Captain's a Peacock (1979)

Mechanic Dice Rolling
Description The new 2010 Master Edition is the successor of the Genus edition. Players move around a board and attempt to gain pieces of spiritual armor by correctly answering questions based on the Bible. The story details the Romulan attempt to destroy the Gorn Heavy Cruiser Reptilicon as a prelude to an invasion of the Corn Confederation. Nearly all of the elements of the game are symbolic (an explanation sheet is given for these symbolisms), so there are a lot of opportunities to learn as you play, not only from the 3000 question cards.
Recommend! Only the Protestants seem to be forced into one strategy. Units, leaders, navies, keys, Home Cards, diplomacy and minor powers are all similar but the mechanics have been tweaked. In my opinion the card deck isn't quite right, but it's a lot better than many other recent multi-player efforts.

Schnapp, Guard Basketball (2007)

Category Transportation
Science Fiction
Mechanic Route/Network Building
Secret Unit Deployment
Description 12 pieces per player with variable move pattern need to recover microfilm tokens from the center and return to home base over square grid symmetrical base. The fall of Barcelona effectively ended the War of the Spanish Succession. This is a sequel to Little Soldier Games' 1976 effort, Imperial Guard. A team has been called forth to fight the diseases off. Players distribute their Passenger Pawns on the board, as well as Bank owned Pawns and Police/Highway Patrol Cars. The object is to pick up as many of the other players’ pawns as possible and deliver them to their destination (as determined by the draw from the card deck).
Certainly the best map for three, even better than the previously unbeatable Ireland. An excellent expansion for three players.
Yet another very good expansion for Age of Steam. 10?). Left my gaming group a bit cold. I will come back to this map many times. Normally in AoS, building track with the explicit goal of harming another player, or exhausting a particular tile type, is a foolish choice. It deserves it. I wonder if other 3 player maps will ever get to the table now that we have tried this.
Owned. I already enjoy Scandinavia and Ireland in the three-player category for AoS expansions, but Montreal Metro nicely rounds out that trilogy of solid three-player maps. Many nuances to explore, especially the government action. Every rule change has a purpose. Overall a very solid map, and one that I'll be adding to the three player rotation.

Strileva (2005)

Category Wargame
Action / Dexterity
Mechanic Roll and Move
Description This game consists of a hand held plastic tray with a convex base with a small divot in the middle and a little plastic jumping bean (Mr.
At least three different versions.
One of the few party games I enjoy -- and may be willing to play instead of a heavy Euro.
This actually belonged to my Dad and he ended up giving it to me at some point.
More cards to add variety to the basic game.

Rontoza (1990)

Category Wargame
Children's Game
Expansion for Base-game
Abstract Strategy
Mechanic Roll and Move
Description This clever game is packaged in a take-anywhere, colorful plastic fish. Map 82x59cm at scale of 500m per hex, fought in hourly game turns. Each chip has a picture of a WWE superstar on one side with a chip value and the name of the superstar on the other. Okehazama, Anegawa, and Nagashino are the tactical games. The campaign game has 4 scenarios, such as "Road to Kyoto", "Surrounded Nobunaga", "Doomed battles against Takeda, Uesugi", and "The hero, Nobunaga". To win you must capture your opponents flag.
See Core Game.
High luck factor.
PUNTUACION Oca: 9 picassojac: 7.5 PARTIDAS GANADAS/PERDIDAS Navir 3/0 wysler 1/1 picassojac 1/2 Hispaman 0/1 Pepon 0/1 Oca 0/3

Stargrunt II (2004)

Mechanic Hand Management
Roll and Move
Set Collection
Description Group Photo is a simple children's card game in which players take turns drawing and discarding cards in an attempt to be the first player to match the picture cards in their hand, including at least two Photo ID cards, to the characters on their Group Photo card. The game is a unique cross between checkers and billiards. Play as a savage orc, a mighty tauren, a tribal troll, or one of the Forsaken undead; become an ingenious gnome, a doughty dwarf, a mysterious Night Elf, or a noble human. Each answer is no longer than four characters.
I like this version better than the original one that comes in the box.

