Roy's Postcards: 1981/10/29


Went to 4:30 pm endowment session. Was impressed that if this beautiful earth is now the "lone and dreary" world, it must going to be stupendous. Also enjoyed a bright crisp fall evening view and feeling on the grounds.

Postcard back:

with Westwood Village, U.C.L.A., and world famous Wilshir Boulevard in background.

Color by Mac Miller

Leonard's comments:

I'm very familiar with this area but I've never seen it from this angle. I like this view a lot, but it's a stretch to say that UCLA is visible.

It seems like my dad got the phrase "lone and dreary world" from a film shown during the endowment ceremony. That's the world Adam and Eve were kicked out into, and that's the world we live in now. My dad is saying that this world is actually pretty nice, so just imagine what it'll be like when Jesus comes back. Maybe I'm explaining what's already clear, but oh well.

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