Cosmic Horse: Campaigns The of Fib! the Fame (2002)

Category Card Game
Mechanic Crayon Rail System
Hand Management
Roll and Move
Description Carl Hubbell "Mechanical" Baseball Game was published by the Gotham Pressed Steel Corp. A hefty wooden board with a world map and 6 very nice little wooden dolls (each unique) representing children from the different continents. A little fib turns into a big problem for Junior Asparagus, and only one man can help him - Bumblyburg's own superhero - Larry-Boy! A player who reaches the goal calls out to stop the round and moves forward one square on the game board.
Two games in one, really.
MPC. There isn't a frakking game here.
A very intriguing new word game. Must not have sold so well. Scenarios are interesting, but can get repetitious.
Quite a lot I don't like about this expansion. There isn't a frakking game here.

Pila (2009)

Mechanic Roll and Move
Description New SR card with special power. It includes a two-page map of the famous grain elevator in Stalingrad, which was the scene of fierce fighting in September 1942. Roll one die to see who goes first. Players gain votes from betting on opponents' survey answers. Dragon City is the place where the power struggles of the planet are played out on the vast Elite Class racing tracks.
Best game ever. Every game is an emotional ride, yet offers potential for subsequent study and reflection. Simple and charming. Seven.
Not played yet.
Rating 7+ OWNED BY: Jabo(x2) Brutal, but great fun! Aped many times but never bettered for sheer simplicity and playability. If you do, I hope you brought your came alone or that you like to watch. People don't trust me. Germany can ally with England?). Missing 2 fish and the rules.
Fantastic game as long as it's played with people who don't take it too seriously... Gamers of every stripe need a copy of this one in their collection.

Die Dog (1996)

Category Educational
Mechanic Hand Management
Description This is a simulation of a soccer tournament. It consists of sets of interlocking pieces, and encourages players to hone their knowledge of Jewish holidays and customs, by requiring them to piece together the objects that come together--ie. Contents: Can you help them race across the island and get onto the boat safely? The rest of the cards are either Wild, Super Wild, Pass or Show cards, in some combination of the three characteristics that the main cards represent. This game is highly limited with only 15 beauty-fully handcrafted copies in existence.
Fun game! It's not really charades because you always know it's a character.
Not really very creative.
When I read the directions, I couldn't believe it.

Bungople (2009)

Category Sports
Mechanic Co-operative Play
Pick-up and Deliver
Roll and Move
Description Monopoly Here & Now All-Ireland Edition features the 22 greatest Irish counties as voted by the public (almost 170,000 votes were cast). Find out in this fast paced, fun packed game that will teach you all the highs and lows of becoming an Idol." The entire Ghost Bear population had relocated to the Inner Sphere; the St.
Beer & pretzels family game with a cool theme.
I'm proud to say that I've never played this, but I'm giving it a 1 for concept.

Jamaica Binnenvaart (1963)

Category Economic
Mechanic Auction/Bidding
Roll and Move
Description Game includes: a board representing a star system, 70+ standup pieces representing 4 races, a sheet of gold stickers to attach to the game pieces, and a small fold-up rules pamphlet. In Zone X the players alternate in fixing a hidden target point "Zone X" on the Marker Grid. But can you get to the Bratz before they move again? A complete 4-block storie must be completed before starting another. This creates 4 Zones that are color-coded... Players must move three steel balls per turn. Categories include definitions (taboo-like), grammar, culture, expressions, vocabulary and role playing.
This game is almost a re-theme of Uno, using very nice illustrations of Australian wildlife for the suits, and huge cards. Great game.

Wastla's (2009)

Category Dice
Mechanic Memory
Description Monty's Maze creates an irresistible adventure of challenge and excitement. The theme setting is the middle age, with Knights and Warriora battling it out to defend the Castle Garden. But there are random factors, incarnated by "third die", a random die roll that may have strong effects on the initial factors. En gehé (plural: 'n gehén) is played by the Loitha and Kisonga Masai in northern Tanzania. Each circuit is individually charted to give realistic lap times. Unload your treasure and go back for more.
This is a fun game the first time you play it. It is too basic for me. We'll see how my 4-year-old likes it. It can really scare your pants off. This one's junk. Initial rating after one play.
Unuseful particular grid (why not hexes???), unreadable rules that need many fixes, some interesting topics, but mechanics generally broken: the battle we played resulted in a confusing fighting with nothing of the regular well organized napoleonic era armies. It is too basic for me. .

