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[Comments] (1) : It's only 9AM and I've already braved the snowstorm outside for the sake of our laundry. Ok, it's not really snowing, and I didn't actually have to be in any of it. But still!

We're listening to the Harry Potter soundtrack (so John can study, except right now he is cleaning the bathroom. What a great husband!) There was a guy (one of the head maintenance workers) at work dressed as harry potter yesterday. He had a wig and everything. I thought of Rachel. I thought of Rachel again because half of my girls dressed as some sort of cute bug or fairy princess or some other winged entity.

: The snow is gone, but it is cold and looks awfully dreary outside. You can't see the mountains and John teased they landed on a community (We were discussing 3 Nephi 8 earlier).

John and I are the Public Affairs coordinators in our ward. It's a stake calling dealing with blood drives, food drives and various (our choice) community service projects. We barely found out what it was two weeks ago.

Heritage offers free flu shots to all of its employees. What a great idea for a school! Why don't all schools pay for flu shots for its employees? Probably because few schools are so well-funded as Heritage. My arm still hurts.

Last night I dreamt (after watching The Net that Heritage was in trouble for tax evasion and everyone ran off but me and one other person, so we ran into the Admin. building to hide when the people drove into the parking lot to get us, and as we ran up the stairs my sticky note with our Tax Exempt number on it fell in view of the window. I woke up quite frightened.

: Tonight John and I went to Red Lobster with a gift card I got at work (for putting up with Cultural Awareness). I don't like seafood (after we paid, John pointed out the gift card was also good at Olive Garden) so I had nachos. But at least John got to get a taste of seafood.

It snowed maybe 2 inches on my car at work today. Snow snow snow. It started snowing after I got up, and everytime I looked out the window it was snowing more heavily. I went to Target today, learned how to do some Origami, carried one of my girls to nursing after doing a challenge group. That was a challenge for me, all the way to nursing in the snow! Her ankle appears to be ok now, thanks goodness. One other girl went to nursing during that group too, for injury, although most of the girls were sick today.

[Comments] (3) : My webpage is first on the search for "Leaning Tower of Chocolate" and second for "Tower of Chocolate". The second was a link to an actual leaning tower of chocolate. We all got sent home from work because of the fumes from the refinishing of the gym floor. I got some more wedding pictures today, but still not all of them. I can at least do all the temple pages now I think. And Jamie sent me a cute little book for my birthday I can put some in.

[Comments] (1) : I have made 20 and 3 halves scrapbook pages for our wedding, ranging from Dating to Our First Apartment (and missing quite a few in between). I am working on pages of our actual wedding pictures, and then perhaps I will consider dealing with the California reception (still missing pictures!)

In other news, I had a great day at work, not the least of which was a group on compliments (yay! who wouldn't love that?) with my girls. I also got paid, and didn't have to do a group with my boys. Instead, we took all the level 3+s to a conference where this guy spoke. And Julie's birthday is on Saturday, so we had staff meeting at Gandalfo's.

: I worked a large part of the day on scrapbooking, while John did xTax. I finished up organizing pictures from our wedding, two pages left to work on, and then just California pictures. I also put all of the pages I've done so far in my book (although I ran out of pages). It's exciting to have an actual book now.

John and I went to Coldstone and had a (buy nine get tenth) free ice cream and walked around the mall window shopping and getting Christmas ideas for each other.

: This morning John and I worked together on making an eclair cake and a chicken broccoli casserole. We are having John's friend Jaron over for dinner this evening, which means directly after church.

Our Thanksgiving plans our nearly set. I have work off, so we're driving to Whiskey Pete's on Tuesday, then down to Jamie and Dave's in Mission Viejo. Friday morning we'll drive up to Bakersfield, then head back to Utah Sunday. We are still debating whether or not to go to Disneyland on Thursday. The $80 getting a Utah driver's license saved us on our insurance is still worth more than any deals we could have gotten from Southern California residency, but lower prices would make The Happiest Place on Earth more appealling.

: Xtax has taken over life. I made John dinner (French toast; his favorite and my first time making it) at 9 pm. I scrapbooked for two hours after I came home from work and then got really bored. luckily my visiting teachers came over. They even admired my wedding scrapbook, which is now scrapbook-shaped and nearly complete. I continued to work on my mini album today. It is about halfway done. The pages I did today are very cute though.

Speaking of cute, Julie brought in this incredibly cute homemade scrapbook album she made for her dad for Christmas, which gives me ideas. Apparently, Julie doesn't sleep. Marissa also came in and brought baby Brooklyn with her. So cute! I have an on-call assignment for the very first group after Marissa gets back. It'll still be a nice break though.

[Comments] (4) : For our date last night, John took me to see Seabiscuit at the dollar theatre. We weren't very impressed by it. Today we went to Target and got some Christmas lights to decorate our house with, and some cute Christmas wrapping paper.

Since John won $200 (yay!), we are for sure going to Disneyland on Thanksgiving. We are getting really excited for our break from school, work, and reality.

[Comments] (2) : Our niece Hannah plays "John & Susie". It sounds like a Barbie wedding game. How cute.

: Tonight I worked on Christmas presents, then went Visit Teaching. I feel all crafty with the new things I am learning how to make. They are having a Christmas Boutique at work (in OUR group rooms!), and I haven't wanted to buy anything because I can make it all myself. Ta dum! I finished my first pair of booties. They are tiny, but I figured they can at least be used as a baby shower gift decoration.

[Comments] (1) : Today was a cold, snowy, scary day.

[Comments] (1) More cold and snow: Today the temp stayed below freezing (which says nothing compared to the wind chill! owchie!). It snowed a fair amount and the roads were quite icy. John and I babysat James and Hannah while Nathan and Ashley went to the Utah/BYU game (we lost but not as miserably as expected). We watched lots of Charlie Brown and let them help us buy groceries. Hannah behaved once we got her into one of the cool car carts they have at Macey's.

Tomorrow: lots of meetings, more snow, more meetings, dinner with some of John's former roommates (and wives).

[Comments] (4) : For Enrichment this month, we are having a homemade gift extravaganza. I signed up to make all the free (gift bags, snowman soup) and cheap (peppermint lipbalm, scented ornaments) stuff. Today at work I made a cute little scarecrow craft. He has pipecleaner legs and little foam crows.

We are getting very excited about our trip to California. I worked hard today to catch up on the work I left Friday (post trauma) and get ready for finishing up my longtime oncall job with Units 9 and 2. We'll be leaving tomorrow afternoon and get back to Utah on Sunday. Yay, for family, Disneyland and fun.

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