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: Last night, Clark was kinda sorta giving me a piggy-back ride kinda sorta by the back stairs and I kinda sorta tripped him and I kinda sorta have a big bump on my forehead. It hurts too. I made homemade tacos and took him some at work and worked for him so he could eat. I taught Sunday School with Ren today. I don't think I'm a very good Sunday School teacher. Mike Rasmussen leaves on his mission in ten days and the phone number I have for him is not working well. Grr.

: I won a ticket to General Conference! Yay! The bishop somehow got five of them and everyone who wanted to go got into a drawing and I won! Shari and Wendy (my FHE mom) got tickets too. It's for the Sunday afternoon session, which is "the best one" and it's in the new Conference Center in Salt Lake. I'm way excited. Yup yup. Not only that a bunch of my roommates are going out of town next weekend. Between killing Shari's plant and breaking the phone cord while Kirin was on the phone long-distance with her lover boy, I'm not doing so great with them. Whatever.

: I just went running up and down the bell tower stairs with Clark. It feels good to get some exercise occasionally. I did laundry today and line-danced to "My Achey-Breaky Heart" with the elderly folk at USH (Utah State Hospital, once again, for those not "in the know"). I also planned my schedule for Winter Semester BLEAGH! I am taking classes for three different majors because I still don't know which one (if any) I'm going to do. I also get to take a drawing class, and ice skating. I'm an awful drawerer and I don't ice skate very well either but I guess that's why I'm taking those classes. Time to read History, yay!

: For Christmas Leonard bought me a big Piglet pillow. Isn't that the sweetest gift? I just love it. =) Yeah I know Christmas was a while ago, but I still love my Piglet pillow!

: We are on the semester system, Celeste. We have two 16 week semesters, on from August to December and one from January to April. Then we have two terms, Spring and Summer, both of which are 8 weeks long. There's a two week break before Fall semester and the whole cycle starts over again! It's an endless perpetual ongoing awful mess! ack! anyway...

Clark is downstairs getting my sewing machine. I am going to fix everything in our apartment with holes in it. Well, clothing-wise at least. Then I'm going to study for my Shakespeare test.. "Sit Jessica. Look how the floor of heaven is thick inlaid with patens of bright gold." Etc.

: I went to the Career Fair this afternoon. I got tons of cool free toys, including but not limited to, a glow-in-the-dark miniature basketball, a glow-in-the-dark yo-yo and a glow stick. I also got another letter from "Elder Tenney" today. It was addressed to "pot-head" which we're assuming is me. It was a really good letter, but it was half in German and I had to go in search of a German dictionary. I have to take my Shakespeare test tomorrow. Then on Friday I have my Abnormal Psych test. The Testing Center is evil!!!

: I have two tests tomorrow. I haven't started studying for psych yet. I can put it off until Monday but I don't think I'll be able to study this weekend. Levi is getting his wisdom teeth pulled out and he couldn't find a sub so I have to work the first part of his shift and then deal without him once my normal shift begins. This really sucks. Grr.

On, the bright side, I got an A- on my History test. And a package from my mommy =)

: My Shakespeare test went ok. I didn't take the psych one. Clark took me bowling and I creamed him. I got 120 and it's the first time I've ever even broken 100. Then we climbed the SWKT and went out to ice cream.

: Today was the first day of Conference. So I got up and watched it, then went to work, then came home, then sat around, then went shopping with Clark, Brett (his roommate) and Liz (one of my old roommates). We went to Target to get our pictures (yay!) and then on to Food 4 Less. Then I decided to put some of my groceries away in the highest cupboard in my room and I managed to bust my sewing box (all over the floor). Shari managed to fix it for my while I picked up all... yeah ALL of the pins and needles.

I love shopping. I was at least able to spend money today. Clark had to restrain me from doing so earlier this week. That's how much I like shopping.

