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: Work was good today. I made rice and scalloped potatoes and then worked on the grill filling orders. Then I made really really a lot of fried chicken. It's not a very hard job and they show me everything I need to know. The guy I work at the grill with used to live in Bakersfield. He went to preschool with Jen Nations.

: I had a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich for lunch today (two actually) and I would like everyone to know how good it was.

I didn't get so much done today, besides work, but I have another easy week ahead of my, after my test tomorrow. The rough draft of a big assignment is due next Friday but I am getting started on it tomorrow. Yay! I feel all productive doing work that isn't due yet.

I ate salad today after Nathan and I went shopping... mmmmmm

: Good, semi-productive day. I took my first test of the semester (not bad, esp. considering I didn't exactly do the readings) and went to the library to copy articles for various papers I have to write. It now occurs to me to do both papers on the same topic. Now, really, why didn't I think of that before?

Tomorrow is Conference and I'm excited. Carrie and I will be watching it on our five-inch TV in our pajamas.

Nathan and I went to Panda Express and Ben and Jerry's. mmmm. I did a tiny bit of homework and we mostly goofed off on the couch, playing computer games and such. I am way tired. Words of Mormon...

: My first Nigerian spam! 25 million USD, I get 25 percent. woo hoo.

: Kristen and Tom are engaged! yay!

Why am I such a whiny girl? I hate it!

: I got a new job today (in addition to the one I already have). I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing, but it's a pizza/pasta place in the same cafeteria where I work on the grill on the other days of the week. It's a lot of hours, which is both good and bad. Hopefully, I will survive.

Trying really hard to stay on top of school. I have a paper due Friday and I've been working on it every day since Saturday (it's done but not long enough). The days shrink quickly when I have class all morning, work all afternoon, and do homework the rest of the time. hmm... sleeeeeep.

Only in Provo, and it's about time: "Please don't write on the sidewalks." In chalk.

The Elms has invested in a life preserver that appears to actually have a chance at preserving life.

My finance professor, on property taxes: Mosquitoes are no respector of political boundaries.

I started my new job at Tomassito's today. I got to throw pizza dough in the air. A lot. We had a huge order today so some extra people came in. Normally, I guess I work the first two hours alone. heh. oh well.

: Indeed, I am assigned to an hour and a half of complete control over Tomassito's three times a week. Fun. I only got one order, so not a big deal. A rather boring deal, actually. Most of it. I am getting pretty good and throwing pizzas though. Well, I almost dropped one today. heh.

I got a lot done tonight, which is good because I have a lot to do this weekend. Tomorrow morning my hometeacher is going to listen to the noise my accelerator has been making. I can think of six or seven things that need to be done related to my car. bleh. Assessment paper, Optimism book. paaaaay check next Friday.

: Susie: I almost took that as an insult but then I remembered I was a girl.

Today was a very long day that I rather wish hadn't happened. I didn't exactly get much done. Sitting in my room listening to The Wedding Singer soundtrack, full of Del Taco, getting ready to go to bed.

: Heh, I thought I was going to bed at 1130 last night. I was up for another five hours. Slept through church. Going back to bed now.

: Long week, ahead and behind. Work and training classes and meetings and program activities and Enrichment and two huge papers to write and bleh. I tried to get my oil changed today, but there was a two hour wait. There will probably always be a two hour wait, but that is the only time I can go. It's also Homecoming and Nate wants to go the Spectacular and I do too, but I'm so tired and it's only Tuesday and I've already slept through 471 twice in a row (it's cancelled on Thursday, for my benefit, I'm sure). Tomorrow I have class from 10-2, work from 2-630 and an activity from 630-830. BLEH

Oh enough complaining. We had Happy Thought tonight, which was very nice. Nathan came over and we did homework together. I'm actually going to be in bed by 12. The only assignment I have due this week is done. I can got to bed soon. My assessment paper is started. sleeeeeep

: Kristen got proposed to tonight; her face can hardly contain her smile. My day was as long as predicted, but more fun and bearable. I am, however, realy REALLY tired. I was finally going to get to sleep extra tomorrow after work, but Nathan reminded me I still need to get my oil changed. Blehness.

: Carrie unplugged the Y. They were lighting it up for Homecoming one bulb at a time, and she tripped on the cord and unplugged half of it.

Susie: I have rug burn on my nose.

Today we made a pineapple cheesecake. Well, it was supposed to be a pineapple unpside down cake, but the milk we used was a little old. Heh.

