Roy's Postcards: 1983/07/03


I am sitting at the Chevrolet dealer's waiting for the mechanic, and to the southwest I can see the Sleeping Ute Mountain. Frances and the children are going to church with Jon and Sharon, then we hope to leave for Salt Lake City. To the Southest is Mesa Verde, which I will have to see some other time.

Postcard front:

Sleeping Ute Mountain

Postcard back:

The older Utes claim this mountain was once one of their great gods. For some reason he became angry with the Indians so he gathered all of the rain clouds in his pockets, lay down on his back, folded his arms and went to sleep. When clouds hang around the highest peak, the Utes say they are slipping out of the god's pockets. The Utes still believe that someday the gods will arise and help them fight against their enemies.

Leonard's comments:

Any time you're ready, guys.

I remember being fascinated by this legend. It was my first encounter with "this naturally occuring object/phenomenon used to be a person" type mythology.

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