Wallace Game Command, Basket Horde (1898)

Category Wargame
Party Game
Mechanic Set Collection
Description Tsushima is a strategic game of the naval war between Russia and Japan, 1904-05. Gameboard is a river.
First UK expansion I added to my set, cost an arm and a leg but the ogres are awesome miniatures and it enhances an already amazing game! Serious offers only, set is complete with box. Loads of ugly Ogres, and the ugliest card components of all the expansions... A lot of individual ships have special rules like faulty turrets.
Not played this since I was a wee lad but loved it at the time! See comments for base game.
Cool new miniatures--though the basic orges are the same ar the ogres found in the Elf pack. Least wanted.

Innovation: Cid Board Earth Simon kalastajan Feb., 1920 (2009)

Category Wargame
Mechanic Dice Rolling
Variable Player Powers
Description This is an absolutely free print and play game. Object: to have fun humming and guessing popular song and theme tunes. In loose terms, Innovation is a Civilization-style game in which players first have access to low-powered cards in age 1, then build up to more powerful cards in later ages, stacking new acquisitions on old to build the strength of their holdings. Weather and time also proved to be a friend of Denikin one last time, as both sides had to fight freezing temperatures and slowed the rapid advance of the Red Army chasing them into Rostov, a small city at the time.
Built Prototype Betatest Version 06 March 2011 Choose one. Yeah, I'm that type. This can be fun for middle-aged friends with a common background who have a working shot at knowing songs from the 60s and 70s, but I can't see it working so well otherwise. Drawbacks: more fiddliness and longer setup, and also the new mechanics may be too complicated for unexperienced players. But the derivation is really interesting and it promotes conspiracies amoung the players. Cons: The additional set-up detracts from the initial appeal of the game. Its just weird having a civ built upon democracy, monotheism, and deodorant. Meh, its a bummer. The Daily Double betting needs to be changed. Further, the joys of a society using metalwork leading the world into the renaissance faster is just really awesome, and the newer dogmas seem more light hearted and less consistent with their title, I haven't dug into all of the cards so I hope many jewels do exist, but I haven't come across them yet. This was just a delicious icing on top of a scrumptious Innovation cake, so I'll take solid mechanics over solid namings. My initial rating is an 8.5, and I think it could easily go up from here.
Den Will sell/trade locally. It's like Take it Easy!, but less mathy.
A great addition to a great game. In a good way!

Lady Block (1730)

Category Humor
Abstract Strategy
Party Game
Mechanic Auction/Bidding
Roll and Move
Description Publisher Blurb: 11 Different horses are depicted on the board with different odds associated with each one. Blow! If you have no cards that match the rank or element (suit) of the top card of the discard pile, you can't play a card and have to draw one instead. Special cards like Skip, Draw, Exchange, Reverse, and Dragons will change gameplay regularly making for an exciting new spin on the classic. Players roll a die and move their token around a spiral track, moving forward or backward or missing turns if they land on certain special spaces.
It scratches the itch Heroscape used to. I like the "first miniatures" feel.
French version. This was useful to learn the mechanics, which are quite clever and elegant. This is in keeping with the theme which is quasi-Samurai; every combat is deadly. There are random elements to this game, but you simply must base your strategy each turn on the outcomes of the elemental dice.
Planning to get this game eventually. Combat is very lethal, and there is a good amount of unique characters, funky skills and rules.
Two opponents roll a die. Fun fast play make this a top notch skirmish game. I like the comics though, good reading, dumb game. I like the fact that you can get miniatures if you so desire. Kudos. I've been able to make him shaken but haven't been able to capitalize on this.

Star and Game got for Company (1980)

Category Wargame
Children's Game
Mechanic Dice Rolling
Pattern Recognition
Description Tiger Stripes is a quick and exciting game for 2-4 players ages 5 and up. Your tiger has no stripes! Earn them by hunting for food or searching for valuable jewels. Rudis 1 is basic hand-to-hand combat between small groups of gladiators.
I think this reads as being one of the best set of WWII mini games out there. At the end of the night you can look over the battle field and see a flow and a story that unfolded. And its probably even better if you dont get money for killing other peoples Hitmen - with just the income of the bars this is a bit more tactical.
Rules in Dutch and French; Game parts still sealed.
Similar to the more common VCR Quarterback game featuring NFL teams. It is great to see a game make bold changes to the all too often emulated GW approach to miniatures gaming. Not overly complex but lacks flavour or colour. EDIT: 2 young kids = not much time to paint. But it takes too long to build-up and get your hitmen in place. NOTE: This game system requires more table top terrain than most and a poorly construted table can KILL a game.

