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: I won something!! I was randomly playing games on the net (here) and the only thing the points I win are any good for is drawings. So I entered a bunch of them and I won a $25 gift certificate to TGIFridays. We'll see if anything actually shows up.

: My throat hurts like heck but everything else feels fine. I can barely talk and it's painful. Vie (the hall advisor) says I might have strep. Does anyone know anything about this?

: I'm sick and I have to work today. Not only could I not get ahold of anyone to sub for me, the one person I did get ahold of informed me that she quit. So I have to work her shift too, not counting the hour and a half where it over laps. Thursdays are bad at work anyway and I hurt all over and blah!!

On the bright side, I got my new driver's license in the mail today.

: Kristen and I spent 2 1/2 hours in the UVRMCER tonight. It was fairly fruitless. Well, I got a perscription and we both got some homework done. And we enjoyed listening to other people's conversations.

: I got a total of three people to cover parts of my shift last night. They owed me anyway. I'm still sick. Sicker, in fact. and I have to take my shakespeare test today. BLAH!

: Kirin and Shari just left for a dance in Salt Lake and won't be home until at least 100. Kristen and Tenille went home for the weekend. And I haven't seen Kristi since she left for her date last night. *sigh* it feels very nice to be sitting around in my PJs with my hair in a towel and no one around. ahhhh...

I've been carrying my box of Kleenex around with me for the past two days. I took it to the LRC to listen to King Lear while I read *good girl* and to my Hist 202 study group *good girl*. I even took it to work. I've been so productive today! Now I'm going to clean and go to bed. =) yay! bed!

: It's snowing!!!!!

: I had to work today. The pulper broke. I think I say that just about every day when I get home from work, but it really did break today. What do you do when you didn't turn something on, but it's on and you turn it off and it doesn't turn off, then you notice it IS off, it's just squirting water everywhere... ? Ho, plus I took off the box that said "Do not take off to clean" and couldn't get it back on. Oopsie. This package also comes complete with scary noises, three clueless coworkers and lots of broken glass. It does not, however, include a manager, a lunch break, or a ride home. Free gift-wrapping available and participating stores.

: It's sticking!!!!! Not to the sidewalks, of course, but to the trees and cars and even some of the grass =) yay for snow!

: Elections! There are some girls watching CNN in the lobby and screaming everytime Bush "wins" another state. Shari and I really want to go... give them a talking to.

: I wrote my psych paper. It wasn't so bad after I turned CNN off and actually started writing it. No mail yet. We live for mail. It's awful. Kirin sent me a forward about college people and stuff like that. Maybe I can find it somewhere around here... My desk is stuffed full of things that I could put elsewhere if my checkbook were balanced. Off to class, then to the 465 other things I have to do today. Wohoo. I love you mommy!

: I have one-half of my New Testament paper done. One-half to go plus studying for my History midterm tomorrow. Today I was at a study session until 800 and it was very dark and Clark was at work and I called my home teachers and they came and walked me home, isn't that so sweet?!? I hate walking home alone in the dark. Back to writing NT.

: It really is snowing today. There was already about four inches when we woke up and it's been snowing all day. Just cute, gentle snows. I've decided that I like snowing a lot better than the actual snow. All of the snow I've interacted with yet has been the slush left on the sidewalks and parking lots and that isn't the fun snow. But I do like to watch it fall. Hurray for snow!

: More pulper horror stories. Bowl goes down. Pulper turns itself off. Piles of dishes and bread bowls pile up (in the pulper trough) while my scanty crew (three of us) tries to at least stay up with the stuff coming in. We had piles of stuff everywhere. No glass holders. Glasses everywhere. It feels good to complain. It was still fun.

It's been sprinkling snow all day basically. Tiny amounts of it, but it's cold enough that last nights 6 inches or whatever is still piled up everywhere. I'm glad my Wednesdays and Thursdays are over for this week. I'm going to bed. Good night =)

: More snow. We're estimating a total of eight inches in the past two days. I got a letter from "Elder Tenney" today, and two bank statements and a picture of me and my sweetie pie at the Homecoming dance. Mail is good =) I would put that picture up if I had a scanner. It's very cute =) My letter from Nate was quite long. He also sent me a postcard in German. hehe

: A slightly less productive Saturday than last week. I mailed Nate a package and got some other missionary addresses from the MTC. I goofed off. Went around my building getting "box tops for education"s from everyone. Kirin and I managed to get 75. I went to work. I'm going to Shopko. I might go to bed at some point. goodnight.

