No Day But Today for 2006 February

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[Comments] (1) thank goodness...: my Weber nursing application is now done. :)

[Comments] (1) Diavolo: Yesterday I went to Diavolo, an acrobatic modern dance group from LA. It was an absolutley superb exhibit of the human form. Facinating, and stunning. So if it is playing near any of you and you want to view live art, I would suggest you go. I imagine it is a lot like Cirque De Solei. Anyway back to studying Social Theory. whoo-hoo.

[Comments] (1) it's been awhile: so I have written for is crazy with school, basketball, church, more school, and the occasionally work day at the good old nursing home. For all of those aspects of life I have seen the good, the bad, and the just plain ugly. i'm ready to get out of town, spring break can't come soon enough. but heck after my criminal law test tomorrow all I have to do is finish a research proposal and celebrate my birthday with ten thousand of my closest friends! whoohoo!


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