Minor planets named for truly remarkable people.


Barbara J. Anthony-Twarog is a professor of astronomy at Kansas University in Lawrence. He has also investigated the possible existence of another principal planet in the solar system. Named in memory of Ignaz Fülöp Semmelweis (1818-1865), Hungarian physician.


Mikhail Klenov (b. 1987) was awarded second place in the 2004 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for his chemistry project. They are recent graduates of the University of Arizona with degrees in political science and geology. A plaque on each foot of the Eiffel Tower indicates that the tower's steel was melted in the Pompey factory, which was closed in 1989.


Named in honor of Jack B. Child, software engineer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Asteroid Project director of the World Space Foundation, and past president of the Orange County Astronomers. Another of the "last charrás", Tacuabé, took care of the baby an her to an unknown place. Citation material provided by K. Leterme at the request of the discoverer.


Name derived from the Latin for `panther', referring to a large, intimidating cat. The discoverers visited Taormina in 2001. Mayer constructed the 0.65-m telescope, which was used for minor-planet and variable-star photometry and was also used for the discovery of this minor planet.


Named in memory of Kwan-cheng Wong (1907-1986), a leader in Chinese industrial and commercial circles. Since then he has done much to promote knowledge of the Herschels and their contemporaries. Founder of observatories in Santa Ana and Patacamaya, he is particularly well known for his book Einstein desde los Andes de Bolivia.

Data from The IAU Minor Planet Center, mashed up by Leonard Richardson.

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