roger.

Aldrin: Go ahead, Houston.

Collins: And left on the...

McCandless: Roger. [Pause.] Do you have some particular attitude or reason for wanting to go inertial? Over.

Armstrong: Delta-V Thrust A... Our insertion checklist is complete, and we have no abnormalities. See that real big...

Armstrong: Understand; that's alright. Don't do that. I'll get a couple of panoramas with it here. It's about the same anyway, yes.

Duke: Rog, Neil. ...You're about two-by.

Aldrin: Translation Control.

Collins: It may be raunchy later.

McCandless: Okay. Reading you loud and clear on Omni Charlie. P37 format, TLI plus 5: 00744 6485, minus 165, 02506. Roger.

Armstrong: Not exactly. That's the zoom. Checked in.

Collins: Go ahead, Houston.

McCandless: Roger, Columbia. [Long pause.]

Collins: Houston, Apollo 11.

McCandless: Roger. We could see variations on our traces. Over. 11014 for the CDR.

Aldrin: Pressures are good... You vacuum all this stuff?

Duke: Roger, Neil. [Long pause.] Stand by. Over. Over.

PAO: The elapsed time for end of blackout; 195 hours, 7 minutes even.

PAO: That was Buzz Aldrin confirming the Go. The flotation bags will right the spacecraft.

PAO: And we have Loss Of Signal now.

Collins: Yes, [garble].

Armstrong: Am I clear?

Duke: Stand by, Eagle. That's correct. Over. Over. (Long Pause)

Aldrin: Okay. It really looks nice, doesn't it?

Evans: 11, Houston.

Lovell: And the pitch and yaw angles are minus 50 for pitch and yaw is 270.

Lovell: 11, Houston.

Aldrin: Close the AOT Lamp circuit breaker - Well, maybe [garble] or something.

Armstrong: I think we'll make it (laughter). This was a boost card.

McCandless: Roger. You're back on, with Mike in the middle of the screen there.

Armstrong: Okay.

Collins: I'm passing 182 inertial. Hallelujah.

Evans: Apollo 11, Houston through ARIA. [Pause.]

Aldrin: Charlie, did it hold cabin pressure this time?

Duke: Roger. Everybody reports very good color. We're reading you five-by. You're breaking up.

Collins: Hello there, earthling. Yes, sir, I'm all logged.

Collins: Okay.

Duke: 11, Houston. [Long pause.] [Long pause.] Copy.

Armstrong: Okay.

Aldrin: Little sparkly stuff; quite a bit of it all over. Over.

Collins: Alright. We'll do that. Okay.

Aldrin: Yes.

Armstrong: Is this...

Duke: Apollo 11, Houston. Over.

Aldrin: ...at 4 minutes.

Aldrin: Houston, what you're seeing in the middle of the screen now is the crater Schubert and Gilbert U is in the center right now; and this comes up at about - a little over 12 minutes before powered descent. We've started charging Battery A, and the voltage started off a lot higher than I expected. Water... boiling... potable...

Duke: Columbia, Houston. Okay.

Armstrong: Okay. And I think it's Dr. Mueller's birthday also, and don't think he's that old.

PAO: Down range 1 mile, altitude 3, 4 miles now. Network controller says we have Acquisition Of Signal from the Command Module.

Swim 2: Swim 2 is in position.

Air boss: Stand - Stand by, Hornet.

Photo 1: The flotation collar has been attached [garble] flotation. There's only [garble] about the vertical axis, a [garble].

Hornet: Hornet, Roger.

Photo 1: Photo 1, [Garble]. The first astronaut is half way up. The module is now 90 degrees to the vertical axis.

Photo 1: Photo 1, I repeat very - from Hornet, 241-degree radial, 9 miles. This is Photo 1, Raft number 2 is within 10 feet of the Command Module at this time.

Data from The Apollo 11 Flight Journal and The Apollo 11 Surface Journal, mashed up by Leonard Richardson. We came in peace for all mankind.

Updated every five minutes.

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