Minor planets named for truly remarkable people.


Named after Carl Spitzweg (1808-1885), German painter of the Biedermeier art period. He developed an automated reduction system using a roboticized telescope at Okayama Astrophysical Observatory. She teaches at the Rhoades School for the Gifted, Encinitas, California.


Apt, on the Calavon river, is a small city in southern France (Provence) and originally a Roman colony Colonia Julia Apta. Dersu- Uzala was a member of the Goldy tribe and he became a friend of Arsenev's during 1902-1910. She attends the Naperville Central High School, Naperville, Illinois, U.S.A.


Named in honor of Hiroshi Yabuki (b. 1960), one of the leaders in developing automated planetarium programs at Goto Optical Laboratory. He originated the term `lateral thinking' and is well known for the deliberate creative techniques associated with it and the powerful Six Hats method. In 1993 he and his wife created the "Fondation Anne et Robert Bloch" in Delémont to support culture in the Swiss canton of Jura.


Donato Andrisani (b. 1956), a renowned dental surgeon, is a close, very dear friend of the discoverer. In 1995, the discoverer met him for the first time at Tunguska, Siberia. She now devotes her time to teaching viola and violin to students of all ages.


Camille Virginia Yoke (b. 1998) is a finalist in the 2012 Broadcom MASTERS, a math and science competition for middle-school students, for her physical sciences project. His public works can be found in Berlin, Dessau, Chicago, Athens, and New York (notably the Pan Am Building). Named in honor of Lunar and Planetary Laboratory research assistant and high-school teacher Bob Sather, who has published lightcurves of asteroids and discovered a new method of determining the orientation of asteroidal rotational axes in space.

Data from The IAU Minor Planet Center, mashed up by Leonard Richardson.

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