Roy's Postcards: 1983/12/10


We went to the museums today. I saw Indians making jewelry and stuff at the Natural History Museum. I also saw the African and North American Mammals. At the Museum of Science and Industry, I saw a baby chicken hatch and learn about how chicken develop in the egg.

Postcard front:

BONGO (Boocercus euryceros)
This lone male bongo is from the Abedare Range in Central Kenya. Bongos can also be found in Sierre Leone, Liberia, the Congo River basin in the West, and Central Kenya in the east. They live in the dense forests of bamboo, where they hide by day. Mostly nocturnal, Bongos live in pairs or small groups that sometimes number up to 35. They feed on leaves and creepers found amongst the bamboo.

Postcard back:

Photo by Lawrence S. Reynolds

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