: Went to the afternoon session of Conference today. It was REALLY good and the Conference Center is HUGE!! Getting there was interesting. Shari's car overheated in Sandy and we had to call Clark's dad to come get us and take us to the Conference Center in Salt Lake. Getting home was even more interesting. Two of the girls we went up with stuffed themselves in with some people from our ward. Shari and I took the TRAX to Sandy and made Clark drive up and get us. Then we went to Clark's house and ate really a lot of really good food. Then we came home. Shari's car is still in Sandy. We think it's badly injured.

Our roommates are back (most of them). So I don't have my own room anymore. I don't know what I'm going to do about my psychology test tomorrow and for that matter I have to have Edward the Third read by 1:00. *blah* on school.

: My Abnormal Psych test went really well. Most of the stuff on it was stuff I already know from taking Intro to Psych last Fall. I got an email from Rachel, which always makes my day. My room is clean and I kind of ate real food. Today has been a pretty good day. If I am productive after FHE then life will be good.

: I was up an hour and a half before class and it's raining. Today is going to be a happy day.

: I just got an email from "Bill Shakespeare." Today: I did really bad on my History quiz. I got a [very late] birthday present from Rachel. It was really cute, I like it! I went to work. That's about it.

: My kitty died. I am very, very unhappy. =(

: Clark brought me flowers last night, for our anniversary. Isn't that sweet? They're roses and they're sitting right here on my desk. I came home from class to another nice surprise- 50 pounds of peaches! My uncle has been promising to send me some this harvest since Thanksgiving. We are going to be doing lots of baking. I miss my kitty.

: I miss my kitty lots and lots. =( Wah!!! Plus, I haven't started my Shakespeare paper. grr

: Today I went to Shakespeare, took care of Clark (he's sick), took a three hour nap, wrote most of my Shakespeare paper, took more care of Clark and did the dishes. Oh and I finally sorta cleaned my room up a bit. Two of my roommates are in the kitchen watching Spaceballs. Clark and I are going to Homecoming next weekend at the Salt Palace. That means I get to wear a fancy dress and paint my nails (which I never get to do anymore, because of work). I'm excited. I miss my kitty. =(

: I worked yesterday. Eight hours. Today I went to class. Then I went to the fabric store and spent a lot of money. I needed to make me a pillow cover for my cloud pillow! I have a New Testament test tomorrow.

: My New Testament test took six minutes. I don't think it was supposed to. Maybe that's why I didn't do so great. Hmm. I went to class. I cut up some peaches for cobbler tonight. I went to work. I might be getting three more hours on Wednesdays, 7-10. That's good because it's more money. That's bad because on Wednesdays I volunteer from 9-11 and then I have class from 1-630 and I would have to go to work at 7. But it's more money.

: Today has been a long day. On the bright side, My Psych professor didn't show up so I got up and left, and cleaning inspections went well- no redos. On the other side, I'm very tired and I still have two more exceedingly long days ahead of me. Blah, Saturday and Sunday are going to be awful too. grr I have to sub for Levi and teach Sunday School.

: Today was a long day. It was my first day going to USH on Thursday mornings, which I have to do from now on. From there I went straight to a meeting that lasted until New Testament, which was good. Then History, also good, and then work, not so good. Turns out I do have to work on Wednesday nights from now on. so Wednesdays and Thursdays are going to be incredibly long for the rest of the semester.

On the bright side, Clark and I are going to Homecoming tomorrow night. We are going to a dance at the Salt Palace and the theme is "Minuit en Paris" and it had a picture of L'Arche de Triomphe which is why I told Clark to take me to this one. Kirin is forcing me to read 2 Henry IV for my quiz tomorrow so off I go!

: *Yawn* Homecoming was last night. It was lots of fun, lots of dancing, Clark made me dinner, how sweet. I'm tired, but I have tons of reading to do this weekend and I have to be at work at 300. So I got up.

: I tried to vote just now. I got my absentee ballot in the mail a few days ago. I managed to work up an opinion on most of the "Measures Submitted to Voters" and even some of the candidates for US Senate etc. However, despite a few discussions with Clark, Shari and Liz and some yelling from Kristi and Kristen, I have no clue which Presidential candidate I am going to vote for.

