The Szkola Monkey (2007)

Category Card Game
Mechanic Point to Point Movement
Variable Player Powers
Description Chuck the Wood Chuck is a special promo card from the SPIEL 10 in Essen and expands the Agricola The Legen*dary Forest Deck. Interesting and engaging form of play helps players to understand contemporary economic phenomena (such as supply, demand, competition, trading companies, economic clusters). Whenever Chuck the Wood Chuck would chuck wood, Chuck chucks more wood. Ice fish for Northern Pike, Muskellunge..., fly-cast for Trout, Bass, Salmon..., dive for Oysters, Scallops or Abalone, surf cast for Bluefish, Striped Bass, troll for Tarpon, Marlin, Shark—and drift-chum for the Great White Shark.
The questions in this game can be exasperating.
The rating is mainly for the cool apparatus. Certain combinations with a 1/36 probability on a roll get you relatively big points, like 12.
For a trivia game it is fun and fast to play, best mechanics of any trivia game I have played. Many are about extremely obscure personalities and events, while others are simply trick questions, which have no place in a trivia game as far as I'm concerned. Whomever goes first will likely get a crapton of marble to fall out, with the other players getting the scraps. If you try to play it as an ordinary boardgame it's not very deep (although there are some strategic decisions to be made) and doesn't offer many ways to win but it's still a decent eurogame.
A typical pop-culture trivia game similar to Trivial Pursuit. This deals more with events. Whomever goes first will likely get a crapton of marble to fall out, with the other players getting the scraps. It uses magazine-sized Q&A books instead of cards, so there is the risk of seeing other questions and answers when reading a question. Average game - outstanding teaching tool.

Power, Death de Pistols (2000)

Category Abstract Strategy
Mechanic Auction/Bidding
Description Lost Patrol is the second publication in a series of mini-games by Games Workshop. 6 x 4 x 2 cm). A fretful night of fear ensues, but fortunately, dawn sees the coincidental arrival of self appointed Witchfinder General Matthew Hopkins, who immediately assumes control of the situation, and, suspecting foul play, calls for an Inquisition of those characters found within the castle walls. "Get your Talon back into formation, Parker."
Tense for the scouts, the end as written in the rules is broken - if the lurkers can keep spawning on the dropship the scouts can't win unless they have a Heavy or Sergeant. Fiddly set up and the fact you leave town when no chits left makes it lack tension (it seems to happen too often)
Light abstract. Very unique feel to it, and quite easy. Much, much better than it's twin Gobbo's Banquet. The movement of the king piece through the countryside, with the intent of not only laying down your influence markers but also trying to force your opponent into Zugzwang, really give a kinetic feel to this abstract. I had a lot of fun making it. Ugyanakkor viszont tetszett. The bases do not count in the scoring but can be placed on a territory to prevent any other player from placing a ring on it. És elvileg van 4 személyes játékopciója is... The piles don't get reshuffled and cards are drawn on a first-come-first-serve basis. I still have these files hanging around here... Well, in the first game I played, I was able to build up a nice lead early on and was able to leave El Paso, the final city, after securing only 1 chit confident that the win was in my hands.
Abstract game of area control, similar to 3 Stones.

Last Trivia

Mechanic Hand Management
Pattern Building
Tile Placement
Description From Website: Do you rush your enemy with basic infantry, or do you hold out for your elite troops and your commander? Up goes the ring and it falls on that pretty board with different colored divisions. Then each player places a bet on whether they think they know more answers than the other players. Tiles must be placed on the grid so that the 'chain' is continued.
Battle with good ballance and interesting terrain. Less tactical, less control, but strategy plays a definite part.
Arrived 9/19/07 Fun, quick, easy to learn, and an interesting mechanic. If you want a good deduction play Mystery of the Abbey instead. Also, just like an Agatha Cristie novel, you don't have to find out all the information like in 'Clue'...
There is some trick to this - how to ask the right questions and keep up and cross-reference the results and so forth. Fun, quick, easy to learn, and an interesting mechanic. It offers a good chance for silly interaction while you are passing cards. Tedious and bland.
Gift From Josh.

Tower Delfino Baseball (2004)

Mechanic Area Control / Area Influence
Description The object of the game is to be the first player to sell a million records and be awarded a gold record.
If you always wanted to be a superhero Supers is the game for you. Mint. See my review for more details: They're hard to shuffle... Il faut véritablement bien suivre la séquence de jeu pour que les parties restent fluides (une aide de jeu avec cette séquence complètement disséquée aurait été profitable).
The most enjoyable Crete game out there with an interesting naval subsystem. This may be more interesting, as long as it keeps the theme well.
See Palazzo - Well produced, attractive, the mechanics fit together smoothly, the scoring system is clever and seems well balanced, it plays quite quickly and is likely to provide a tense finish. This game is fun and there is a lot more going on than first meets the eye. There isn't that much game. I've played twice without and i like it better. The game is easy for people to learn, and offers the same kind of experience that Web of Power/China does: a game that feels involved and interesting while playing in a short amount of time. RK has once again taken a simple game that just has numbers, and has produced a gem. Docked one point for rules organization. Les 4 situations sont palpitantes avec de nombreuses possibilités stratégiques offertes aux deux camps. Ils ne servent pas juste à introduire la campagne complète mais sont de véritables jeux à eux seuls. Especially during combat (and extra so, solitaire). The system, itself, is clever and I wanted to like it but it left me lacking that elusive "feel" - I felt like I was merely pushing counters. Both heroes and villains may team up to improve their chances.

