Roy's Postcards: 1983/04/21


I went with Mommy, Daddy, Susanna and Rachel to the photographer's and had our picture taken for Mommy's Redbook article to be published in August. We went to 6th & Western just 1/2 mile from the Ambassador. We then went to Thrifty's and bought ice cream cones and some Chanel No. 5 for Mommy's birthday.

Postcard front:

The Ambassador

Postcard back:

Los Angeles, California
A "city within a city," as it is so aptly called. The grand dame of the past is indeed the Hotel of today and tomorrow.

Leonard's comments:

I'm not sure which story this is. I know my mom did a story about gingerbread houses for Redbook. I guess I should find the November 1983 issue and see what's up. I found an image of the cover online, and it's probably not "The 5 Sex Secrets Men Are Afraid To Share."

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