: My Sunday School Lesson went well today =) that made me happy. Shari and I did Visiting Teaching and we got Home Taught too. Clark registers in six hours. He is going to register a drawing class for me because I don't register until next Monday. I am excited to take a drawing class. I'm also taking ice skating with Clark. And Human Anatomy and Doctrine and Covenants and Social Psychology and Statistics. Blah. Clark has my schedule I hope it's still all worked out. I had a long day and I haven't gotten anything done.

: For FHE we wrote letters to missionaries. I really need to get around to mailing the one I have for Nate. I made cupcakes and put green frosting on them. I also got Clark a big white sheet so he can be a ghost for Halloween. I want to be a ghost!

: I went to Food 4 Less and bought garbanzo beans and kidney beans. I have plenty of green beans and corn for my salad, but I was missing those other two beans. I don't know how that happened. I also bought tortillas; I have about a million cans of refried beans up about my closet. I love grocery shopping =)

: Today was a long day but not nearly as long as tomorrow and Thursday will be. Happy Birthday to Celeste, who sent me the sweetest email in response to my sweet email. Aren't we so sweet?

I'm not taking ice skating. There is a $55 fee. However, that will give me a lot more options on my schedule. My fingers look nasty and all cut up from work. I dropped a glass straight onto the floor. One of my "employees" burned her foot boiling silverware. I have an Isaiah test and a Abnormal Psychology test this week.

By the way, Health and the Aging Process is a class I am taking next semester for my Gerontology minor. It's about health and the aging process. It is not about cheese. The only kind of cheese I ever eat is Colby Jack, it is sooo yummy. =)

: Today was a long day. I've been saying for almost a week now that Wednesdays are going to be even longer. And today was. Long that is. Hospital class meeting class work. It doesn't sound that long but there is thirteen hours packed in there, 45 minutes of which I was home.

USH was fun today. It's always fun actually, but today I finally got to go swimming. Well, it wasn't much of swimming. I walked with the ladies back and forth in the pool and helped them get dressed. But it was still fun. I really want to go to bed, but I still have more reading I should do. blah, I say, blah!

: I was up late last night redoing my schedule for the fourth time. This time, the psych class I was going to take was completely full and I couldn't find something ro replace it. (I finally chose RMYL 370 [Recreation Management and Youth Leadership], Into to Therapeutic Recreation). So far everything else looks like it might be ok. Except that I don't register until Monday. Grr.

: I got a letter!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! (From Nate, I mean "Elder Tenney", my missionary!!!) =)

: Isaiah test went pretty well. It was lots of writing. I don't know if I'm going to end up taking Psych tomorrow. I went shopping and bought a case of Instant Lunches, a bag of Shel-roni and soap that was buy-one-get-one-free and on sale. I like shopping. I also finished voting and my absentee ballot gets sent off tomorrow. I feel so partiotic!

: Last night Clark indicated that he wanted me to make him pancakes this morning while he studied for his Chem 227 test. But he's still asleep!! He was supposed to get up at nine and study. What is wrong with men these days??

: It's daylight savings and we didn't know it and now we have an entire hour before church and we're all ready. Stinky.

: I just broke Kirin's heart by informing her that "Lump" does not have the word "love" in it and not only that, everytime she thought it said "love" it's actually "lump". Poor Kirin. I'm off to be a... well more on my costume later, but I'm going to a Halloween party.

: Costumes you can make out of a fitted sheet: 1-ghost 2-mattress 3-pillow 4-cloud 5-showercap 6-wall camoflauge 7-bat/flying squirrel 8-angel 9-mummy 10-80s prom dress 11-superhero 12-king/queen 13-piece of modern art 14-canoe 15-bowl 16-tooth/tusk 17-florescent light bulb 18-mashed potatoes 19-stripe in the road 20-burrito 21-blob of lotion/whipped cream/sour cream/shaving cream 22-rock 23-stupid person in a sheet 24-used Kleenex 25-Roman 26-shower curtain.

The dance was fun. Clark and I have this method which basically consists of me telling him what to do and him acting like he knows what he's doing. He was a ghost.

: I did basically nothing all day today. It rained. A lot. And snowed. A little. My throat hurts. No getting sick! Bad girl!

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