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: At least twice yesterday I said, "It's Halloween??" I pretty much read all day, Phillip Pullman's The Broken Bridge and Follow the River by James Alexander Thom, a very long, disgusting, true story of a woman kidnapped by a Shawnee war company who makes her way 1000 miles home with pretty much nothing but a crazy old lady.

Today I am going to try to make it to the first 2 hours of work, until other people come in and I can leave them in charge. Kyra is also sick, although Julie and Nathan are finally seeming a little better. Luckily I didn't have any assignments due this week. For once sickness had good timing.

Time Flies: Tomorrow I'm going spelunking. Eh, I'm not sure what it is either, but I am excited! I had to call half the ward to find someone with a flashlight. I have one, but it is too big to duck tape to my helmet. I actually have quite a bit of homework due at the end of this week, and next week, but it is getting put off simply because there isn't enough time in the day. It's not possible for me to attend all my classes, work all my hours, and do all my homework. I can't even do the first two with the sun still up. Plus I have a boyfriend... who invented all these complications??

: Just got home from spelunking (yes, we left 8 hours ago). Bleh.

: What a long day. I just want to sleep and sleep, but of course I have another long day tomorrow. I had better actually get a nap this time, or Preference won't be so fun, straight after work and a program activity. Bleh. sleeeep.

: Lots of meetings today (6 hours). It snowed. Not on me, I was inside, but I saw it snowing big flakes (which melted when they hit the ground cause it's been raining for two days). yay for snow. yay for rain. yay!

Last night I went to a bridal shower for Jamie. She is apparently getting married. On the 26th. I went with Kristin and Emily, we had a good time talking and eating and driving and buying presents and such.

: Lots of meetings today (6 hours). It snowed. Not on me, I was inside, but I saw it snowing big flakes (which melted when they hit the ground cause it's been raining for two days). yay for snow. yay for rain. yay!

Last night I went to a bridal shower for Jamie. She is apparently getting married. On the 26th. I went with Kristin and Emily, we had a good time talking and eating and driving and buying presents and such. It was a very classy bridal shower. No bridal shower games (none), very good food (salad, rolls, soup and brownies with ice cream and homemade fudge). Those people can throw me a bridal shower anyday. Well. Some other day.

: Today I got an email from one of my professors. It said, in its entirity, "For number 22 on the answer sheet, put in A for your answer". Well, at least I'll have two points on the test. Taking it Thursday. Haven't done most of the readings. Heh.

Didn't do as much as I wanted to get done today. Actually, I have done anything since I got off work at 300. Now I am doing a Programming assignment, and going to revise my research paper some more. This is my third or fourth draft. I have a conference on Friday and both the rough draft and the final are due next week. My revising is making this a very well written paper, but it's only half as long as it needs to be. Luckily I have quite a bit more research I haven't used yet.

: I had such a good night. Nathan and I just sat and talked for several hours, and cuddled a lot. Out front room is full of lots of people cuddling lately... Tom & Kristen, me & Nathan, Julie & Carrie, Kyra & David...

David's mission call got moved up to December 4. He is missing two weeks of school! Speaking of mission calls, I got to see Lisa tonight. She is going into the MTC tomorrow, on her way to Romania. I love you, Lisa! I hear the orphanage for Section 2 kids is almost done being built. I also hear it was paid for by the church (or by the "Liahona Foundation"; non Romanian Orthodox churches are illegal in Romania). Speaking of people from Romania, I got Jamie's wedding invitation today. Speaking of wedding invitations, Tom and Kristen were picking out engagement pictures today. I showed Kristen Becky's invitation and she loves it.

: Mer mer mer mer mer. That has been my noise lately. It's a grumble noise, although often in jest. Nathan and I watched Harry Potter tonight, the first one. He is taking me to see the second one next weekend. Tomorrow I have to finish my research paper and we are going to Divine Comedy. 1130... I'm exhausted. Time for some sleep I guess.

I don't understand how everything is so different from how I thought it'd be. But I guess it could at least possibly be better this way. If I'm lucky. If it's right.

: I worked on my paper almost all day yesterday. It still isn't finished but it's much closer than it was. I eventually got out of my pajamas to go to Divine Comedy with Nathan. It was really good. Lots of making fun of BYU/Provo culture. Carrie fixed my hair all up and Nate liked it, *hee*.

I miss my kids. Emily and I chatted a bit in Romanian after church. One of my visiting teachers overheard me "merging" and thought I said I was getting married. She was a bit shocked, I guess that's something a visiting teacher could expect to know. My other visiting teacher came over yesterday and cleaned the bathroom while I worked on my paper. Heh

: I have so much to do tonight. I really just want to cuddle up and do nothing, but I've got to finish my research paper and work on my group project and actually do the readings for 471... oh wait, our professor is out of town for two weeks, maybe I won't have to worry about quizzes.

I did decent on the test, compared to what I have heard from everyone else, and considering I didn't study one bit. I made up lots of answers on the short answer part though, which hasn't been graded yet. "Explain the rat study in Learned Optimism"... They taught mice how to push buttons and get food? No, apparently not.

