No Day But Today for 2006 November

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[Comments] (1) the adventure: ah, finally a real update.

once upon a time I was a busy nursing student who works too much, but not enough to make any money.

For Halloween I was the girl attacked by birds in Alfred Hitchcock's movie "the Birds," and that entertained me greatly. The local Instacare clinic had wound temporary tatoos, that played as great special effects, and I had a bird on my head, and of course lots of blood. Attended USU's the Howl (biggest halloween party in Utah, and incidently is now against BYU's honor code to attend). Best costumes of the night: Rufio, A group of Sperm, a tampon, and unicorns.

School is going alright. I am hoping to attend a conference on Forensic nursing later this month. Forensics is gross but extrememly fascinating. We are finally learning more of the scientific aspects of Nursing, and my grades are improving. I think my favorite part of school is the clinical rotations at different places. We get to orient to the hospitals this week, and I am nervous but excited to stop being a pill pusher for old people.

Logan is good, it is finally getting cold which is weird for us. It has only snowed less then a quarter of an inch, and that only lasted about 30 minutes. but no complants here, i am ok with winter backing off for awhile.

I finally finished listening to the Book on CD version of HP #6. I figure we know everything Harry knows and wanted to listen to the book and concentrate on it better then when I read it. I actually contribute part of my doing better in school to listening to the book because it clears my head and I don't have music blaring in my head all the time.

kind of a lame update, but at least it is an update :)

[Comments] (3) reflections: you know I don't like to think that I think about death a lot but I do. I mean I am in the medical field, and I work at a nursing home so it happens constantly but I think I have been to more then my share of funerals. The reason I bring up the subject now is because earlier today my mom asked me if I ever got really attatched to the people I work with, and if it is hard for me to let them go. Then I got asked about my philosophy on life and death today as well. My philosphy on death is that they are going to a better place, and to get over it. I am a bit more blunt about it then most, because I have learned to emotionally detatch myself from death and dying, but then just a few minutes ago I learned about a tragedy.

My dear friend David Haws, whom was one of my best friends in High school is dying of an extrememly rare disease (see story: Not even Dr's at the Mayo clinic can figure it out. Basically he is drying up from the inside out. Now I am sad. I am unable to detatch myself from this, and I am disturbed by that. Maybe it is because he is younger then most people I know that die. Maybe becuase death has benn occuring in my life at an alarmingly increasing rate.

In the past 2 years, Kris's mom, Melea, Grandma Mary, Aunt Francis, Uncle Dorse, and now my friend David will have died(not to mention 20 or so patients). While I still maintain the are going to a better place, I am realizing that you can't just get over it. You can't just get over depression, anxieties, fears, sadness, or anything like that. It is like telling your self to just "get over a heart attack." Life doesn't work that way. I guess I need to just maintain good coping skills to deal with death more effectivly then I am today. God Bless you David Haws. I hope you die more peacefully then most.


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