: Last night I locked my keys in the trunk of my car. The best part of it was that I had parked as close to campus (far away from my house) as possible so we could meet at my car to go see Les Mis at OHS tonight.

Kyra, Julie, Nathan and I, went to see Les Mis at OHS tonight. It was good, especially for a high school production of Les Mis, which sounds a little scary at first. But I enjoyed it. Then we went to Taco Time and had empanadas with David.

I, and also David who works in a different area of the Cannon Center, have a meeting at 9 AM tomorow. What are they trying to do to us?? I also have to write an analysis of the Child Depression Inventory. However, today I talked my english professor into letting me use a similar paper on the same topic for my research paper for that class. Yay! Less work!

: Susie: Julie, you're on sale! Julie: C'mon, guys, I'm up for grabs! Sara: Can we auction you off?

: *Bleh* what a long week. I had to get up and finish my paper this morning because I was so tired from sled hockey. I know you're wondering why I just finished a paper that's due in 40 minutes, but I started it three weeks ago. So there.

I'm going to come home and sleep after work today, and then finish up the paper I have due tomorrow. bleh. My car is fixed (sort of) so at least I get to see Nathan (yay!)

: I'm exhausted and my feet are killing me, but I am trying to stay awake long enough for my laundry to finish drying, and writing my research prospectus in the meantime.

Good news: I finished my assessment paper last night, got it all turned in and did my presentation this morning. I answered everyone's questions with reasonable intelligence, showing I had actually done the research, and everyone seemed pretty interested. Actually, I was interested in everyone else's, which doesn't sound very plausible. I mean, who cares about assessments?

Once my paper is finished and my laundry is put away, I can go back to bed. mmmmm I'm so glad this week is over. Tomorrow we are (supposedly) eating a pizza susie will make at work and going to the corn maze (aaaah I hate scary stuff but Nathan and my roommates really want to go).

: Julica's birthday is on Saturday. I took her grocery shopping today for her present. She has no food! Well, now she does. I had a really good day, despite still being extremely tired. Bleh. Tomorrow's gonna be a pretty long day too because we are going to the Corn Maze right after work, but I am going to sleep and sleep on Saturday.

I also voted today. yay for voting. I didn't even vote for all of the offices because so many of the candidates were idiots. I only had one real opinion- yay after-school programs!- but I do have the opinion that voting is important even if you don't really otherwise care.

: So, tonight we all went to the Corn Maze. It was a pretty interesting experience. I started crying five minutes into the haunted one (Julie was pushing "people" and yelling for them to go away) so we didn't do that one. The normal maze was.. well a big maze made out of corn. We made it pretty far, but we weren't even sure where we were supposed to be going so we turned around and found our way back the way we came in.

The best part was the Haunted Hayride Barnyard thing. I think I was the least scared person on the whole truck, mostly cause I wasn't looking and it's really really funny if you just hear what people yell at the scary people. One guy kept saying "you look like my grandma." One girl, so cute, called "you can tell that's fake, mister!" to a person who threw a fake, tied-down hay bale at us.

We came out relatively unharmed, considering we had two roofs collapse on us, three chainsaw men run after us, spiders, dead bodies, a blow torch and a live pig held over our heads... poor pig. We found that unsafe and disgusting. poor pig. The impaled bodies weren't the lovliest either. Oh yeah, and they tried to set us on fire. Twice. Poor haunted farmworkers. They need to get real jobs.

: I had a dream last night where everytime I visited home (actually some high-rise apartment) someone was there watching TV and each time there were fewer channels (due to Communism). The last time I visited there were 75 nick-at-nite-ish channels.

My theory on the vivid dreams I've been having lately (lack of enough sleep) was completely smashed by this dream, as I was in bed for over 11 hours this morning.

*study study study*... *oh yeah and clean*

: I had a great day today. I slept a ton, read more of The Te of Piglet, did a little homework and a lot of cleaning, took Julie out to ice cream with Nathan, and spent some quality time with my boyfriend. Pretty much the day got better and better as it went on. We have Stake Conference tomorrow, and I've got meetings (surprise). I'm glad I got all sorts of stuff sorted out and cleaned up today, it's nice to know the desk you are at is all clean inside.

: Susie: I like being an opportunity cost... David, loudly in the periodicals room (a notorious BYU flirting nest): You're allowed to kiss in the library!... David: I'll slowly go through all of you... riiight.

: I am sitting here cuddling with Nathan. yay!

: At home sick and tired today. I should write my research paper. Or at least take a shower.

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