Roy's Postcards: 1983/07/12


We saw lots of dinosaurs today. We had lunch in a park right next to this pteranodon. Then we went to the Dinosaur gardens and saw all the dinosaurs close up.

Postcard front:

UTAH - the Beehive State - At the Crossroads of the West

Postcard back:

Dinosaur Natural History Museum
Vernal, Utah

Pteranodon was the largest of the flying reptiles with a wingspread of 23 to 30 feed. Recent finds indicate that this type of flying reptile was covered with fur and may have been warm-blooded. Literally translated, its name means "winged-toothless".

Photo by Lowel T. Seaich.

Leonard's comments:

I like the implication on the mismatched front of this postcard that there's an LDS temple in Timpanogos Cave National Monument, rather than both of them being in the vicinity of Provo.

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