Test Rivals Diebe Delhi (1986)

Category Racing
Card Game
Mechanic Paper-and-Pencil
Point to Point Movement
Description The players represent members of a children gang (Prosper, Bo, Scipio and Wespe). During the journey players must play the right cards from their limited hand to avoid obstacles placed before them by their opponents.
Beautiful mid 80s german game.
There are hundreds of little pieces. Sold unplayed.
With so many minigames to chose from, it keeps moving. Lucky.
????????????? Kids like it and it's tolerable to play with them. Quite a variety of mini games. An Arkham Horror designed for seven-year-olds.

The Alamo: Television or the Miele - An Entertaining Game (1818)

Mechanic Roll and Move
Description Inspiration is one of Wolfgang Kramer’s not so well-known games, which he designed together with his wife Ursula. With a ribbon pattern around outer edge.
Unpunched copy. It allows players to take variable degrees of risk. Lots of melodrama, close escapes, big armies chargind around saving the day. I'm all for style and pretty pictures, but this is a WARGAME and I want some CLEARLY DELINEATED BORDERS people. The use of action points reminds me of Conflict of Heroes and how this mechanic is really suited to tactical simulations. These are just a couple "house rules" I use with game, to make it a bit more enjoyable for us.
I own the German version ('Gran'), never (or maybe once) played, at least 15 years untouched. My copy is in bad shape and I would love to replace it with a better copy. The best strategy seems to be keeping 5 shares of each of 3 investments. Overall just tedious to play. And not well designed. These are just a couple "house rules" I use with game, to make it a bit more enjoyable for us. US Equities, DM, and Yen are all winners. Stay away from the English Pound and the US Bonds. Pick investments that your opponents are into so that you benefit when they do.

Myth Keepers (1988)

Category Trivia
Mechanic Hex-and-Counter
Description The other designers are: It is small, made to withstand bangs and to be easily packed into a full packed bag without breaking. The game ends either after a pre-determined time has elapsed or when one player has brought the others to their knees. With a built-in spinner. On your turn you choose which question to answer, the higher the difficulty the higher the score. Alternately, these rules are good for those who wish to play battalion-level games that move quickly...Toward this end, any consistent basing system can be used, with the number of figures on a base left to the individual."
Should be called The Really Hard Star Trek Trivia Game.
My mom picked this up at a garage sale.
Missing 1 dollar.

Dirina (1974)

Category Card Game
Mechanic Dice Rolling
Roll and Move
Description Similar to Jenga but instead of stacking a player tries to draw or push as many sticks as possible out of the pile of wooden sticks with the sliding stick. A national mainstay in Israel, as UNO is in America. This causes the entire center ring to revolve, which may help you advance your pieces to the other side, or move you farther away. Communities of worlds formed alliances; alliances became federations, and eventually a galactic empire was born. Jubal Early. Features 100 Q&A; cards with questions in six different categories.
This is a solitaire game with an obvious genealogy back to Fall of Rome (which is neither good or bad, just a little uninventive I guess). Overall, it is a fun scenario, but I don't recommend going out of your way to buy it.
A lot like Uno, but I can't stand Hasbro, so I got Taki. Jubiläumsgeschenk zum 20.
A nice game to play alone. The game-mechanism is new: It is no dice-game anymore.
Had this one as a kid - one of the first boardgames I remember owning.


Mechanic Storytelling
Description This game calls for quick perception and some imagination. The board contains a grid, representing a lilly pond. That player reads the card and gives the answer. They employ an intense and flexible battle plan, using ranged and melee attacks equally well. They can mime it, imitate the sound or explain the illustration without calling it by name. Alexander Eclipses Montgomery (non-historical Nov 21st to Dec 5th) 1 scenarios booklet with historical notes (10 pages) Points for words melded: 0 points for 3 or 4 letters; -5 points for 5 letters; -10 for 6; -15 for 7; -20 for 8; -25 for 9; -30 for 10; -5 for each J, K, Q, X, or Z used; and 11-letter word wins the whole game outright.
Wargamer issue 57 - punched. I can sit down a play a round solitaire trying to improve my handicap.
Mobile operational actions. I should ding off another .5 or so just because the production quality is not what I expected from AZA....and the English rules are complete poop.

