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[Comments] (1) Labor Day: I did indeed labor today. I first took the kids to the gym and did a spin class and yoga. I then came home and mowed the front and back yard and some trimming. The grass was long and it was kinda sucky. Aaron has been sick all weekend so I've been taking care of him.

After I showered and ate lunch, and vegged a little bit, I did the dishes and then made dinner. Kids were in bed by 7:00 and Aaron and I watched Bank Job on Clearplay. It was pretty good, btw. I then updated my picture blog.

Last week was so crazy with it being the first week of school for Lily. I have been shuttling to and from school and stuff. I have been thoroughly enjoying my free time while Lily is gone--guilt free. I have been catching up on house work and not feeling bad about putting Lily in front of a show. That is the only way I can clean, otherwise her "helping" takes so much time and I just want to get work done asap. It's pretty bad, and I need to work on it and teach Lily how to help out more so she can be a good cleaner.

My brain is fried so I am going to go to bed now.

[Comments] (1) Stark reality: Amazingly enough, Aaron has decided to join the gym. Wahoo! I have been dying to share this past time with him, and with the looming Commissioned Officer Training "COT" approaching in July, I think he realized he better start working up to the requirements that the Air Force has set forth on the personal fitness test. From my understanding, which is loose at best, is that Aaron has to get a 75% out of 100 in order to pass his fitness req's. He has to run 1.5 miles in under 9:36 minutes. Anything less than a 6 1/2 minute mile pace, and he starts losing points for every tens of seconds. He needs to do 53 crunches in one minute and loses pts after that. He is also required to do 57 push ups in one minute and any less than lose points. His waist circum also needs to be 32 inches and anything more, he gets points taken off. So "COT" is no laughing matter and I think Aaron has realized this.

So last week was his first week hitting the gym. He signed up through the school which was AWESOME because we not only got him on at the Prue location, but our whole family price has dropped from $101 a month to only $71. Considering that the kids alone are $50 (for the excellent day care), this is awesome. So he went twice. Once with Mark from school and once with me. It was his suggestion to go to the gym after dinner, and I jumped on that. I suggested that we do arms together, and I showed him how to lift certain arm exercises. He stopped me early and said he could not go on any longer and that his arms were going to be way too sore as it was. He did decide to run a mile to get some cardio in though before we left. Not good...I don't think he felt himself since then. His stomach is queasy and stuff going on with the other end too, and just a general lack of energy this whole weekend. And not being able to unbend his arms didn't help. He walked around protecting and cradling his arms like they were burned. It was kinda funny to watch. We both kinda think the workout session with me on Thurs night was the culprit because he went on Wed and ran 2 miles ok. I just kicked his butt too hard I guess. I find it hilarious though, how muscular and defined his arms are and he could only curl 10 pounds on each side more than me. (It's ok Aaron I'll get you into shape.) Except that Aaron has already sworn off my "kind of working out". I think another reason Aaron got so sick is also because he hasn't worked out really, besides church ball and intramural sports, since before his mission.

I told Aaron this though, at least he is doing this now and not at COT. I mean if he were this sick at COT, he would fail everything for sure. Who knows what they would do. I know they would have him in special Sat fitness classes for sure. Maybe even make him go through COT again? I don't think I could handle him being gone 2 full months instead of one. So at least getting sick is getting out of his system as his body gets stronger and more fit. And no, Aaron, I don't want you looking like those Olympic swimmers and gymnasts that I was ooogling at a little bit. It's just interesting to look at, not anything I really view as sexy. Just don't lose those arms. Here's to health.

[Comments] (7) creepy: So my friend called me and said she was walking through a model home a few mins away and she saw a picture of my family in one of the frames on the dresser. What? How did a random decorating company get a picture of Aaron, Lily, and me? So my mom and I went to see if it really was me and we walked through the home. Yep, it's us. As a matter of fact it's the picture that I have on this blog under "pictures". So it's four years old and on this blog. How random? And how did they get it? Obviously off of the world wide web, but how did they search for it and where do they get off printing off random pictures of people and displaying them in a model home. That was a digital picture taken fours years ago in Utah and it ends up in a home that is minutes away from my house four years later. How random is that?

On being gorgeous: After finishing Lily's bow in her hair: "There, you look gorgeous."

L: "I don't like being gorgeous."

