No Day But Today for 2005 September

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[Comments] (1) home sweet home: Just got back from the long boring drive from San Francisco...going to bed, have early class, but will write about my weekend experience later!!

[Comments] (2) ah...fall...: I adore autumn. THe leaves are changing, the air is crisp, the apples are ripe, and it is pumpkin season. All of my favorite holidays are now approaching, namely Halloween, and Thanksgiving, and it is all about school spirit! (go aggies!) but along with the season of autumn comes the season of fall...yes it is a seperate season, that occurs at the same time as autumn. See the season of fall, is a season of falling. My roommate Elise is frequently tripping up the stairs, or falling down them, and on Thursday as I was jumping out of the storage closet I smashed my head into the top of the door frame, and gave my self a concussion...then I was the one tripping everywhere I walked, because I couldn't walk straight. It is the joy of the season I suppose!

[Comments] (1) Travel time: My friend Toni and I decided to take a weekend trip and drive the San Francisco. first of all I have never drived past the salt flats and that was an amazing amount of art. We stayed in Reno Friday night, and feared for our lives because it is such a trashy city. Then we drove to SanFran, andhad a great time driving around and around the city. We stayed with Uncle Leonard, and Jeff at their house, and had a wonderful dinner at this nice Chinese resturant, where Jeff taight me how to appropriatly use chopsticks. We went to the Bay area singles branch, and I learned to be grateful for the incredible student ward I have at Utah State. The we had the pleasure of watching the Yankees beat the A's in Oakland. how can a game be bad, that begins with Derek Jeter hitting a home run on the first pitch!?! Then Toni and I made the incredibly long drive home on Monday (ok so it is only 12 hours, but those dang salt flats make it seem like forever.) It was a fun time, but now I am broke...We don't even know how much gas cost total, we didn't want to add it up. The most we paid was $3.23 and we only filled half a tank on that price.

[Comments] (3) gender: I am taking a sociology of gender class (my major is sociology, with a criminolgy emphasis) and our class discussion today is if sex is socially constructed. Gender is typically sicially constructed, boys play with trucks, girls with dolls, etc...but the argument was about giving all babies green blankets, and then a child's sex wouldn't be labeled on them since birth. I just kept thinking of anatomy and thinking that eventually that is going to play a large part of it...that is the issue that frustrates me with this class. Somethings just are, the end. oh well, at least the theories about uterus' shrinking as the female brain grows bigger because she is at school has been proved to be way of base...kind of like the theory we learned the other day about sperm controlling all of men's actions. (although you sometimes wonder if that is true ;) ah the joy of school. I love my majnor actually, and am having a great time.

[Comments] (7) halloween is here again: yes I know that it is only September 19th, but in Utah State land you better have a halloween plan already. I love halloween, and luckily I attend a school where halloween in not just a holiday but an event, this year lasting a week. We throw the biggest and sometimes badly the trashiest party of the season in Utah. this year we have the scream on friday (an LDS party averaging 5,000 people) the howl on saturday (the USU party averaging 15,000 people with the only rule being that you have to wear something...yes plastic wrap counts as something) and then on Halloween we are having odessy dance co.'s Thriller perform on campus (which is extremely cool). SO I have decided that I want to be the wicked witch of the west. I have been a witch 4 or 5 times, and love it. The only sad part is that I can't be sparkly, but I get to be green so it will be fun. Also the thought of halloween is in my head because of TIm Burton's newest movie Corpse Bride, with I am excited to see. ANyway I promise not to bring up halloween until October 15th, becasue that is the date we could bring it up when i was a kid.

[Comments] (2) life or something like it: today I ran into an old friend (nate) from highschool, jr. high actually. It was very good to see him, but quite random because we had the perfect "love to hate; hate to love" relationship at the end of our sr. year. But since he has been home on his mission our we have become the good friends we were once more. He is transferring up to the land of the true blue, and I am excited about it. It is kind of weird though. who thought we would ever be friends again!?!?

[Comments] (2) our true aggies...: It has been quite the week here at Utah State. On Monday we were watching the 5:00 news, and saw that there had been a rollover accident that had killed at least 8 people near Tremonton (which is just outside of Logan). The news at first reported that they thought it was a family. Instead it was a USU van, on its way home from an agriculture field trip. There were 10 AgSci students, and their instructor on board, when the back tire blew and the van rolled, instantly killing 7 of the passengers. One died later at the hospital and the remaining 2 are still in very critical condition. It was a very sad day for us at school. We held a candlelight vigil in the victims honor. The Ironic part of it all is that this week was AgSci week, in which there were various activities to be held celebrating the college of agriculture. These boys were the very students who drove the giant tractors on campus earlier that day, and now the tractors are sitting there as a giant silent reminder of those we lost.

on a positive note: One thing that brought my roommates, friends and I great joy was to see that RENT is rated pg-13. Sweet action all the way!


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