Work in ten minutes. If only I had the kind of homework you could sneak under the counter and do while there's no supervisor around (most of my shift).

: Hmm, it's Tuesday. The rough draft of my research paper is due tomorrow. Am I working on it? No. I want to read through it one more time, do some more revisions, but I am tired. I'd also rather do it on a hard copy, and I don't have a printer. So I will just do my own revisions on my peer review copy tomorrow.

I can't believe how much time I have spent on this paper. I assume I'll get a good grade because I have done well on everything else in the class, with very little effort. Which kinda sucks because I think I really truly earned a good grade this time. Well, we'll see.

Today Nathan and I bought tickets for Harry Potter (on Friday) and The Two Towers (on December 18th). Yay! I also got my glasses fixed, worked on Kyra's birthday present (a recipe box), and bought groceries. Nathan slept on our couch. He has been sick for over a month I think. Poor boy. Well, I'd best get to work on... something or another.

How Cute: My visiting teacher (yes, as in the girl who cleaned the bathroom for me on Saturday... well, actually, the other one) brought by some ice cream and a note for me while I was running errands with Nathan. How sweet and wonderful and thoughtful is that???

Speaking of cute... Susie: I look like trash. Nathan: Cute trash!... Now I say "cute trash" all the time.

: My, how lonely it is with your whole family on another continent (strange, didn't consider that when it was ME on the other continent...) Maybe it's just because I am supposed to be finishing up my research paper. I was all excited to hurry up with work so I could go home and do it, but when it was time for me to go I wanted to stay and help fry chicken. Mer.

Well, I know have an excellent paper on the theory, validity and application of the Children's Depression Inventory. Would anyone like to read it??? C'mon, 9 single spaced pages of excellent writing, pleeeeease??

: Paper done. I can't look at it because I can't afford to print it out again if there are any mistakes. 32 pages. *bleh*

: My research paper is all turned in. I'm the only one that turned it in today (it's not technically due until December 4). Feels pretty good to have it out of my hair though. My skiing class suddenly got in the way of two presentations I was supposed to do on the 4th so they both have to be moved, but that is working out well today. I even have time for a nap before work, yay!

: Went to see "Chamber of Secrets" today. Didn't watch the scary parts. It was pretty good. Hermione is so cute! they need to make her hair uglier. Some of the acting was pretty foul, but I'll over look it. They played a LotR preview and now I am super excited to go see that one. yay!

: Carrie: So does your sister speak French? Susie: Yeah. Aaron: Wait a minute, how did you know she spoke French? Carrie: Cause she lives in London. Isn't London in France? ... Oh wait, it's in England. They speak English.

I feel so *blah* today. I am eating really yummy cough drops. I finally figured out what they taste like: those heart-shaped mickey mouse suckers they sell at school for Valentine's Day. mmm

: Carrie: Boys expect perfection. And when they realize they won't find it they get married.

That explains a lot. Why can't I find a boy who's already learned no one's perfect? Why do I have to keep teaching boys all they know about relationships so they can move on and use everything I taught them to make some other girl happy?

: Hoping to have Flaming Hot Cheetos for lunch (if Cosmo's carries them). I seem to update my journal a lot when there's not too much to read in everyone elses. Maybe it's because my family is far away and I'm lonely! Eh. Get over it.

: Today was a party. Julie and I cooked a lot and watched a movie. Now we are hanging out with Carrie and Julie's sister Tara, rewriting the scriptures from memory, making Christmas wish-lists and having tickle fights. Carrie: I love college. It's like a third grade sleepover... Well, what else do you expect?

: Today Nathan and I went to Jon and Sharon's for Thanksgiving. It was a lot of food and fun and family. When I got home, Carrie and I read for a couple hours and now we're about to put our second movie in. I have eaten approximately 17.8 pounds of vegetables today. mmm I hope there's no one out there more bored than us. If so, come watch a movie with us!

: No shopping for me today. I would probably go if I weren't afraid of getting run over. Just because I'm bored and I like shopping and I actually know what to buy some people. I work tonight. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing. Carrie and I have opposing work schedules that afford us zero time together today.

The furniture in our living room is arranged for spontaneous and continuous movie-watching. Sara's machete has fallen from above the window. Yesterday (and somewhat the night before) I read a lengthy collection of tales from the National Story Project. Very entertaining, I recommend. It's Kyra's. She had to read part of it for American Heritage

: Making Koolaid, eating Reeses bites, singing "I'm a Loser, Baby" and bonding with Carrie over boredom and poetry. The fewer the roommates, the more the craziness... Stop the insanity!

: Today Nathan and I rented "MST 3000". Having never seen it I didn't realize that it was pretty much like a normal episode. They had five or six episodes for rent at the video rental store. Very funny. One problem I did have with the movie is lack of theme song. The theme song is a crucial element! mer

I hear Mommy is safe in SF, put up in a fancy hotel for getting bumped. Yay! I missed my family, I'm glad to have them almost all back in the USA. Rachel comes home in three weeks! yay! I go home in less than three weeks! Also yay! I am thinking up a Christmas list. Things I need but don't have money to pay for. Heh. No ward council tomorrow morning

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