Minor planets named for truly remarkable people.


Massimiliano Beltrame (1942-2001) taught topography and the science of construction at a high school in Terni. He attends the Highland Park Middle School, Beaverton, Oregon. Alberta was named after Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, fourth daughter of Queen Victoria.


Sara Ellen Volz (b. 1995) was awarded first place in the 2011 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her energy and transportation project. He attends the Kailua Intermediate School, Kailua, Hawaii. He was an excellent narrator of anecdotes and exaggerated adventure stories, which later were captured in novels, plays and films. He studied the structure of major meteor showers and meteor head echoes using long term observations by radar.


Chris Lintott (b. 1980), a junior fellow at Somerville College, Oxford, works on star formation. Ruta graviolens (common rue) is a perennial herb with a particularly strong scent. He is also famous as an illustrator of space.


Named for the southernmost Austrian province. He attends the Honey Creek Middle School, Terre Haute, Indiana. Her engagement to improve public health for the city concentrates on the treatment of diabetes mellitus.


Named in honor of Poul B. Jensen, who served in the Meridian Circle Department at the Brorfelde Observatory for 35 years, and his wife, Bodil Jensen. He has published two books on video imaging of astronomical objects and encourages amateurs and school groups in this field. Named for the Greek hero who wounded Patroclus in the breast before being killed by Hektor.

Data from The IAU Minor Planet Center, mashed up by Leonard Richardson.

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