Adeptus Driving Rummy (2005)

Category Dice
Mechanic Modular Board
Stock Holding
Description Dice² is a collection of 4 small dice games, all based on the same principle: The colonial government has issued concessions to enterprises which shall build up the necessary infrastructure to deliver the commodities and transport them to the coast. Each time they do, they score the hand. Some parts of the track have oil stains that cannot be entered. Victory points are gained by damaging and destroying enemy titans, as well as by meeting the objectives of the chosen scenario. Take the Nutty Challenge!"
I will be placeing this on ebay in a few days if there is no intrest here. This is truly very annoying as the game itself proved to be sufficiently interesting for me to consider purchasing, even at the high price of €35, but then I expect no usability issues. Not all too innovative. That market mechanism works great. Of course not! It consists of a demand marker, a price marker, and a supply marker. Supply moves up to meet demand. Its all a bit of an untidy lash up. The only way for a particular commodity to have an increase in both demand and in price is for the market to exactly meet demand, in which case you have modest growth, or for a particular commodity to not be shipped in a given round, in which case big growth results.

Fourcast 'Em Down: Original Invention Edition Dee Dee (1962)

Mechanic Area Control / Area Influence
Pattern Building
Description Dexter is on a quest to complete his greatest work. Environmental upheavals, accelerated resource depletion, and escalating warfare have destabilized world politics past the point of no return. Players can turn the Dial-of-Doom to trigger surprises. Trivia. However, Transferable and Non-Transferable Events may get in your way... Game play is for 2-6 players, ages 8 and up. Global Domination uses the "deck Building" game mechanic used by some popular recent games like Dominion. If the player chooses BUILD, the player expands the city by drawing and placing a new land tile of the determined size to the existing city.
This game rocks! You can't really judge it after one game of it. Not too many complex rules issues really (most seem to be about sorcerers) so you're likely to play it properly by either your 1st or 2nd games. And into a security camera you were trying to avoid? I had a Carcassonne feel as I began playing, with the city tile placement aspect, but really that isn't a bad thing. Also, 2p, just "take the race with the most tokens" is not a bad rule of thumb, to a slightly unfortunate extent. This leads to my one critique: a slight learning curve and the feeling that it's hard to catch up when behind. Die sind mir echt zu teuer. Like I said at the beginning, there is a great skeleton of a game here that really could have been fleshed out with the proper play testing.
Mathew (chránený) Use the same components for playing Gute Nachbarn.
This is a really fun game. There are plenty of opportunities to place obstacles in your opponents' path -- always a fun thing to do. Plus the graphics are fantastic. And all the race-attribute combos are so fun! If you're familiar with Army of Frogs, it's like that but there's not as much opportunity for good play and the components are nowhere near as nice.

Jungle de 093 Action Combat (1988)

Category Fighting
Mechanic Role Playing
Description With illustrations from the original novels, this card game goes some way to evoke the feeling of the chase through Victorian London to unmask Moriarty and other villains. You are all competing to become the first one to score enough money to be able to retire on a far away tropical island. Gains and losses, the possibility to enter into profitable trades will depend on your reputation on the world market and from the internal state of change. But company executives you will be able to carry out their own central office.
(Box 2). Needs at least 5 players otherwise it is too easy to make an accusation.
Den. This is Chinese checkers-like, which was not my favourite game to begin with. The need to keep pen and paper scores detracts from the fun.

Naxxegi (2011)

Category Wargame
Mechanic Hex-and-Counter
Description Two players attempt to control the majority of spaces on a customizable board by spreading, jumping and infecting. It is not clear if it was ever published as such. Can you make a living with this boat?
Mindless. Another excuse to sell more figures. Kept for collection.
Liked the split between the strategic naval war and the tactical land war. Haven't read it yet.
It's a book with Star Players in.

Skarbnica Catch (1981)

Category Card Game
Mechanic Rock-Paper-Scissors
Description Game included in Vae Victis 89. It continues the spoofing of bad sci-fi movies. "Kochfix" These are the Muppet Babies fantasies and you can make them all come true by racing around the gameboard, collecting dreams and doing some very clever color matching.
OK, but I wouldn't play with more than gets slow with more. A very good freebie offered by spielbox magazine.
Funny concept. There is zero game play here and i'm pretty sure this is not intended as a game but as a drinking activity.

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