Minor planets named for truly remarkable people.


Named for the westernmost Austrian province, until 1918 part of the state of Tirol. Warhol worked also on experimental underground films. He also founded the Astronomical Association of Queensland to promote amateur astronomy.


Chinese botanist Xu Zhihong (b. 1942) steadfastly and effectively supported the development of Chinese astronomy during the periods when he was president of Beijing University and vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Citation prepared by D. K. Yeomans, a colleague of the honoree. The district has made efforts to limit light pollution.


The sea off the town of Otsuki, Kochi prefecture, is well known for coral products. He died when he jumped from the horse. The number 8940 can be read as "Ya-Ku-Shi-Maru" in Japanese.


Dino and Tina Grifoni, who have been living in Sydney, Australia, for many years, are uncle and aunt of the first discoverer. The Brashear astrograph used at the original Azabu site by S. Hirayama when he made the 1900 prediscovery observations of the objects later named (498) Tokio and (727) Nipponia was also moved to Mitaka, and Oikawa used it to discover eight numbered and seven unnumbered minor planets during 1926--1930. She has won world recognition for her performances in the most prestigious halls.


Father and son, Jan (1652-1718) and Ferdinand Maxmilian (1688-1731) Brokoff were prominent sculptors of the Baroque period in Bohemia. Citation by the discoverer and J. C. Merlin. The minor planets might be compared to an immense, multifarious crowd of perpetual pilgrims, and this one fancied to be an especially earnest, devout member.

Data from The IAU Minor Planet Center, mashed up by Leonard Richardson.

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