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la de da: Instead of studying for my midterms, I'm going to write a little update. To day in between General Conference I was on TV. KBYU wrote a documentary called "Sisterz in Zion" about a group of girls from NYC who came to BYU for EFY in 2003. I had one of the girls in my group, and I was interviewed for the documentary. just as an explanation for why i looked so tired... It was my last day of my last week of 6 weeks of EFY.

Other than that school is going well. I was nominated and elected with an embarrassing 93% to be our class president. It is a little stressful, but I think it will be fun overall. I mediate between student to student problems, give ideas for student to teacher problems, plan parties, and plan graduation. I am picking a co president so it won't be so much to do.

I only have 1 new roommate and she is a lot of fun. work is generally good. I need more money and I need less working hours so if any has a suggestion on how to work that out without switching jobs, let me know. :)

[Comments] (1) random dream: Reading Joe's blog about his weird school related dream reminded me of my weirdo dream I had last night. Something was going on in the house, and when I went out side it was the LA riots outside. But here is the weirdest part. As we were watching the riot I said to my friend that this must be the LA riots (of '89 ??). Although I was saying it and I subconciously noticed that the images in my head were of the Tinanemen Square Massacre. How freaking weird is that...the question is why am I dreaming about riots that happened years ago? My sociology brain won't go to bed, and let my nursing brain take over. I guess dreaming of riots is better than dreaming of germs and giving enemas. lol

[Comments] (2) extreme home makeover: so this one time I met Preston from Extreme Home Makeover, because they are building a house down the street from my apartment. It looks awesome! now if I could just find Ty...


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