K: "Why not?"

L: "Because, I just like being beautiful, and pretty, not gorgeous."

[Comments] (1) : Vote for Tina Fey.

[Comments] (5) Happy Birthday!: To Jenni! AND my new niece- a la Jake and Erin, 7lbs 9oz, 20 1/2 in long, and dark hair. Name- tba Cutie :)

[Comments] (4) Busy(body): This week has been crazy. So much going on...I love that Lily is in pre-k. It is really nice to know she is somewhere where they are teaching her how to properly use glue, one dot at a time (a dot is a lot!). Cutie thing to learn, and I am glad it is not me, because I would mos def freak out that she was getting glue everywhere and making a mess that would just be one more thing to clean up. She is also coming home with handouts of lines, and they practice using scissors and cutting straight lines. This is the mark of a horrible mother: when we were buying school supplies, the most exciting thing for Lily was that she was getting her very own pair of scissors. "Mama, do I get to use scissors in pre-school?"-in wide eyed wonderment. Yes, I am a horrible mother because I NEVER let her touch scissors. All the scissors are put away for fear of her getting creative on the couch or whatever she can ruin, and so far there hasn't been any curious cutting of the hair incidents that many kids that age experiment with. How bad of me to stunt her learning because I don't want to deal with it.

The depressing thing about pre-school is that it feels like all my free time goes to doing the dishes and housework. I love that I have time to get it done with no interruptions since Gunnar naps pretty much the whole time Lily is gone, but how depressing to do dishes and other jobs everyday on your free time. Not to mention I am never caught up. There is always work to be done and it can be exhausting. It is something I have had to reconcile over and over again to myself. As soon as I have washed and folded every piece of laundry, there is another pile to be done at the end of the day, and a few more pieces to add to it the next morning. All day, every day I work hard and then it immediately gets undone...dishes are done, guess what, time to make dinner and get another sink full of dishes. You mop the floor, and undoubtedly that day, something spills on it. Nothing ever wants to spill on a dirty floor. No, the clean ones are more magnetic.

One of these days I will have a house big enough for me to organize all this junk. Secretly, I wish someone would just haul all 'my stuff' away. I doubt I would notice half of it missing. Part of me is wanting to just go pack up and move to a farm, but that is just because of this book I am reading for my sister's book club: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. It's life changing.

Onto a completely different topic, have I ever mentioned how much I hate going to the doctors? Probably a billion times, but I will say it again. I HATE Dr offices! Not because I have some weird phobia, but simply because I hate that you go in and are seen for 10 minutes max and yet you are undoubtedly there for no less than an hour. Well, I postponed Gunnar's shots so I could take Lily in for hers at the same time to avoid a second trip. We finally went this past week and I was there for...wait for it...almost 2 1/2 hours!! My appt was at 4:15 and I didn't leave until 6:30. I was there later than the Dr herself. I saw her leave as I was still waiting for the nurse to administer the shots. How on earth can they justify making me stay there that long is beyond me. I don't see how they sleep at night. I mean as I walked out the door the nurses walked out right behind be and locked up. There has to be a better way. I hear the military is just as bad. Joy. 'Free' health care.

It didn't help that my kids were screaming bloody murder from the shots. Lily was literally trying to climb up the wall to escape the nurse. She was scratching her nails on the wall trying to scale it. And then Gunnar was so sad and so cute screaming "ooowie". The worst part is they make you hold down your child and they don't understand why you would hurt them.

Today I was able to do my long run since the hurricane didn't hit us with all that rain they were forecasting. I did a 9-miler. I am not used to going later in the morning so I wasn't prepared for the sun. I should have worn sunglasses and sunscreen but I didn't think about it as I usually run around 6am, but I didn't wake up early because I thought it would be raining outside. When it wasn't I decided to run outside instead of the gym. At least there was a good breeze thanks to H-Ike. To do list before my next long run: buy new socks, and buy a hydration belt. Both are much needed. 4 more weeks until my half marathon.

[Comments] (1) Fortune's Forecast: Today is such a beautiful day. It's breezy, in the 70's, and cloudy. My windows are open and I am in a GREAT mood. I can't wait for fall and sweaters. I can already smell Halloween in the air.

