Pictures from the O'Reilly Open Source Conference

Hi. I was going to do a nice page talking about these graphics, but I made the mistake of giving the URL out on the IRC server, and everyone told two friends, and they told two friends, and it got linked to by Camworld so I gotta do something really quick so it's not just a nondescriptive directory listing. Here you go.

(Speaking of Cam, I'm also hosting his pictures from the conference. Don't miss the MySQL cement grafitti.)

  1. Jon Stevens, pride of the Apache Software Foundation, who drove us to Monterey. He gets the honor of a huge (200K) picture, because I had not yet taken my camera off the high-quality setting. All the other pictures are around 50K.

  2. Daniel Rall, another inhabitant of the car.

  3. Ed Korthof, another. These pictures were taken when we made a pit stop on Ed's behalf.

  4. I accidentally destroyed this picture, so I'll have to bring in another copy from home. It's pretty funny, though, so check back tomorrow.

  5. Once at the convention, we got our badges.

  6. The G'Guvvnutt ambassador was there, serving coffee.

  7. Sign in the bathroom of the restaurant where we ate breakfast. It's not often that a sign appeals to common decency. Not often enough, in my opinion.

  8. The tension mounts before Larry Wall's State of the Onion Address.

  9. And here he is!

  10. Larry And the Unicode Chart.

  11. Can't get enough of Larry.

  12. This picture reminds me of that scene in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington where Jefferson Smith is doing birdcalls for the press.

  13. Larry does his Richard Feynman impression.

  14. Larry jams on the saw.

  15. And again. (rotate this)

  16. Larry Wall Unplugged.

  17. Larry Wall Plugged In. "You have to get the slouch right," says Larry.

  18. Larry at the violin.

  19. Targeted marketing. (rotate this)

  20. Ed tries to read the inscription on this statue, presented to the city of Monterey by its Japanese sister city. (rotate this)

  21. The same, as Old Glory waves above.

  22. The bay. My first impression: "They ruined it with boats!"

  23. Ed in profile by the bay.

  24. Jon in profile by the bay. This is a damn good picture. Jon should have paid me to take this picture.

  25. Roy Fielding at the "State of Apache" session.

  26. Brian Behlendorf and some of the other Apache developers (names, Jon?) after the session.

  27. The Camera War, Part I. Jon shows off his camera, only to be ambushed by the much larger and more manly camera of this guy. (Name, Jon?)

  28. The Camera War, Part II. Comparing cameras.

  29. Look at this sign. I guess the hotel gets a lot of visitors from states to which this is not known.

  30. Paparazzi-style shot of LISP god Richard Gabriel. Keri Carpenter of in the foreground.

  31. Camera Wars Redux. With no competing cameras around (except mine), Jon shows his off once again, this time to Pier Paolo Fumagalli, a guy from Sun (name, Jon?), Keri Carpenter, and Sam Ruby.

  32. Suppertime. Visible are Ken Coar, Roy Fielding, Keri, and other people I don't know.

  33. Matt (I hope that's his name!) from Alphanumerica and Ed in the foyer of the restaurant.

  34. A poorly-taken photo of the "Open Source Grows Up" BOF. From left to right: Brian Behlendorf, Tim O'Reilly, Andy Hertzfeld, Scott Boag, and Dick Hardt. John Heard of Sun was sitting immediately to Brian's right and he didn't make it into the picture. I told you it was poorly taken.

  35. Tim O'Reilly strikes a pose. Not as bad as 34.jpg, but still pretty bad. The lighting in this room was terrible, and I didn't want to blind people with my flash. (rotate this)

  36. Terribly dark paparazzi shot of Andy Hertzfeld. (rotate this)

  37. All the swag I got. Not bad, considering the small size of the show floor.

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