Da Da Warren Memorial Memorial

Da Da Warren Memorial Memorial

In indifferent memory

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From the Ex-Sysop's Extremely Cluttered Desk

A lot of the young whippersnappers today don't remember the days before the Web. Back then, all there were were local BBSes, and by gum, that were enough! That's why some of us old farts decided to get together and put up this Web page honoring Da Warren BBS and Grill. Once located near scenic Bakersfield California, it was regarded by many (well, some) as the silliest BBS ever. It ran for three years, until I packed off to college. Then, uh, it went down. So kids, get a glimpse of what nerd life was like before the phrase "Information Superhighway" induced vomiting. There's no need to thank me, I'm just doing my job.

--Leonard Richardson, ex-sysop

Latest NudesNews

20020203: The Da Warren file list is now navigable online, and five of the file areas have been restored. Also put up a couple more ANSIs. This site has now been up for a year longer than Da Warren was up.

20000409: Broken News! Dave Griffith has the terrifying story of The Theobrominator!

20000301: After another long pause, I return to tell you that the Da Warren memorial CD is inching towards completion. Dave Griffith intends to have them ready to sell at the next DefCon, although who at DefCon would buy one I have no idea.

06/20/1999: Hello, whiplash! Yes, 16 months have passed since the last update. However, thanks to the release of iCE's k-rad ANSI->graphics program, and the release of my Wildcat! display file->ANSI program, I have been jump-started into putting our library of original and mauled ANSIs online.

2/11/98: I put up the files/ directory, which contains some file lists.

2/9/98: A Da Da Warren Memorial Memorial exclusive! View the log of Great 6 Flags Savings: A Virus Scanner Is Uploaded and Other Things Happen, the rather odd piece of online performance art with which Leonard and Andy bade their last farewell to Da Warren. Actually performed on the moon on a Qmodem host running on Andy's system. The title of the piece comes from the fact that, whilst performing the piece, Leonard and Andy had both been drinking Sprite from cans with the aforementioned phrase printed on them. Whether by coincidence or synchronicity, no man can say. Quiet, you.

2/2/98: Just put up a couple of pages. This site will be slowly filled in. At the very least we'll have a last-modified date on this page so you can see how far behind schedule we are. Not that we have a schedule.

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