Red Football und Winter War

Category Action / Dexterity
Mechanic Dice Rolling
Tile Placement
Description Each coach has a team consisting of 23 players of differing ability ratings. Gray is hex-and-counter wargame without a historical background. Non-PBA member bowlers also included.
Fun with grownups and kids.
There's very little actual game here, and what little there is gets masked by the incredible bits and visual elements of the stoves, pans, and spice shakers. And the goober is great. That equals winner with me. Very light game, fun for kids. More fun to watch than play, I think.
A clever little dexterity game that I do not think I ever need to play again.
Fun theme family game with super components but little replayability. Players take turns to complete 3 actions - actions can be either attempt to turn up the heat on their stove (roll a heating die), or season their current dish (add seasoning from a jar to their pan).

Hearts Rudi (2005)

Category Wargame
Abstract Strategy
Mechanic Set Collection
Description Superstar Chess was invented by László Polgár, Hungarian chess master coach. The tiles have different instructions on them. Australian Menagerie. It also presents a curious system of detachable counters to simulate combat strength reductions. Part of the English Civil War Series: After each move, a player must press the button on his/her laser. The beam bounces from mirror to mirror around the playing field.

Hashimoto Corner Ziel First (2010)

Category Card Game
World War II
Mechanic Dice Rolling
Description A game about knitting sweaters for shorn sheep: a very simple pattern matching game for young children. The game is based on the "Japanese House Mouse" which was a feature of the Hector Heathcote TV show in 1963. Aim of the game is to be the first to add 5 wagons to your locomotive and to fill these wagons with given commodities (passengers, postal freight, dishes etc.) Traffic lights, zebra crossings, footpaths and road game - this game teaches children how to behave in traffic and gain independence.
Just picked up a nice copy from the UK via eBay for a decent price.
Punched and clipped.
OK game.

Ballons Pillars the Maze

Category Abstract Strategy
Mechanic Roll and Move
Description A Malefiz derivative with some cards showing buildings from Frankfurt. Give the bubble a pop to get Artoo on his feet! 'I hereby describe the organization, structure and rules of this ancient shastra (games), the reason being that there is no such book available and the scholars do not study them. In this book there is a description of several board games, and the intention of this shastra being that people will enhance their brain power by playing them.' The questions are of three different difficulty levels and in the beginning you're answering easy questions and in the end the really hard ones.
Lacks drama. Some cool ideas, individuals or small groups are much more powerful in narrow corridors since the full force of larger groups can not be brought to bear against them. Having read the book already, the game implements the story very well and I could just imagine myself immersed within the story of building the cathedral at Kingsbridge while playing the game.
Any game that gives you difficult decicions to reach but enjoyable ones at the same time has something going for it and Saulen delivers on both counts.
A trivia game that favors those who've lived in the featured decades. Worker who can sell wood for gold is over powered. Still a great game however. Many similarities to that game. Plastic resin made.
It's one of those games with not enough rules so it's not guaranteed to terminate.

Stronghold Dice On Edition (1975)

Category Dice
Mechanic Area Control / Area Influence
Description Goal: To be elected President of the United States. It is 3046. Each player will be attempting to gather the most support for her platform. The first child to complete his shopping list wins. Players can also Sabotage each other by cards that discard or steal their resources. The players then attempt to arrange their tiles in such a way that rows and columns equal one of the two key totals, with their figure based around only one of the key totals. "Stronghold", "Color Guard", "Tower 6" and "Where To?"
Benjamin D.
Got it for the number chits.

Card & Haunting Women's (1998)

Category Card Game
Mechanic Pattern Recognition
Set Collection
Description Features All skaters who appeared in at least 2 competitions during the 2005-2006 season are included. For ages 4 and up. - 6 all-star player cards. And enjoy classic games with an Australian twist. Earn more money to take them alive for zoos, dead give less money.
I thought the game was just fine. Undead edition.
Another fun quirky game by the maker of Bohnanza.
An ok trick-taking game. See my Review for further details. It's like a trick-taking game within a trick-taking game. Gameplay is so simple that there's no "arc" to the hands like there is in many other card games (Mu, Tichu, etc).
Excellent trick taking game that plays well with three or four people. I think the pricing of the boosters is horrible. If you've ever wondered if you were better at determining a length of time with your eyes closed than your friends, this is the game for you.

Impressionist Van the Game (2009)

Category Card Game
Children's Game
Party Game
Mechanic Auction/Bidding
Description Bid and buy in order to earn the most wealth. Each player must have same set of dice. Players have a limited time to think of unique words that start with the letter and have to do with the topic.
I downloaded this little beauty and enjoyed it so much that I wrote a solo scenario for it.
Harder than it looks.
Used to love this game but the insane competitiveness and rules complexity combined to form a toxic brew. Simple rules, but complex enough to allow some tactics.

Pompier (2005)

Category Wargame
Mechanic Modular Board
Variable Phase Order
Description Compact Warrior is a game of individual combat using swords and shields or other fantasy-type weapons. The player with the letter A card starts by placing the card down and says "Thomas picks up an ____" and says one of the pictures on the card.
Purchased on 12/25/09.

Lanirond (1987)

Category Abstract Strategy
Mechanic Hand Management
Description A free to print game by Patrice Vernet with the same mechanics of Katmandou. As you explore each new star system, a section of your rocket is jettisoned and the rocket accelerates until it reaches maximum speed and heads for your home system. If you land on a draw a card space, you draw a card and move forward the number of spaces on the card (1, 2, or 3). You won't use the "extra queens" during play. The game ends when the hunting rounds are over. • 6 Counters in six different colors.
Another classic set collecting card game, mostly suited for kids.
I have: desert (5/6), ocean (9/10), alpine (13/14), forest (15/16), and blank maps.
The six score there is strictly from a board gaming perspective.

WWE Flintstones Bros. (1998)

Category Card Game
Mechanic Simultaneous Action Selection
Variable Player Powers
Description A roll-and-move game educating history. In three separate races four multi color reporters each race for the hottest stories. Blockbusting Card Game!!
A collectible card game. Origins add nicely to the humor as well as some nice strong powers.
See the Good/Bad/Ugly munchkin. Origins add nicely to the humor as well as some nice strong powers.
Compared to the original munchkin, I find this one a bit too overpowered.
I've always been a Steve Jackson fan and this game doesn't disappoint. My kids love the animal cards.

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