Ow, my finger!

Miscellaneous pictures taken throughout 2000.

November 19

My cousin's daughter Sydney.



A Google car.

June 26

I saw Mrs. Irby.

Celeste wanted a picture of me working on the jigsaw puzzle, so here it is.

June 24

Microsoft Windows? Free software? Ain't gonna happen.

June 16

I turn in my paper on Wittgenstein, ending my undergraduate career at UCLA.

May 5

I sent {a letter, a package} to {another time, Jake Berendes} on May 5 in commemoration of the end of the world. Here's all the stuff that was inside it.

Yum! Breakfast!

March 8

On this sad day, Mike Popovic was fired from his job at Be and replaced by a big glass of water.

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