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i'm an aggie...kiss me on the A.: hey ya'll....long time no write. I am leaving in the morning to the WAC basketball tournament in Reno...since I am cutting half a week of school before spring break, I have been busy taking tests early, getting homework done, etc...and that's my life. I turned 23 last week, and got a digital camera (i love it i love it i love it) and Toni and Ladawn got me an extremly nice stethscope which I absolutely love. (i'm a nerd what can I say)...The weather here has been awesome, we get to scrap our cars in flipflops because by noon it is 55 degrees (heck in logan anything over freezing is no coat weather) and I love not wearing real shoes. i have a roommate getting married which is fine, but she has lost all consideration for anything but herself. oh well, should have seen it coming i guess. Anyway travelog when I return. hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!!! and Happy birthday Rachel on the 13th!!!

Thursday...no banging women: Well I am now back from Reno (more affectionatly known as a hell hole, and other such words). The trip was much fun I just absolutley hate the town and the UoN. After a long snowy drive ("You lied to me, you told me we were going to Reno, but we are really going to hell!! And in the hell, we are going to have to watch Andrew Bougut play against Austin Ainge for eternity. I hate you all." --LaDawn) We arrived just in time for our basketball game against San Jose.(Favorite sign at the game: "Do you know the Way to San Jose...because you are heading back!"). After winning that game we were saddened to see that it was only 4:30 p.m. and we still had to entertain ourselves for the rest of the day. So after checking in to our hotel (the Atlantis Casino) we went back to watch the next basketball game. This time we cheered on the red Aggies (New Mexico) and after they won we waited for Reggis Theius their coach (when he saw the group from USU he came to talk to us)...We love Reggis because he is hot. He played Pro and did some calendar modeling in College so earlier in the season we had made "Coaches gone Wild" posters with his picture and bonded with him. He told us he loved us and it was funny because their fans were a bit confused on why he was bonding with the blue aggies. Back to the casino where in my first dollar of nickel slots I won $25.00--time to cash out.

[Comments] (1) Friday...posing a threat: We woke up bright and early firday morning and could still do nothing. We learned something really quick about Reno. Unless you like to smoke, drink, and gamble, you might as well stay at home doing nothing. So we watched more basketball on ESPN, and the went to the Aggie dinner. There we ate with the bundreds of old people who spend their millions of dollars supporting the basketball team. If boggles my mind that you would do this but more power to them I guess. Then we arrived to the game and began to form our student section. Suddenly we were surrounded by security asking us to leave. After much anger and conversation this was the conclusion. We as Utah State fans were not allowed to assemble together in a student section and had to sit in our assigned seats. Why? Becasue we are too loud and pose to much of a threat to the other teams. Thus they decided to open the student section to the Nevada season ticket holders who may want to arrive early to the Nevada game (after ours). Feeling proud that we were representing the best of Utah State fans we assembled ourselves where some boise fans had sat (they lost and went home) knowing no one would sit there. More security, more angry words, more lame explanations. We then officially got the warning that if they saw any of us in the lower bowl again we would be banned from the events center. So we moved across the arena to a section at the botom of the upper bowl and cheered from there. Posing to much of a threat...we were compared by ESPN to Duke's crazies earlier in the year but that was just rediculous. We won against LA Tech, watched the Red Aggies barely lose to Nevada (yeah for them punching Fazekius). and went back to hang out at our Hotel. Then we reviewed our list of goals: 1. Talk to Reggis, 2. LaDawn had to hit on Hot Tyler (a hot, yetwashed out aggie fan who needed to get a life), 3. Become David Pak's family in whichever way possible, 4. find the ugliest souvenier possible. yeah so we had accomplished 1 goal. We needed to get on that.

[Comments] (2) Saturday...Neuter Alphie: It was finally saturday and time for the Championship game. We were getting ready when I got a phone call from Pak. He wanted me to have his seats because he knew they were better than ours and was afraid they wouldn't give us a student section again (although Nevada got one). We gladly took the seats and accomplished another goal (becoming David's family). David is our point guard from Orange, Cali. and a very good friend of mine. He is very hot, and I would trust him with my life. He also is a registered sex offender who spent 8 years in some mean youth correctional facilities for aggravated rape when he was 16. Prison is actually where he learned to play ball (and he does play some very ghetto prison ball). But while there he recognized the direction his life was heading did a 180 and changed it completely. WE were happy to take his family tickets (they couldn't get there) and watch the game with the players parents. That was one of the best games I have ever witnessed and if the refs had called a 5th foul on Fazekius (we like to call him something else) then we would have secured a win in the last minute. But instead we went into overtime and barely lost the championship title. It was really sad, but such is life in basketball. We spent the rest of the night at the nugget casino with the boys and had a good time, accomplishing all of our goals. Driving home on sunday was by far the best part of the trip when we heard we made it into the NCAA anyway. Now I am home in Salt Lake happy to walk into buildings where you can't smoke and doing a whole lot of nothing. i like it.

[Comments] (4) Hi...we just stopped by to arrest you.: So in Logan they are doing a sweep to arrest/collect fines from everyone with an outstanding Warrant for their arrest. It is actually quite sucessful, but the funny part is that if they come to your house and you are not home they put the following door-hanger on your door that says something like this: "Hi___________. We just stopped by your house to arrest you, but you were not home. You have an outstanding warrant for your arrest because of _____________. If you would like to take care of this and clear your name please contact the Logan police department. If the person living here is not the above mentioned person please contact the Logan Police department. Thanks, and have a nice day!" We laughed really hard about that one. yahoo, for the crazy week being over. Here are 5 things I learned: 1. The racial ideaologies behind the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor, and us bombing Hiroshima were very extreme. These are things you don't really hear too much about in your U.S. History Class. 2. The basketball gods must be crazy, but I am totally okay with that. 3. I am not supposed to live in a perfect house, for no apparent reason. I just know that i am not supposed to live there. 4. there are many scandals going on right now amongst my friends. 5. oral sex does not cause STD's. How did I learn this you ask? Why in the newspaper of course. We read quite the funny "Ask Dr. Gott" column in the paper, where a reader asked him if venereal diseases originated from such "unnatural behavior". It was very humourous to us.

[Comments] (3) for better or worse: Three bad things that happened so far this week: 1. It is still raining. 2. I didn't get into Weber's nursing program. 3. I failed my criminal law test today. Three good things that have happened this week: 1. David got a puppy, and I now get pet therapy :) 2. I haven't been arrested or had a door hanger put on my door yet. 3. My thursday and friday classes have been cancelled. 4 day weekend!!! In other news and humor at work I had to pull 2 90+ year old women off of each other during a cat-fight (if you were a nasty girl growing up, I guess it just sticks with you.) and I had a female resident whose chest hung so low she tucks them into her pants. I about died in laughter.


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