Minor planets named for truly remarkable people.


Lewis R. Binford (b. 1930) is an American archaeologist and anthropologist. However, in 1821 his work was acknowledged by Cauchy, who was influenced by his investigations and had generalized some of Ruffini's results. She attends the Rolling Hills Country Day School, Rolling Hills Estates, California.


Named by the Committee for Small-Body Nomenclature to honor the magnanimity of people around the world in dealing with terrorist attacks like those on New York and Washington on 2001 Sept. His solution to the problem has been developed into a PC-based state-of-the-art control system. The city has a long history of education and culture, and the first school and the first museum in China were here.


Jiang Nan Tian Chi, at high altitude and unaffected by artificial lights, is one of the best observing stations in eastern China. She teaches at the Rocky Mountain Middle School, Heber, Utah. Citation prepared by D. K. Yeomans, a colleague of the honoree.


Kajigamori is a 1400-meter-high mountain in Otoyo town in Kochi prefecture. Since 1997 he has been general secretary of the Société Royale Belge d´Astronomie, de Météorologie et de Physique du Globe. On a spur of the Pamir Alai mountains, at 2000 m altitude, is Maidanak Observatory, a world-class astronomical facility.


Named in memory of Mario Ferrero (1904-1965) who encouraged and nurtured the discoverer's interest in astronomy when the latter was in his early teens. He was married to Mrinalini Sarabhai. The Yamagata Tenmon Club, established in 1961, consists of a group of amateur astronomers.

Data from The IAU Minor Planet Center, mashed up by Leonard Richardson.

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