Tournament in Math Game British Rock (2011)

Category Wargame
Mechanic Variable Phase Order
Description Publisher's website. I am the Pig and I am HAPPY near the Farm and near the Water. If I stop on other places... However, your opponents have been hired in similar positions at competing zoos. Throughout the course of the game, Trials and Tribulations stir up trouble.
Just waiting for it to arrive...
Lags abit after everything is planned and set up, its a mad dash with your preset cards.

Bitter Pass (2001)

Category Wargame
Card Game
Mechanic Betting/Wagering
Dice Rolling
Description Bitter End: A Relief of the Besieged City, 1945 is an operational level game on the attempted relief of Budapest, Hungary in 1945. At a tactical level) yet defend and maneuver in 3D as squadrons. "Sekigahara 1600" consists of 528 pieces , 282 cards , a 59 x 84 cm map(printed in Japanese) and 34 pages of rules(in Japanese). As the labyrinth changes with each roll of the die, players must shift strategies to meet new challenges.
Girls like this. The cards are still sealed. Few choices on where to place things. I really like the morale and pin rules.
Skips the very fun phase of everyone B.S.-ing the same question.

Sockeye Baseball Game (1925)

Category Educational
Children's Game
Mechanic Secret Unit Deployment
Description Progression is a game that illustrates God's plan as taught by the LDS church. The player has succeeded when the answer is correct or another player is laughing. NOVENOPS! In the center of the board is a removable spinner with movements of 1 space (2), 2 spaces, 3 spaces, 4 spaces, 5 spaces, 1 space + spin again, and advance to next intersection.
Good introduction to the system. Sort of like bingo for children. Way better as a 3 or 4-player game - the 2-player game can be a crazy lopsided suck - there are juuust enough decisions here to make winning a skill (or feel like it, anyway), balanced by the 10-20 minute game time which takes the sting out of any dollops of die luck that may come up.
S&T 67 with mag.
Magazine edition punched with mag (magazine has some curling of top right corner)

Battle Dungeon: Surf the Encore Edition (2005)

Category Card Game
Mechanic Trick-taking
Description Tuppi is a team-based trick-taking game played with a regular 52-card deck. The cards themselves feature a whole host of nasties, including Skeletons, Orcs and Bloodbeasts. Buy hotels, gold mines -- be a tycoon on the stock market -- take impossible chances at Roulette, Monte Carlo, "21" and at the Horse Races.
Uses a standard deck.
Very fun game if you have a good sense of humor. More strategy than first meets the eye, and I love the aesthetic value of the cards themselves. Scoring rules can make the game last for hours, but that was their original intent. This game would be a great gift for fans of the music industry, people who really like Rock Band/Guitar Hero, audiophiles, or real musicians.
This is fun!
I nice game for kids with an interest in the Hobbit or LOTR. Some humor the first time through, then fairly pointless.

Frag War (1986)

Mechanic Roll and Move
Description From the box: This game is designed and published by Paul Burnham, American Saddlebred Training Stables, Jonesboro, GA. Therefor he performs one of three actions on his turn: moving the kangaroo, flipping the kangaroo card from a standing kangaroo to a sitting one or vice-versa or eating a card next to the kangaroo space. Grass will be eaten standing scoring 1 point, bush (2 points) is eaten while the kangaroo is sitting. Subsequent turns allow the player to move closer to the Moon with their rocket parts, crew or cargo.
Is this what Milton Bradley's Tank Battle game got based on...?

Card Fox Adventures - Baron Burning (2001)

Category Abstract Strategy
Mechanic Dice Rolling
Role Playing
Description This game maps traditional playing cards onto the magnetic wheels also found in Word Spin.
I love this game. Grab your hands on it, if you can!
Excellent memory game for kids with a push your luck element. You study the board, you find a good play for your card, you play it, you tally your points. The only game I can think of where my rating to watch is higher than my rating to play. Either theater people or literature people, or both but the group would probably have the most fun if they were a little tipsy.
Great! If played with the right persons and beers that is THE game!

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