[Comments] (1) Eye-deal: Gunnar had his 6 month eye check up. They moved his prescription up again. He is now -5.25. For this kid's sake I hope the vision loss tapers soon. I don't think he can take a -1.0 hit every 6 months. The Dr said it was nothing to worry about.

On a positive note, my appt was at 1:10 and I was out of there by 1:50. 30 mins of it was waiting for the dilation drops to work (which Gunnar hated, btw). This Dr knows how to do it.

[Comments] (5) "It's worth the trip!": Says the slogan at the Commissary. That's right, I am officially a card carrying military dependent as I have gotten my ID card on base just yesterday. Did someone say discounts? That's my favorite word! Discounts including, but not limited to movie tickets, cruise tickets, meal deals...and the oh SO wonderful commissary-my new best friend.

It was love at first sight. I dropped Aaron and the kids off at the "Lion playground" so I could shop in peace. I had tagged along with Sherry at the commissary in Alaska a few times to sorta know my way around and how it works. I started with the produce. "Food, glorious, food!" I love buying all sorts of different produce and trying them at home. One of my favorite games to play with myself is how I can incorporate as many fruits and veggies into dinner dishes. (Today I scored 7.)

The commissary has it all, and for cheap. For example, they sell red, orange, and yellow peppers for $2.29 a pound. I got one of each and it was $2.68. At Walmart, if you buy a bag of assorted peppers (one being boring green) it costs you about $3.99, same at HEB. Oh, and did I mention how I have various food prices memorized at HEB? I know about how much everything costs that I buy regularly. I even notice when the Dryers Slow Churned ice cream goes from $3.69 to $4.29 for no apparent reason and a couple weeks later goes back to $3.69. At the commissary it is $2.99, btw. Chicken breasts on sale at HEB are $1.99/pound. At the commissary I got them for $1.75/pound- not on sale. 93% lean beef close to $4.00/pound at HEB compared to $1.99/lb at the C. I paid $90 and change total for that trip stocking up when I usually pay $120-$130 for the bulk shopping for the month. I LOvE it!

It's interesting that I am 'cheap' because I don't really consider myself 'cheap' or even frugal. I just love getting a good deal. I also hate paying more than what I think something is worth. I feel ripped off and like I didn't win or outsmart the system. Anyway, I just wanted to share my 'win'. This sort of thing makes me happy.

Doin my part: There is finally a company out here in the county that provides recycling, for a fee. I signed up and paid the little extra so I can start recycling. It is weird to go back to recycling after, oh since I moved out of the house when I was 17. I am not used to saving certain parts. It took me a week to even remember that I had it, but now I have a system down and I am into it full swing. Feels good to reduce, reuse, and recycle. I am not very good at the reusing thing because I like to trash everything. I am really lazy when it comes to washing out plastic bags and using them again. Oh well, I can maybe think about that when I am older. I can barely keep up with the washing of dishes and clothing to worry about having to wash out bags as well. I am not going to sweat it.

[Comments] (1) From the book I am reading: I really liked this quote: "Eaters must understand: how we eat determines how the world is used."-Animal, Vegetable, Miracle I think everyone should treat themselves to this read.

Things I find amusing: When Gunnar gets really sad he will cry with his hand over his mouth. As if he is gasping in horror, which I guess is just what he might be doing. He also says 'mommydaddy' all in one word when he is really upset. It is very endearing. Also, at the gym they always have balloons on the table right outside the kids club. Every time we walk by he exclaims "moons, moons!" and heaves his body for them. (Maybe that's why my back muscle spasmed the other day.) For pete's sake, stop displaying balloons outside a children's area. The children may just want to play with them.

I was reading Richard Scarry's Opposites book to Lily the other day. Obviously, it has opposites. "Up, down, in front, behind..." sort of thing. Wait, first let me tell the story about in church when a man stood up to give his testimony and Lily matter-of-factly stated "He's Fat!" so loud and Aaron and I were so mortified that we immediately reproached Lily and told her we never call people fat, it hurts their feelings. I could tell she was really embarrassed herself for making that fau pas by her expression. I felt bad that we shamed her that much. We didn't mean to except it was sudden and we reacted.