Stunesmau (1982)

Mechanic Co-operative Play
Description AERONAUTIKA - Set in the early days of flight, the players take on the persona of pilots competing in a race from London, over to Paris, and back again. Prince Kazimierz have given them task to build a city within 4 years. The Netherlands expansion is for 5-7 players, includes a special Goods Demand and Action Display and is printed in German. Goal is to build most impressive quarter with best public buildings and housing. 1 game board. Game is currently in beta version. Also, there are 10 characters to choose from, each with different gameplay.
Good idea and great theme (I'm a fan of both Puzzle Fighter and Yomi), but the game itself didn't work out for me.

The of the Rings (1983)

Category Card Game
Mechanic Memory
Description The game of tank combat in the future war. Eagles is a fast-paced, fun, and historically accurate simulation of Napoleon's final campaign. The pathway begins in Boston Common and ends at the harbor. Includes 30 Pyramid Cards, 30 Mummy Cards, 15 Rhyme Cards, 2 Egyptian Dice, and a rule booklet. Last player with counters in the game wins. Deluxe Confrontation gives the game a new and larger gameboard, larger sculpted plastic stands, and completely new artwork and graphic design. This Si-Mov Hidden movement game has 15 countersheets using 3,000 highly detailed game counters, a plotting pad, 6 unmounted maps, rulebook, 6 CRTs and charts, dice, 30 cards detailing various AFVs, and fully translated English rules.
Am yet to play.
Desert War Expansion is also kept in the box.

Pecesuis (2003)

Category Wargame
Mechanic Area Movement
Dice Rolling
Description A game for 2 players (and possibly 3 or 4) requiring only a bunch of coins and a plane, non-slippery surface.
Tryed to like, wanted to... Its an average boardgame. Not much skill involved.
Clever and easy to learn solo game. I love the character creation systems (YOU - WITH - BUT for the humans, and THEY - THAT - HUNGER for the zombies) that can lead to zombie cheerleaders that hunger for revenge, or a biker with a sweet ass lugging around a dumb kid. Don't say cause I'm a loser! Its a deep game and takes a few plays to form coherent strategies, but once you master the rules and get use to this type of warfare, it is really fun. However, if you're a FoW minis gamer, this product will be of interest as the manual contained within has lots of material on battles and battle setups for this campaign.
Mindless but fun. Early "linked boxes", rather than hexes game (which to my mind better suits strategic games in the Ancient-early 19th Century). Maybe it is better I will not investigate further. In the end, the augury roll for how many operations you can do is one of the key factors in whether you win or not. I'm never going to trade or sell this one :) Purchased while single. I suspect my rating of this game will go up with familiarity and based on the fact that I like the simple rules set. Read the designer notes and historical notes in the game, then read the book History of the Peloponnesian War by Thucydides. The lack of enough territory markers for either side even though they are made of cheap cardboard, why not throw in a few more?) So if you enjoy a shoddily made game where one side cannot win this is the game for you.
Very complex rules, expecially to choose shortest route. Help!!!!

Cunaa (2006)

Category Wargame
Party Game
American Civil War
Mechanic Dice Rolling
Roll and Move
Description From the publishers website: Mr. Rules designed to work for both 1/1200 and 1/600 scale.
Not Yet Played.
Playable system, map is an aquired taste. The whole "guess the word from *pieces* of the letters" idea just seemed impossible.
Unplayed. Ive just used this mainly at teambuilding events with rules of my own, and it has been a great success. Plus I'm not a big word game fan to begin with. So there are 4, 3 or 2 diamond intersections) 2- can be played with 2 players (doesn't work well) 3- there's no rule of "2 roads of separation", you can build with only one book of mormon of distance, and you can't build between two mormons books of another player 4- there are 3 "2 points cards": most missioneries, most holy books and most conversions .. Only 36 cards, so unless you reshuffle every 3 innings you're going to use all the cards up and hence get all results including homers, triples, etc. Sounds boring, right?

Sunrise Conduct (2008)

Category Trivia
Mechanic Hex-and-Counter
Roll and Move
Description From the game box: "On The Ball is spring training and league action all rolled into one.
Yes, it's an odd one in my list. Maybe it actually is a clone of Monopoly, but from my memory it was different. Some nice clever mechanisms. So many cards are out of play, you go several rounds until you realise nobody is finishing and then it's just a case of making the best of a bad hand.
Where is the game? Try to collect cards so that your hand has as low a value as possible, ideally 0.
Very good light card game. It's probably still laying around somewhere in the attic or so. However, this one is nice, but not top drawer.

Moesatz (1997)

Category Wargame
Children's Game
Card Game
Mechanic Auction/Bidding
Description Kid's game of pure luck. Do Over!™ is the fast paced game where everything can change at a moment’s notice. The game was first published in Strategy & Tactics magazine #124.
I've played this many times and have enjoyed it alot, so much so that I drilled tiny holes in the counters and mounted map on cork board to leave set-up on the wall.
New art and a few rules changes do not a new book make.
Well, it's got plastic sheep. Many figs.

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