Struggle Rummy (2003)

Category Abstract Strategy
Card Game
Mechanic Co-operative Play
Roll and Move
Set Collection
Description From the publisher's website: Who knew that someday a couple of game designers would move the farts from inside the box to the front cover? More a puzzle than a game, and there's not much more to it once you "get it," but it does offer a glimpse into a backwater of Mathematics you might otherwise never have known about. It features all 105 cards from the main set, the 5 promotional cards and 10 new cards never seen before! Capturing moves can be made in any of eight directions. Jumbo-size cards are easy for little hands to hold and organize.
Here we are, three years after Battle of the Bands was released. It's not always balanced, but it's always a blast. It is exactly what it appears to be and I'm certain a lot of people out there will have a good time with this one...just not me. Numerous scenarios make this one a winner. And I love the map.
Received my copy, currently boggling over the detailed rulebook.

The Royal (1980)

Category Card Game
Mechanic Set Collection
Description A card game of 48 cards with every card having the picture of a cartoony face on it. A simple cooperative adventure game with a basic "Dungeon and Dragon" aim : get to the castle and pillage it without being killed by various monsters. It's easy to learn and will provide many hours of enjoyment for your family and friends.
Excellent expansion, adds a whole new feel to the game. Any serious Munchkin player should have a male/female Munchkin shirt allowing them to start with the sex of their choice. Revitalises a great little Euro-wargame. I really like the feel of the Undead game, it seems to play a little cleaner and faster, and the invader feels like he can exercise more control with a wider variety of special actions and more control over how the actions appear. Traded away. It's a little pricey, but if you're a Stronghold fan you'll want this, and if you liked the idea of the base game but felt the implementation could have been better, it may make the game work for you.

O Korea of Robot (1985)

Mechanic Dice Rolling
Point to Point Movement
Description Magazine game in GameFix 6. Romantic Sensations is a card game that combines and reinforces our senses of touch, taste, scent, sound, and sight to create a wonderful romantic experience. From the starting area, paths of circles lead to a picture of each animal. Pick up bonuses of fuel and repair along the way.
Addicting little game.
Weak connection with bohnanza and razzia - but, no doubts, worse game...
Die Weinhändler is a set collection bidding game in which players try to stack the most valuable wines in their cellars. Seemed a little chaotic, but still pretty quick and a good box size. I love Money, so it's no surprise that this one also felt like a winner. I do appreciate the incremental bidding instead of a blind bid... And which ones do you leave for yourself??
Players are dealing in bottles of wine, each with a dollar value and a collection value.

Ese (2010)

Category Wargame
Card Game
Mechanic Card Drafting
Description Components: “You must have Chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.” To do this you move your pawn around the board which depicts the 20 products, of which only 5 are available at any time, connected by branching paths. Using addition facts through 9+9 and subtraction facts through 10-10 players become familiar with parts of plants while mastering addition and subtraction facts. Two dice. Each player starts with twenty-five Magic Points. As for the other characters, the mole is secretly working for one of the other teams, the agent makes the other team lose if he is shot, and the cleaner must make the shot if the sniper isn’t a part of the team.
Slow to warm up, jam in the middle, could do little to prevent a win at the finish. Not sure if I would recommend this for 3 players. The ideas of using blocks came from here. There seems to be too much risk in giving away information to the other team and it makes for a sort of stale playing experience. Instead is should be played in an open area much like werewolf is...
Played once. Many opportunities to give your opponent the rope to hang himself. Now that I have it, I aim to join those who convert it to a block game... Adding to the complexity is that only one player on each team may actually end the round ("shoot" the opposing team's key player or the "mole" on their own team). Let's see, 4 roles are defined, one of which is useless if another is present. Allowing players to group together by team and talk. No guidelines, nothing to go by except, we suppose, sheer mastery of the unknown. I preferred this much more with 3 than with 5, but I only have 2 plays on this game and still trying to get more of a handle on good strategy so with 3 its easier.
I thought this sounded like an improvement to Werewolf so much that I made a version of this out of three different playing card decks.

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