Six Noggin's Hockey (2010)

Category Party Game
Card Game
Mechanic Co-operative Play
Description From the box: Strike for goal in this simple game of tactics which is easy to learn and fun to play. Bohnanza in the land of fairy tales. The games promote local companies, councils, educational institutes etc. Re-implemented as: Sleuth.
Victorian and Edwardian title. Will be replayed often I guess. But it has made an excellent first impression! Any game where I can scream, "Goooooaaaaaalllllll!!!!"
Okt. Natives crawl closer, Brits then try to blast them apart with double speed volley fire.
Will sell/trade locally. Best when you play with multiple sets! Needs updating to include events after 1991. Any game where I can scream, "Goooooaaaaaalllllll!!!!"

Dapu (1980)

Category Sports
Mechanic Point to Point Movement
Description Quiz Game based on the NBC TV show starring Groucho Marx. Whopee chase and capture the mice that have overrun Megalopolis Zoo. This historically-based game is easy and fast-paced, providing the air of challenge that occurred between both armies all those years ago.
Finest card game, you get a starter and you are able to kick any deck around.
We play with hardly boosted starters (I think 2 or 3 boosters) for quite some time. I really feel like a hacker! Japanese resistance seemed to burn out too quickly, or at least before I'd got very far onto the island. Add in a glob of randomness in the form of cards (eg.

Homecourt Monster Rootin' juego Card War (2001)

Category Wargame
Children's Game
Mechanic Roll and Move
Description Rarely is a game broken down to its barest elements like this one (one of the others being For Sale). Place a bet.
SPI version.

Hockey Card Pen

Category Card Game
Mechanic Partnerships
Route/Network Building
Description A mini-travel version of Operation, where the game is self-contained inside a large ball-point pen. Every turn you move your spies hoping to encounter enemy spies based on intelligence gathered from your opponents. Each player has a hand of card to choose from in building the board.
I have not played this game enough (just once) to really give it a rating, but it seems so light and fluffy that I'm not willing to try it again (not when there are so many more games that grab me right away).
Remains unplayed so far. Vergy Good Condition. But it does have a "Not a Ninja" t-shirt.

Monopoly: Shattered World (1998)

Category Humor
Children's Game
Mechanic Roll and Move
Description From the box: In early 3061, Prince Victor Steiner-Davion returned from the Clan homeworlds triumphant—but to an Inner Sphere that was radically different. Tons of fun for 4-8 players. In GAME ONE rules, you roll the dice, set the timer and try to form as many words, crossword puzzle style, as you can before time runs out. Each team has a unique Team Deck of cards. But don't give up! The player can gain extra appraisals and can trade, buy or auction the relics during the game. The appraisals have three level; red, blue and white.
Neat and amusing. I liked the game but it takes a bit to figure out what all the cards mean. UPDATE: After playing it a bit more, I've come to the conclusion I really like this game. Fun if you don't take it seriously, but even then tends to get boring after a lot of plays. :-) The more I think about the game, the more I'd like to play it again.
Any number of players [individual turns] Gigamesh. Rated 8 also for the great components and gorgeous illustrations.
First couple turns I thought this was clever, and I was getting into it. Definitely for the self-directing set rather than the rules lawyers. Generally love the art and components: castle tiles, park, nobles, even the meeples. It gets even more challenging when the judge calls a halt to proceedings prior to you finishing putting down cards. The money scaling didn't compensate for it. Don't get me wrong, this is a very refined, elegant design, and should be on every 2 player wantlist if you like medium or lighter Euros. All-in-all this was a hit with me and likely would be for fans of area control / area majority. Sadly. Even in view of the above, the game plays well.
I'm not big on word game but this is one that I actually enjoy from time to time.

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