: I taught a very good Sunday School lesson today- to two people. But it was a good lesson! We all ate dinner together as an apartment. An actual healthy meal too. Kirin and I do Tae-Bo together nowadays, in case I haven't mentioned that yet. The video is really stupid, but it's kinda fun to punch and kick and stretch and stuff. I have a ton of stuff I want to do before bed and it's already 1230 so I'd better get to it.

: It's snowing big flakes, it's cold and all of campus is closed for the rededication of the library. I don't understand what is so important about this dedication, but my class was canceled, there's nowhere to eat but vending machines and the First Presidency is here.

: I completely slept through my History class and now I have to go to work and I'm hungry and have nothing to eat. grr. On a brighter side... um... my room is messy? oh dear...

: Today at work Terry (a manager sort of person) came up to me and gave me my very own special name tag that says "Susanna R, Student Supervisor, Morris Center Dining". I felt very special =)

I had my very first Krispy Kreme doughnut today. I was not impressed. I don't really like doughnuts anyway.

: Today I corrected Professor Shakespeare's punctuation. He wrote " #'s " and there isn't supposed to be an apostrophe. I got made fun of, but I was right, Brad Olson is an English major and he agreed with me. I just took my psych test and it went ok. I'm glad it's over. Oh, and on the way to the Testing Center I ran into Tom Jackman. Well, Brent too, but I have a class with him and it's not quite as weird to see him on campus as it is to see Tom especially since Tom was probably supposed to be in high school in California today.

: We had cleaning checks today, they went well. I worked. Clark and I went on a date to Target. It was tons of fun =) I think Target is my favorite store. I didn't even spend any money!!

Oh and I also gave myself a haircut. Well, Clark did most of it, and Kristen even got in on the action. It's about chin length, maybe Leonard will like now. No ponytails for me, but maybe I'll look better in the stupid hat I have to wear at work. I'm glad it's Sunday. I can sleep in, I'm so tired!

: I am at the library and Clark is using my 'puter to do his Computer Science project. I'm supposed to be writing my history paper... I have one page of notes that is going to have to turn into eight pages of paper. I also noticed that I have a History quiz tomorrow and therefore have to do alllll of the reading and it's boring. Bleh. I'm hungry.

: The other day I argued a bill I got from housing for $269.50 and ended up paying $17.25. They were confused on $234 of it, and $34.50 was a charge for not doing my cleaning. I apparently forgot to clean the microwave when I moved out Spring Term. So I looked really cute and the housing manager only made me pay half of it. That's fair, since I don't exactly remember cleaning the microwave...

: The last of our roommates just left. It's just me and Shari until Sunday. Well, me, Shari, several papers and a rather large, um, project that certain people who may read this aren't allowed to know about. I'm going to go start my History paper (Galileo) before I get started on other things.

: Today on CNN, a reporter kept emphasizing the fact that the hand count (which is no longer being done) in the Miami-Wade County of Florida had been moved to the 19th floor, which is one floor above the 18th. That's the 19th floor. That's one floor about the 18th, mind you. CNN needs to be made fun of.

: I feel so productive! Today I wrote over three pages of my 8-10 page paper for History and I also worked bunches on my project. I haven't even been outside today, but my room is clean and I feel productive. Shari and I are going to watch a girl movie now and get to bed, 'cause we have to drive to Salt Lake tomorrow.

: I spent Thanksgiving at Jon and Sharon's in Murray. It was quite fun. We watched Chicken Run. Alyson and Dave were there with their cutie little baby, Atticus, and Kristen was there as well. Much fun. I'm exhausted.

: Wohoo!! I managed to get more than four pages of my paper on less than one page of notes. Now to get the other four from the other less than one...

: Shari and I finished our project. Hurray! We were up until 2 AM. I should probably go do laundry before people get home from vacation.

: I got to work today after we'd been closed for three days and there was a layer of moldy water sitting in the pulper. There were also four carts of dirty moldy dishes and two sinks full of dirty dishes and moldy water. It was quite nasty, but not as nasty as it was when we turned the pulper on. Once the mess got cleaned up it was a pretty easy day.

I'm glad Clark's back. I missed him a lot. I made a cake, I think I'll go eat some.

: DON'T DRINK RED BULL!!! I learned that lesson on December 17, 1999. And what a lesson it was. ;)

: Wohoo!! I just fixed the $508 bill I got from student accounts. It wasn't the random $955 housing charged me after all! I'm quite excited. All I have to do now is convince them that I returned my key, which I did.

: Long day. Several more ahead of me. bleh.

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