Anywho, this book of course says "thin, fat" showing this pig and a snake. Lily quickly reminded me that "we don't say fat, it is a bad word". Where do you go with that? I then told her that we can say fat but that we shouldn't call people fat. Lily then deduced that "we can call animals fat though, because they don't have any feelings". ba-dah-tis

Don't bother me tonight: I will be busy watching 3 hours of Heroes. I had the season premiere written on my calendar for months. It is weird that it is already here. That it is Sept, let alone the end of Sept. Biggest Loser has already started, and I am excited for The Office, of course. I am bummed that Lost won't be returning until "early 2009" whatever that means. The new show Fringe produced by JJ Abrams, the same as Lost, is ok. I will probably be watching more of 30 Rock as well and Amazing Race. Those are my shows in a nutshell. I will have to wait for BSG to come to DVD or on their website because we don't get the Scifi channel.

Off the topic, I am really glad yesterday is over. I don't think I could have handled much more of that.

[Comments] (1) Girls can be so cruel: One girl in particular this week. My own daughter. I can not believe she gossiped behind my back the other day. I went in to grab her dance clothes while she, her friend, and Gunnar waited in the car. When I came back Eva told on Lily. "Lily said your hair was ugly." Gasp! My own flesh and blood said what? I mean, geez, she's not even 15 yet. I thought I had a few years before the humiliation and shame for her mother set in. Isn't she supposed to be still clinging to my leg, crying for me not to leave?

And to rub salt on the wound, she was right. I hadn't done my hair that day. Why should I waste precious minutes when I have a quiet house and no kids awake or home on doing my hair? For what? For the teachers at her school to think "my, I wonder what products she uses?" Expensive ones, thankyouverymuch. No, I would rather spend my time alone doing something besides looking in the mirror just to not go out at night or see anyone that I would die to look upon me in my undone hair state, just to go to sleep and mess it up and have to do it all over again. I am tired of having to fix things just to have them messed up and have to do it all over again. That is my life as a mother. As I look upon my cluttered family room and see nothing that is mine that I have to clean up, I will say no, I don't feel like doing my hair FOR NO REASON AT ALL. So on the days I am weeding out the 'one more thing to do', yes I will have ugly hair according to the hair police. The police that won't let me pull a comb threw her hair every odd day. The police that wants "three ponytails in my hair with this clip (that doesn't match) and I want to wear a headband". Maybe one day I can have hair as cool as Lily.

[Comments] (4) work, work, work: Today Aaron got home from school early. Mondays are his half days, with patients in the morning, and afternoons set aside for lab work. About every other Monday he stays for lab work, but on the other Mondays he comes home. I love this. It is so nice to have his help during the day. Today I went to the grocery store by myself. I was able to actually use the coupons I had clipped because I had to time look through them all and take mental note to get those things. With Gunnar and/or Lily I have to sprint from the produce side to the dairy side up through the aisles without stopping. I just grab stuff off the shelves as I roll by.

Maybe it is just me, but my kids are terrible out in public. I mean anywhere, the library, store, even the gym parking lot is a huge ordeal to get from the car to the kids club where I drop them off. Gunnar insists on getting down but refuses to hold my hand. Lily is usually whining about something I made her wear in her hair or that I even brushed it, or not getting to take a doll into the gym. I need help!

I was talking to my mom about this while we went to Cold Stone after RS Conf on Sat and she said it wasn't me and that Lily is so independent. She also got a taste of Gunnar by himself last week while I took Lily to our WIC appt. He did the same thing to her that he does to me while I try to make dinner. He gets in between your legs and the counter and he pushes on your legs and tries to push you away from what you are doing, then he reaches up for me to pick him up. Nonstop. And Aaron wonders why I am so unraveled when he gets home from school late. I can handle all day but from 4:30-6:00 when my blood sugar level is low and my kids won't let me fix dinner, I get pretty scary.

TV works for Lily, but Gunnar not so much. It's sad really that Lily's first words when she gets home from school or wakes up is can I watch a show? And when I get in the house after going somewhere Gunnar's first word is "show, show?" I hate when they watch TV and I hate the guilt when I give in.

I don't know, all I can say is motherhood is hard and whoever thinks it's easy, can I send my kids to you for a little bit? Maybe you can train them for me. Like an pet obedient school but for children. Any takers?

[Comments] (7) This just in...: We are going to Andrews AFB in Maryland (DC) for Aaron's AEGD next Summer. It will be for a year and we are so sTokEd. *jumping up and down*

Sunny 9 for 2008 September

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