Roy's Postcards: 1983/11/25


I went to Hancock Park with Leonard, Susanna, Jonathan Whitney and his mother-in-law. We saw the Observation Pit, the Tar Pits and visited the Page Museum. We had time to really look at the exhibits and I read many of the plaques to Leonard and Susanna. We saw the movie in the Dinosaur Theater and Leonard watched the Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rexs fight, but I had to hold my fingers over his ears.

Postcard back:

Teratornis merriami
These extinct condor-like scavengers were undoubtedly frequent visitors to Ranch La Brea, feeding on the carcasses of animals trapped in the asphalt. Scientists believe that instead of nests, they used high, inaccessible spots such as ledges to raise their families. With a wing-spread of at least 12 feet, they were among the largest known birds of flight.

Leonard's comments:

I'm pretty sure the front of this postcard is from the Page Museum, but it's obviously not giant condors. I seem to recall an earlier postcard where I couldn't watch the dinosaurs fight at all. Clearly I was becoming desensitized to dinosaur-on-dinosaur violence.

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